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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Mount Zion Chapel Now Cliteroe Mosque

Forty years to obtain planning permission for a Muslim Mosque in Clitheroe.

What is strange about this situation, Mount Zion chapel (the media named) fell into disuse. A sign of the times with church doors closing. Elsewhere churches are converted to homes and people are not seeing that they have neglected the importance of prayer in daily life. There are people who pray several times a day. And there are people who are conscious of having an ongoing focus for prayer. Some people have a personal relationship with God. We can be in prayer focus at any time, any place and anywhere.

To quote the Mosque website this is the clear intended plan. About the Mosque 'it will be a spiritual haven for all people, consecrated to the worship of our one true Lord, Allah the Merciful, and dedicated to teaching Muslims to live out their faith in accordance with His wishes, and those of His trusted servant and Messenger.'

'The centre will be managed by The Medina Partnership.'

It is interesting to discover when being built as a Methodist church, this met with much opposition too. The positive in this situation is a group of people have a vision and that is to include people in the community, 'an interfaith building'. If the focus is not about converting people to a religion, this can be a leading light for other interfaith houses of prayer and unity elsewhere.

Many British people are doubters or non believers. The system has perverted the Laws of God too. And as people have been taken away from the focus on God, in some way God makes sure that His Presence and Authority is ever prevailing. Allah is God!

This building being converted to a House of Prayer is significant and meant to be. The Church had become a place to manufacture. The local residents have mixed views and yet, if people understand the dynamic of what is happening and even to become aware as I am being shown, Providence is the way God works to uphold this world and humanity, with his servants.

Community spirit is built when people communicate with each other. It was never in the divine plan to divide people. It is taking the people of faith, people from different faiths who are shining a light and wanting to bring people together. The focus to build a House for prayer and community gathering for future generations actually is timely and will evolve to how this is meant to be.

With the Clitheroe Mosque, the building is in possession of Muslims who have been granted planning permission. There was nothing stopping anyone opening the doors and using the building as it was designed at any time. The work that is envisioned over time will happen. As the House of God being used for prayer, the right way will come about, with God's help. People might come and offer their skills to help and what better way to have people of faith coming together getting involved in the process.

Every Muslim believes in Jesus Christ and wait for his return.

Jesus Christ (Isa to Muslims) was Jewish, born from a Hebrew mother. He taught in synagogues, out in the open, at home where he was given shelter and there was and is no barrier of where he shares Divine Wisdom with his disciples. There is no barrier between time and space. In the most extraordinary way, people are seeing and experiencing the Person of Christ. Muslims too.

Prayers can take place in the most simple of environments and also the grandest of buildings. All buildings are inspired works and even if the plans are written by man, everything is as it is and serves in a far greater plan for us all to understand. In ancient times Orthodox Christians have prayed underground, in caves and on top of mountains. The way that people pray is also different. Descendants from the witnesses of the ascension into heaven are likely to raise their hands in the air.

After 40 years of waiting for a building to be granted planning permission, with the goal focus in mind, what was seen then is already manifested. And if a mosque has not got the prayer mats, people can bring their own. In building a house of prayer, people might want to help with a paintbrush. A community of people who want to make something happen can make this happen together.

Lowry painted a scene in Clitheroe that includes this Church. Notice in the painting the doors are closed even at that time so even if people wanted to go inside they could not. The moment was captured in history. Something I have noticed for many years here living in England Across the road there are many people. Googlemaps does not allow road access to identify this building.

Looking on the map, a Castle is close by with significance of this land. Situated in the Duchy of Lancaster, the Queen surely knows the significance of this land and the Castle too. In hearing 'castle hill' - Castle Hill was a school in Bolton, Lancashire This was rebuilt to be Castle HIll UCAN Centre. Remembering the message that President Obama was saying to the people 'YES YOU CAN - YES YOU CAN' when there are people saying 'no you can't' The blockers are rife. 'UCan' actually sounds like 'You Can'.

Apparently Lord Leverhulme built a Castle in Bolton too. Lord Leverhulme also bought land in Scotland. The Isle had a castle on. This is a man whose name has come into mind many times over the years and perhaps because of unfinished business. A man who bought and owned the House of Lancaster in London. Since he died this is used by the foreign and commonwealth office. All the landmarks are important, however a deeper meaning is being revealed to discover why. This is relevant to understand..

Lancashire is known as Red Rose County. The Red Rose connects with the Duchy of Lancaster. In watching the Da Vinci Code Movie, a red rose was in a vase in the chapel connected with Mary Magdalene. In looking at the screenshots, a genealogy chart on the wall in the Chapel indicates HER connection with Scotland. Mary Magdalene descended from King David too.

Every Muslim knows about Hagia Sophia, once a Greek Orthodox Cathedral and later a Mosque. Now a museum closed to Imperial ceremonies so no one uses underhanded tactics to become Emperor and Empress of the Eastern Roman Empire. The law makers placed restriction and if I recall the successor must be born from Turkey. I cannot claim this being born here in England to confront the God mocking hypocrites in public office. However my Grandmother was born in what is now Izmir, Turkey and also perhaps if there had not been the massacre of the Orthodox Christians in 1922, I would have been born there too.

Every fine detail of our life is mapped out. Every effort by man to go against the divine plan, God will use his sincere servants as his instruments and bring His promise to the people. Promises that people have waited for a long time.

Mount Zion is in the Holy Land - Zion National Park is in America.

The Clitheroe Mosque logo reads Mosque at The Mount.

The people who have been guided to turn this church into a Mosque have been instrumental to bring God as an authority over this land and the people again. This was necessary and also this is timely too. God knows all the devious plans of man.

A while ago I wrote an article about President Obama and President Shimon Perez planting a magnolia tree together in the President's garden in Israel. The implanting of the Declaration of Independence from both the States of America and also Israel are set in a 2000 year old stone 'in a micro chip' was meant to be. These Declarations cannot be ignored by anyone.

President Obama was raised with both Islamic and Christian teaching and so, he is in a unique position to be neutral in matters of faith. The delicate issue that people might be hesitant to address, does not prevent anyone seeking the truth.

How Israel is connected with England is because underneath the coronation throne is the stone of Jacob, known also as the stone of destiny. The throne of David is an eternal throne and King David was King of the United Kingdom of Israel. Mount Zion is connected with David, with Jesus Christ and also the Virgin Mary where she went to sleep before ascending to heaven.

The Temple Mount in the Holy Land is a source of conflict. A lady told me there were buried under the Al Axa Mosque were some powerful books of magic that were taken and the media inflation omitting important truths creates confusion. When something is buried it is because it is meant to be buried. When the truth is brought to light it is meant to be brought to light.

We must also Holy Scriptures in context. Islam was fundamentally always meant to be a religion of peace and actually, Muslims greet each other with a message of peace. When Christ appeared to a young Catholic boy locally he said 'Peace be with you'.

Jewish people have been given God as their authority and be obedient to God and His Laws. People born out of the Hebrew tribes have been given Jesus Christ as their King and the Law of Grace. The Holy Land was given by God so that the Israelite people are never going to be oppressed by some overlord who is not divinely appointed, or be to turned against each other in war.

When the Church of England, even as a Methodist Church in England, this means that the King or Queen of the land, as custodian of the Crown of David; Presiding over the Church (the People) will rule over the Land. Over the Mosques is God Almighty. Muslims are told to bow down to no one except Allah. Muslims must Submit to God to allow Him to Rule Completely.

By this Mosque being built, America stays under the authority of God, so does the Holy Land. Holy Mount Zion in Jerusalem remains to be with of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem - the Church that Maintains Jesus Christ as Our King.

Less fighting and arguments about religion. Learn about your rights! Arguments took place in history about birthright and that birthright was about being the first born. It takes true faith to trust and KNOW God will right wrongs in His way.

On every mountain we are nearer to heaven. When a house is built on solid foundations, it can stand the test of time and this building can be a lasting monument in England to show that integration of people from different backgrounds is possible. Prayer does not have condition other than a sincere heart. Far too many obstacles and blocks have been created, that must be removed.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria,_16th_Lord_of_Bowland

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