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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 12 August 2013

Carriage Overturns, Dorset, UK - Diana Lookalike

The horse bolts. the carriage overturns outside the Ship Inn and a car is seriously dented at the front. The scene is in Dorset and this is certainly interesting.

By the side of Dorset Street in Bolton is the A666, that now has the name St. Peter's Way. Off this road is Court Street and running parallel to Dorset Street is Castle Street.

Ships - maritime law. Admiralty Law.

The town where this occurred is Swanage

As the swans are connected with the Queen, are we being shown the Queen's carriage is overturned. Fortunately no one has been hurt in this. People were shocked.

We are living in times whether the truth is coming in different ways. The young children locally are seeing Jesus Christ appearing to them. Yesterday the four year old said he saw Jesus with his wife and she is wearing a crown. In his innocence he told me what he saw in detail.

He also said Jesus said my name and had a message for me 'but forgot'. Bless the little ones who are being his instruments. On the Duchy of Lancaster there are at least two churches named Kings Church and the only King this refers to is Jesus Christ. People have been guided for this.

So who is the peer over Dorset.

Castles come to mind. Not so much of a surprise because of the connection with the Court and the Castle with Dorset street identified on the land map locally.

Highcliffe Castle is a Grade 1 Listed 1830s mansion built by Lord Stuart de Rothesay, four miles east of Christchurch. The cliff-top grounds, has wonderful views of the Dorset coastline and the Isle of Wight, with access to the beach and to the Christchurch Coastal Path.

'The Castle became derelict in the late 1960s following two fires and although it no longer has its rich interiors, the Castle now houses a Heritage Centre containing stateroom galleries, which provide the backdrop to an exciting programme of events and exhibitions.'

Duke of Rothesay is a title of the heir apparent to the British throne, currently Prince Charles. In 1969 Charles was crowned heir to the British Throne - interesting.

As with landmarks and roads, Highcliffe Castle address is, Rothesay Drive, off Lymington Road
Highcliffe, CHRISTCHURCH, Dorset, BH23 4LE (see the connection)

Christ church is in capital letters so I guess there is a message with the carriage overturned outside the ship pub. Is a Queen's carriage being overturned - why?

Lady Mary Bankes was The Mistress of Corfe Castle. A bronze figure of Lady Mary stands by the marble staircase at Kingston Lacy at Wimborne Minster, one of the great houses of Dorset, built on the site of another which once belonged to the Crown. This came by marriage to a son of John Lacy, Earl of Lincoln. (Lincoln Cathedral featured instead of Westminster Abbey in the Da Vinci Code)

From Boston in Lincolnshire, pilgrims traveled to America and so Boston came to be in New England. The Bostom bombings were close to Commonwealth Avenue, Charles River and Cambridge. So it should be no surprise that this connects with the British royal family Monarch and her heirs.

There is also a Boston Court in Manchester, UK. Court Street is in Boston Massachusetts, USA. This connects with the roads closeby of State Street, Congress Street, Washington Street and Devonshire Street - The Duke of Devonshire is Peregrine Cavendish.

Court Street connects with Cambridge Street in Government Center. William being Duke of Cambridge this is no accident. With river named Charles River and the water industry booming - no coincidence at all. On the map is New England Holocaust Memorial, how can anyone forget this.

Following from Cambridge street is St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral was founded in 1819 when two other Episcopal parishes in Boston, Christ Church (the Old North Church), and Trinity Church, both founded before the American Revolution as part of the Church of England. The founders of St. Paul's wanted a totally American parish in Boston.

Just here, landmarks include Charles River, Charles Street, Charles river shopping plaza, Charlesbank Playground, Charles river esplanade, Charles MGH, then The Liberty Hotel.

It is really enlightening to read the old common hymm and prayer books with the people praying for the health and wealth of the monarch. People have gathered together seek and forgive sins that are taking place - exposure of what is taking place might be unforgivable by God.

Remembering the young man who was killed by stabbing. Lee Rigby a Woolwich soldier brought to light an image with a crown in the background, not unusual as he was a Queen's officer.

Lee's funeral was held locally in Bury. The preparation and rehearsals were to take place in advance. Told about this and that David Cameron was expected, I chose not to attend.

'The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment (or PWRR. Also known as 'The Tigers') is the senior English line infantry regiment of the British Army, part of the Queen's Division. The PWRR is the London and county regiment of the following:

Isle of Wight
Channel Islands

Upon its creation, HRH The Princess of Wales and HM The Queen of Denmark were Allied Colonels-in-Chief of the PWRR. When the Princess divorced HRH The Prince of Wales, she resigned as Colonel-in-chief and the Queen of Denmark has remained its Colonel-in-Chief since'

When people are NOT appointed by God to be monarch, anyone in command of armed forces could make decisions where innocent people are harmed. With the wars based on lies the troops know the truth. Why was Lee killed - My thought at the time is the man could have been possessed to do this. What is certain, through the most terrible situations, we can learn something important.

This image is from the wizard of oz. Notice the red brick road that leads somewhere. Notice along above at the signs that are red brick pizza. Also something else, the number plate of the car is not clear and could be blacked out deliberately so not to be recognised.

Kings have decided who lives and who dies. Christ never asked anyone to kill anyone or to die for him either. And the issue about treason, with the mention of the Imperial Crown - If Jesus Christ already has this, no man can take it. There is so much happening we do not know about. What we see happening is from what is being portrayed and looking beyond to discover the message.

'Forgive and not forget' comes to mind...While there has been forgiveness for so many wrongs, that does not excuse the terrible crimes that have taken place already. There are people in England who pray for the Kingdom of God on earth, when really they do not want this. People who want to have a personal relationship with God and then look to false idols instead.

So above, at the top a horse bolts, a carriage overturns and a car brought to a standstill. By studying the photograph really carefully, take a look at the scene and anything that stands out. Take a good look at this photograph to see a lady lit up in light. She looks remarkably like Lady Diana, Princess of Wales. Of course she could influence from another dimension.

Notice the golden light ahead. Also a man wearing a yellow hat and uniform. The scene was captured on camera. On the floor looks like bits from the car crashed.

Within the Upper House, there are people who know the divine plan and how this is to come about. Last year the Game of Thrones tour and Watch the Throne tour was being promoted. Has there been some shifting of seats taking place behind the scenes. God knows everything that is going on and in time all is going to be revealed. Some very sadistic goings on are taking place too.

Diana appeared with me when she died in my dream and told me never to give up what I am doing. From the heavenly realms she would have surely seen that every effort has been to block me. She said 'many people like her' need my help...Now I understand exactly what she was saying.

Diana is instrumental in warning me of danger too.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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