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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Crown Ark Royal and The Coat of Arms

A time back the Ark Royal was reportedly sold for Scrap for a snippet of the cost to be guided to Turkey. The destination it was to be arriving in and documented is Izmir - once known as Smyrna, where my Grandmother came from.

Notice the crown that is placed on the vessel on the Coat of Arms.

There is also a golden rope ring around the with a crown on top. This particular Coat of Arms is showing two crowns. There are actually three crowns. The most significant crown is the Crown of Torah connecting with the Jewish people.

The water is golden yellow - the same colour as the crown.

Two points come to mind, My prayer vision and dream revealed Jesus Christ with a radiating golden light from his body and so this is connected. The King of the oceans and healer of the seas. In Christ prayers are being answered.

The Holy Bible identifies the Crown of Life with the Church of Smyrna. This is the English translation and shows, language is not going to silence truth. What is meant to be known will be revealed anyway. The Key of life is the Ankh connected with Egypt.

With Queen Elizabeth being crowned on created pyramid steps, this was showing that she was being crowned in connection with Egypt. As a Queen she was crowned by right indicating that her bloodline was in the lineage of King David and Solomon.

So with the Ark Royal being returned to Izmir, sold for scrap or not, there is evidence to show that the Crown is being returned to where it rightfully belongs too. The Ark Coat of Arms shows a crown on top of the Ark.

The Crown of All Nations belongs to Jesus Christ.

The Ark is also a reminder of Noah's Ark - the Ship that was built, with commandments by God to Establish the Court of Law. Recent years a Dutchman has been building a replica Noah's Ark - God was showing me that 'He can also play their game' except he is always 10 steps ahead of everyone. The master manipulators will start ducking and diving soon. There is no escape.

Just seeing the report on the 8th of August 2013. The dismantling process is now taking place of HMS Ark Royal. Several images are found in the article to show the progress. Dramatic pictures expose four floors in this process. So the people are given evidence through the Daily Mail that the UK Royal Crown carrier is no longer. A decision was made. Is this to 'return' the Smyrna Crown?

As with the New Noah's Ark built in Holland, this is showing that already the back up plan is in place. It was anticipated to travel and be moored on the River Thames during the 2012 London Olympic Games. If so, the media were quiet about it.

The Ark of the Covenant is where the stone tablets with the Laws given God to Moses are said to be housed. On top of this is the Mercy Seat - I had another dream recently, actually two one day after another about this. Another time.

A Covenant is a sacred promise and binding agreement.

A Covenant has been made between God and the people.

As it happens, in Ethiopia, within the Chapel of Saint Mary of Zion, here is said to house the Ark of the Covenant. This is a sign to show that the successor to the Queen is connected to Ethiopia. It is here the Ethiopian Imperial family ruled from.

Ron Wyatt, an extraordinary man who dedicated many years searching for truth, found a hole in the ground in Jerusalem of where it is understood the cross, where Jesus Christ was crucified. On that terrible day, Christ was not the only person nailed on a cross. How we remember even to this day one person, who is never overshadowing the truth - over 2000 people were crucified.

Under this location, Ron spoke finding the Ark of the Covenant. Ron spoke of a crack that might have been caused by the lightning bolt, where through this would allow the precious blood of Jesus to drip and dry. It was from the mercy seat in this place, Ron took samples of dried blood that were examined in Israel. In the testing something extraordinary happened. The blood is alive.

This is one of the many signs to show that our Living Lord. He is ever guiding and leading people to the right places to gain the right information and share this with people too. He knows The Truth and He knows what the people are entitled to know. His chosen helpers include children - it was the little ones who provided validation that they had seen him in person.

In the last couple of years I have been inspired to do some inspirational painting, not knowing the image that will come out. In one of the paintings on a postcard size, Jesus Christ is crowned talking to a woman. The three year old child came to see me the other day. In seeing the picture he said 'that man is kissing a woman'. In asking him who the man was he said 'Jesus'.

In another painting only A4 size, Christ is sitting on his throne crowned. Where the physical location is I cannot say, however there are Muslim women dressed in their long robes also with people who are not. Unity of people is shown with Christ.

The United Kingdom is divided between Believers and those who are not. The doubters are many and they are not to blame. Our world is conflict and religious argument. One day I asked in prayer to be guided to bring and end to the conflict between Muslims and Christians. Prophet Mohammed appeared in my dream that night. The following day I was guided to his letter at Mount Sinai.

Where there is truth there is validation. Not once - many times.

If you have a religious teaching without the spiritual experience, this is doctrine. However, when you are sincere in your prayer and seek to be guided in truth, you will be guided to what is is you are meant to know. The Holy Scriptures enhance our understanding and we can be guided to know what it is we are meant to know in this present time with these too.

Our faith is a personal experience. You will find your own way.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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