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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 26 August 2013

Russia's Imperial Crown Recreated 2012

The replica of the Grand Imperial Crown has been created that no one is allowed to touch. Jewelers are confident that a second replica will never be made. The replica will be exhibited in several Russian cities later this year.

'History and Modernity and replica of the crown by the Jewelry Group Smolensk Diamonds was presented in one of the halls of the future Faberge’ Museum.'

It took two months to make the replica of the Grand Imperial Crown that was showcased at a jewelers’
forum in St. Petersburg. Sixty jewelers from Smolensk made it for the 250th anniversary of the coronation of Catherine the Great and the 400th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty.

A total of 11 thousand diamonds adorn the white gold crown and spinel in the replica was replaced
with a unique natural red tourmaline with a mass of about 400 karats.

Rubellite Tourmaline, also known as Red Tourmaline, is said to be a stone of the perfected heart. The properties of this stone is most important. Red is a colour to lend more energy to the body, promote courage and strengthen the will. Tourmaline is used for spiritual protection.

Some months ago I was guided to find a video to show the intricate work that has gone into creating this Grand Imperial Crown in Russia. The video is without sound; yet gives an idea of the dedication and fine skill and teamwork by so many people in this creation.

Moscow, Russia November 08, 2012

The project was timed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the diamond industry in Russia, the flagship of which is manufacturer Kristall and it is the 10th anniversary of the Smolensk Diamonds group.

Maksim Shkadov, CEO of Kristall, says it is a great opportunity to show the world community that Russia is still among the top makers of jewelry art.

"For our 50-year history, nothing like this has been made. For us it is not so much an investment as a certain marketing move, to show what we can do and how we can do it", he says.

Maksim Shkadov, CEO, Kristall (speaking Russian): "In our 50-year history, nothing like this has been made. For us it is not so much an investment but a certain marketing move, to show what we can do and how we can do it." 04:56 -- 05:08

Again a few months ago, I was guided to find this short video part of 'Catherine the Great', about Catherine II and her coronation. The private ceremony would have had profound meaning.

Catherine II: "On our Sacred Throne is a man who despises the Holy Church. You have seen him flout our ancient laws and mock our customs. You, each and everyone of you who serve in this noble regiment have been forced to watch in silence, as he brings foreign troops onto the soil of Holy Mother Russia. Have been forced to watch in silence as he throws away your victories. What is past cannot be re-written. But it is in our power to right the future. Today I appeal to you to cast him out. Root out this evil and restore the true Russia."

The Great Imperial Crown made in 1762 for the coronation of Catherine the Great by the court jeweler J.Pauzie is adorned with five thousand diamonds arranged in a pattern of laurel wreaths and oak branches. The crown is topped by a huge red spinel, the second largest in the world, which weighs almost 400 carats. The collection in Diamond Fund consists of the Great and Small crowns, maces, scepters, the Great Chain with the cross and star of the Order of St Andrew the First-Called and clasps to fasten the coronation mantle.

The Great Imperial Crown was by the Emperors of Russia until the monarchy was abolished in 1917. This crown was first used in a coronation by Catherine II, and lastly at the coronation of Nicholas II. It survived the subsequent revolution and a temporary sojourn in Ireland. The Great Imperial Crown is on display in the Moscow Kremlin Armoury State Diamond Fund.

'Following the October Revolution the new Russian Republic, was seriously low on funds and sought a loan from the Irish Republic, whose finance minister, Michael Collins, had become internationally famous for his fundraising for the unofficial Irish state.

'The Crown Jewels were used as collateral by the Soviet Republic for a loan of $25,000 from the Irish Republic. The transfer was made in New York City between the head of the Soviet Bureau' the de facto Soviet Ambassador to America Ludwig Martens, and the Irish envoy in the United States, Teachta Dála Harry Boland. When Boland returned to Ireland the jewels were kept in the house of his mother, Catherine Boland, in Dublin City during the Irish War of Independence. Before Boland died, during the Battle of Dublin, he instructed his mother to keep the jewels hidden from the Free State until the Irish Republicans returned to power. Mrs Boland returned the jewels to the Irish Government under Éamon de Valera in 1938. The jewels were placed in a safe in Government Buildings and were forgotten about.

On their discovery in 1948, by the new government led by John A. Costello, it was originally intended that the set of Crown Jewels would be sold by public auction in London. However, after consultations as to their legal status, and negotiations with the Soviet ambassador, it was arranged for them to be returned to the Soviet Union in exchange for the sum of $25,000 originally loaned in 1920. The jewels would ultimately return to Moscow in 1950.'

When Jesus Christ revealed himself to me on 7th January 2013 wearing His Crown and Mantle, he was standing at an open door/gate with light shining behind him. There were three steps in front of him. From his body was radiating the most bright golden yellow light. Notice that children paint the sun yellow and yet if we look to the sky it is brightest of white.

Jesus Christ was wearing a gold crown with red inside.

On display. Notice over the top of the crown is 'a bridge' and I am not sure if this is symbolically replicating the Bridge on the Golden Horn, that unites Europe and Asia. On top of this bridge, in the middle is a gem, with a diamond cross on top.

Galata Bridge is the bridge that joins east and west.

Alexander Romonov has spoken out about the stolen from Isis...Well evidently Russia has created another Great Imperial Crown and this will not be removed to outside of Russia.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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