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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Operation Elveden - What is this all about?

When we hear operation preceding a name, it is an official name for an action that is taking place. Last year the media exposed inappropriate recording of telephone calls. Actually they did not say that all calls are now recorded and people are being spied on an monitored in their every move.

Even what you shop, where you shop, what you buy is being logged now. As we progress to a time when there are prophesies about the mark of the beast, buying and selling - with trade restrictions, it is the ruling heads of houses who have already been busy setting up the enslavement of people.

And where there is darkness, there is also light. There is hope knowing that over this spiders web of control and people who might not realise a higher consciousness, we are living under the umbrella of a far higher authority that rules over this entire universe. I take comfort in this.

Being guided today to find Operation Elveden was in looking for something else. However because this is identified as being serious in an official capacity - I am sharing here too.

The News headlines write on this subject

It's a sad day 'for reporting the truth' - The Sun

BBC News - Operation Elveden: Eight people charged

Nine to be charged under Operation Elveden - Crime - News

Operation Elveden: Journalists To Be Charged

An update on Operation Elveden | Hacked Off

Nine more charged under Scotland Yard's Operation Elveden

Salisbury police officer charged under Operation Elveden

Well we learn from the above this is Scotland Yards Operation. We also learn that police are being charged too. My search was to look for the latest crop circles to find this!

'Operation Elveden is an ongoing British police investigation. It was opened as a result of documents provided by News International to the Operation Weeting investigation.'

Operation Elveden is an investigation into allegations of inappropriate payments to police. It is being supervised by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

The investigation is led by Deputy Assistant Commissioner Sue Akers of the Metropolitan Police Service, who is also leading Operation Weeting and Operation Tuleta. The service's Directorate of Professional Standards is also involved in the investigation. The Elveden suspects are given numbers to identify them.

On 6 February 2012, DAC Akers appeared at the Leveson Inquiry and said that there were 40 police officers and staff working on Operation Elveden, but that this number would be increased to 61 officers as a result of the investigation into The Sun'


Casburn, April: a Detective Chief Inspector of the National Terrorist Financial Investigation Unit, Counter Terrorism Command, at the Metropolitan Police, 53 from Essex. Arrested 24 September 2012, and charged with misconduct in public office for having allegedly contacted News of the World on 11 September 2010 offering to provide information while being a public officer, and acting as such, without reasonable excuse or justification. She was one of the Met's most senior counter-terrorism officers. Found guilty at Southwark Crown Court on 10 January 2013, of offering to sell inside information on the phone-hacking probe to the News of the World. On 1 February 2013 April Casburn was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment.

Flattley, Paul: police officer pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit misconduct in public office and was sentenced to two years imprisonment. He had provided information to newspapers, including on the security arrangements for Kate Middleton.

As it happens, every police officer, lawyer and judge takes an oath of office and so they are all in agreement to be obedient to the extensive British royal family even if it is to their detriment. The police are no longer protected because God is being removed from their oath.

In the ancient times, King David was not expected to be Crowned King, he was divinely appointed. Jesus Christ was a successor on both through his mother and Joseph his legal stepfather to be a descendant of David and this specific family lineage was chosen to protect the people. It is evident that deception is being used to rule over lands and people...Lessons must be learned.

What is also happening, officials are being put in positions to avoid addressing issues, in a most ethical and appropriate way. They have categorically refused to prosecute crimes of legal corruption and perjury. 'All it takes for evil to escalate is for good people to do nothing'

Police officers have complained about the wars and say 'we have no right to interfere in any other countries affairs' - they know innocent people are being killed and soldiers dying too. And all these years, for over a decade, they did not want to listen that food and water is poisoned.

The police are reminded that they are to protect the people. The Queen when Crowned was presumed to be the rightful successor to the throne to ensure that the throne of Jesus Christ is maintained. This is so people and officials always know that God is the ruling authority over everyone.

The wizard wand wavers are influencing people to cast spells and they know it too. The reason why the police were handed out manuals about witchcraft a few years ago might have been to entice them into this. However it was also to let them know what is happening at the top too.

While there are people who are silent about what is happening and a great many people are scared to rock the boat, their weak excuse is that they might not get paid their wage. The police have to deal with some horrendous situations and emotionally challenging too. There are good guys in the police and those who are not. The police take their orders from superiors.

A police officer told me they work for the Home Office. They also said they can never be sacked. They also took their oath to the Queen - not remembering if this included their heirs and successors too. If people take oaths that they do not remember and unable to consider the long term consequences, this is why it is written for Christians not to take an oath at all.

This is to protect the people in the event of being tricked into an oral contract and the drama that is played out in a courtroom by people who disregard God as the Authority. This is also to protect officials who may have entered the job, especially as a police officer to help people.

Corruption is very high in the police. For at least 30 years the police have stood in courts and lied, where many innocent people are in prison. Police and lawyers have told me this too. Where the lies based on being paid - or just because compulsive liars work on the force?

I told the police recently when they came to see me, if they are to witness a crime taking place by officials, or being asked to commit a crime against the people, they have a right to take appropriate action and this is not to commit crimes and not to harm any people.

The danger everyone faces now is a system that officials say is corrupt, is when people at the top over this structure have placed their selves there by deception. It is because they gain a lot from this position and the hunger for power can be an addiction to people who do not have this. It is worrying to see people change in their personality with a uniform on....

The police have been armed with tazar guns and this is one step to carrying weapons with bullets.We are all responsible for deciding to live in a world without war and violence. With the amount of serious crime in our world taking place, real issues are not being addressed. The people are not being protected and the British people have been lied to...for such a long time.

If I am to pick one speck of dust up from a carpet and claim to the world that the carpet has been cleaned, I am lying to myself and the people. Police say at least 80% are corrupt and perhaps it is time to start to address some of the issues and instill ethical standards, along with public confidence. People do not even know there is one law for muslims and one for those who belong to the Church of England. The Henry VIII Church of England is not the True Church.

Officials do not remember who they took their oath to/ If I was to go on the road driving and not know what pedals to press - how can I drive. And if i do not know the road map and able to read the direction, how am I going to reach my destination. The police at the top re taking orders and when our world is being run by people who are spiritually blind they can be influenced to their detriment from the very top all the way down the structure that impacts society as a whole.

People have to want to see...

England is no longer a safe country to live in. Children are not protected and there is influence is actually to entice them into witchcraft too.

A very sick power game is happening; said with concern.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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