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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Russian Anton Logvynenko Revives The Titanic

'Majestic: New life has been breathed into The Titanic by photo editor Anton Logvynenko who painstakingly coloured in black and white images of the doomed ship'

'She was built in Ireland by a British company (White Star Line), which was founded in Liverpool and had it's HQ in London and she lived in Southampton. She was merely sailing to American' quoting one comment in the original report. The Titanic never reached it's destination.

Russian Anton Logvynenko began a project to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the doomed voyage that stole the lives of 1,517 people, who died in the disaster.

The RMS Titanic was one of the most opulent liners to have ever been built and the largest steamship in the world. It struck an iceberg on its maiden voyage from Southampton, England, to New York City and sank on April 15, 1912. Some of the worlds most wealthiest people were on board.

The black and white photographs have been brought to life.

The photo editor even enhanced the detail, by bringing colour in the well-wishers who gathered to wave farewell to The Titanic.

Luxury of first and second class cabins are brought to life.

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The Titanic's Cafe Parisien is coloured to reflect its original splendour, where the ivy and ornate ceiling stand out. (The Ivy restaurants may have preserved this memory.

'Ornate: Mr Logvnenko chose green and gold decoration to illustrate the opulence of the suites. Tickets for suites would have cost up to £870 in high season (£72,932 today)'

The Titanic was designed to resemble a fine hotel on water.

The grand dining room, painted with white walls and green chairs.

'Authentic: Mr Logvynenko used adhered to the known colours of deep navy with the large funnels painted in yellow'

Quote 'Setting sail: The Titanic being launched in 1911 from Belfast before its famous funnels have been built'

Movies have been made about her and the people who lost their lives are not forgotten, by the people because they are not meant to be forgotten. The RMS Titanic is not meant to be forgotten. Movies have been made to recall the story and record the events as they happened. The survivors, their children and grandchildren, are a reminder that life is so very precious.

Three sister ships: RMS Titanic, RMS Olympic and RMS Britannic.

"The parquet floor in my house was salvaged from the Olympic when it was broken up on the River Tyne. There's lots of salvage from that ship in the North East."
- Norm , Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, 25/8/2013 21:25

Notice the location NEW CASTLE is named. The floor is identified as being laid in Newcastle by someone who has replied to the original article. This is meant to be.

On James Cameron's 1997 production of The Titanic, actress Kate Winslet was given a necklace. The Heart of the Ocean (Le Cœur de la Mer) is the name of a fictional blue diamond.

'In the story, the diamond was originally owned by Louis XVI and cut into a heart shape after the French Revolution. Caledon Hockley (Billy Zane), the wealthy son of a Pittsburgh steel tycoon, purchased the diamond for his fiancée Rose (Kate Winslet).

The necklace was fashioned from a large blue diamond worn by Louis XVI. Shortly after his execution in 1793, the diamond disappeared and was recut into a heart-like shape, known as "The Heart of the Ocean". The story of the heart of the ocean is very like the story of the Hope Diamond, except the Hope Diamond was worn by Louis XIV in a royal necklace rather than a crown. (In the film, Lovett says the Hope Diamond is worth less than the Heart.)'

'The Hope Diamond, also known as "Le Bijou du Roi" ("the King's Jewel"), "Le bleu de France" ("the Blue of France"), and the Tavernier Blue, is a large, 45.52-carat (9.10 g), deep-blue diamond, now housed in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C.

No coincidence that the Smithsonian Museum was featured in the book The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. This is the connection with the necklace and the French Throne.

Just last night The Titanic came to mind. Also I was writing an article about the Russian Imperial Crown. To discover the work of Anton Logvynenko brought me to post every photograph here so that his work is not lost on the search engine. Much appreciation for his guided hand.

Many years ago while in Greece, there were some old photographs and pictures my mother painted - I never asked her about them, my Greek grandmother kept them . People used to colour black and white photographs and they looked like this. Remembering my mother seeing this fine work!

Russia is also known as Holy Mother Russia.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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