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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Syria: Who is Really Killing The Innocents?

Not so long ago, David Cameron and his wife were in Syria, a territory that was once was connected with Christ who walked on this earth. We are living in the time of the Anti Christ. People have known in history the massacre of the innocents so Kings can stay in power. This is a time when people who are of sincere faith are tested; also prayers for global peace and healing is necessary.

The scenes photographed in the Daily Mail are horrific and devastating. What we are shown as the wars and destruction that is not necessarily by the accused. Something as been lost in history, and that is the knowledge of people being aware that demons are influencing this world.

Quote: 'The harrowing images of hundreds of dead children and adults, victims of what rebels claim was a poison gas attack by Assad's government, will test the diplomatic patience of the West to the limit'

(In my previous article, a photograph of Lady Gaga has white surrounding her, as if a shroud with dark head covering, like a hijab. Her eyes look like she has been crying tears and could be she is clear seeing and is trying to bring her messages; warnings have been noticed too)

These two young children are safe, wearing oxygen masks. They were affected by what activists say was a gas attack in the Damascus suburb of Saqba when Rockets released deadly fumes. The child with the clear mask, looks like a blood relation, so similar at a young age. It is shuddering to the amount of innocent children and adults who are being killed, is this 'to give power to The Beast'?

'Barack Obama ordered US intelligence agencies to urgently gather evidence about the attack, which killed up to 1,700 civilians, many of them women and children' - Barack Obama is pictured with his index finger pointing upwards dressed in Dark Blue. Behind him people wear a lighter blue in the background. Towards the heavens is God's Authority, is this where he is pointing?

Two ladies are holding up images and a message is clear here. The people are not wearing masks, the pictures they hold are. The people are telling the truth in the way they know how. It is necessary for people to open their eyes and 'see' and be willing to seek the truth or it will never be known.

A lady is looking to the left side and upwards, a sign that can relate to remembering. We are given warnings of the antichrist - the movie Trilogy 'The Omen' has too. An adult mask with a baby's yellow dummy is shown. The lady behind her holds an image of a gas mask, to each side, one is a man looking down and a baby being held up. These ladies are showing false masks and the agenda.

The photograph with the baby has writing on from what can be seen '....21 August 2013: An hour ago Assad's forces used chemical...(unreadable)...bombs to shell Eastern Ghouta area of Damascus.

Every Muslim knows the wars have been foretold and the return of Jesus Christ who they ALL wait for. Prophet Mohammad said He will descend (from heaven) in the eastern part of Damascus.

Here is a scene of people gathered together, and lighting candles. The deep spiritual significance of prayer intention from faithful believers, is not dividing people. The lady with long fair hair wears around her neck a fish symbol, connected with the early Church and Jesus Christ.

There are people of pure heart and pure faith in all cultures. We are shown a lady with pure heart; her is lighting the candles of other people - one light can light a million lights.

The photographs depict a reality, to consider how some people are living. People are inside their homes being armed. One photograph has a a blue baby bath. Has a baby boy been killed? These people might have been living a peaceful life before. What happened to make them vulnerable.

Quote 'A town that was attacked while it slept: A young survivor of the alleged gas attack weeps as he takes shelter inside a mosque' - Alleged is written here.

Quote 'This picture shows the dead bodies of three Syrian children after the alleged poison gas attack - what rebels claim is the doing of President Assad's government'

Quote 'A man, affected by what activists say is nerve gas, is treated in the Damascus suburbs of Jesreen'

Quote 'These horrendous pictures were provided by citizen journalists in Syria, and shows children being treated in makeshift hospitals'

'The fighting in Syria's bloody two-year civil war has killed an estimated 100,000 people so far' - how many children are left without parents, without a roof over their head, without safety and security. We are told to imitate Christ who did not carry weapons. It is extremely bothersome that anyone is motivated to arm people that will only encourage more killing.

Damascus, known as the City of Jasmine, is capital and the second largest city of Syria. Damascus is a major cultural and religious center of the Levant. Wikipedia writs 'The uprising started with peaceful protests in the spring of 2011 and had grown to a civil war over the past year'

The president of the Syrian Arab Republic, Bashar Al-Assad

Bashar Hafez al-Assad served as President since 2000, when he succeeded his father, Hafez al-Assad, who led Syria for 30 years prior to his death. Initially he was seen as a potential reformer. 'This expectation ceased when he ordered a mass crackdown and military sieges on pro-rebel protesters amid recent civil war, described by some commentators as related to the wider "Arab Spring" movement. The domestic Syrian opposition and much of the Western world, along with a number of pro-Western Arab states, have subsequently called for al-Assad's resignation from the presidency.'

The Daily Telegraph report 'David Cameron is pressing for United Nations action against Syria following the gassing of thousands of civilians in a suburb of Damascus.'

He wants to put forward a “game-changing” resolution that would give the Syrian government, led by Bashar al-Assad, “one last chance” to disarm.

Mr Cameron is said to have been left sickened by images of children killed by the chemical weapons.

One charity yesterday said at least 355 people had died and 10 times that number were treated for poisoning.

Britain and France have blamed the Assad regime for the chemical attack.'

We do not know the truth happening behind the scenes.

Learning about this area. The Damascus Ghouta is a green agricultural belt surrounding the city of Damascus in the South and East. Separating the city from the Syrian Steppe, it has provided its inhabitants with a variety of cereals, vegetables and fruits for thousands of years. While human settlements in the area date back to ancient times, an uncontrolled development of the area took place throughout the past decades.

Massacre of the innocents is again shown internationally.

May the peaceful people of Syria and the rest of the world unite in solidarity to say No More War. War is not the way to peace. War is killing innocent people, not assisting healing.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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