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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

"The Jews Are Ruling From Valencia" - Part 2

Following from 'hearing upon waking up' "The Jews are Ruling from Valencia" I wanted to share some more information that provides validation and of course I am learning too.

Finding the 'Palacio de Congresos Valencia' provides validation and this building is not hidden or secret to anyone. Therefore, in Valencia is the Congress Center Palace.

Congress is 'The national legislative body of a country'.

In my search the other day, typing Valencia Palace, I discovered another building,. This brought to light more information to know and understand, with visual evidence.

There is also the SH Valencia Palace Hotel building.

On top of this hotel are seen 5 flag poles, that will be significantly placed. Also what came to mind is a five candlestick holder - strange as there are 7 and 9 candlesticks in the menorah. Perhaps this relates to the 5 books of Moses and the Torah. Looking to find out more.

Discovering a traditional 5 candelabrum that is Holds standard Sabbath candles, standard tapers, or glass Sabbath oil cups. So hearing 'five candlestick' holder applies in this case. This is a style of candlestick holder that was most popular at one time. Evidently much more than an ornament for table decorative purposes. Lighting candles have meaning and spiritual purpose too.

Serranos Towers at the entrance to the city center were part of the old walled city and the famous Cathedral of Our Lady located in the square with the same name.

'The Kingdom of Valencia was one of the component realms of the Crown of Aragon. When the Crown of Aragon merged by dynastic union with the Crown of Castile to form the Kingdom of Spain, the Kingdom of Valencia became a component realm of the Spanish monarchy.'

The bat featured on this coat of arms is connected with the Crown of Aragon. In reading more about this, in Columbia there are several bats featured. Locally, I noticed there have been groups of what appear to be bats flying around, as strange this would be because of being daytime. In earlier articles, I was guided to write about Lady Columbia and so this is connected too.

In Valencia is the Vincci Palace Hotel - Da Vinci Code book and movie unravelling here with all these details and connections. The Spanish and French in my family (and others too)

Valencia is also home to 'the Palace of Marquis Dos Aguas' The Palace of the Marquess of the waters. In another translation, someone wrote 'the Palace of the Two Rivers.'

Photo posted by Alvero Maestro Acosta.

The Palace, now a ceramics museum, is decorated with baroque style sculptures. Over the main entrance is said to be the Virgin Mary and child holding rosary beads. Mary is known to Catholics as 'Our Lady of the Rosary' and so not seeing clearly, we are reminded with this, the connection of the Blessed Virgin Mary and her Mother, Saint Anne. As with everything, truth will be validated.

A couple of days ago a four year old spoke of a visitation of 'Jesus with his wife who was wearing a crown'. He also said Jesus was holding a baby girl in his hands. It is not clear why this was shown although Muslims have said Jesus will return marry and have children.

Santa Ana is a town in Valencia, Spain. There is Valencia Street, in Santa Ana, California too. In England on the Duchy of Lancaster is Saint Anne's seaside town. In the heart of Manchester City St. Anne's Church is on St. Anne's Square. What is relevant is to discover that Saint Anne is important and connects with the land 'and people' in Spain and the Crown too.

Beneath the mother and child, on each side is a male figure. One appears to be resting as if sleeping with his eyes open. The other male figure also appears to be cowering.

In looking closer, one male figure is sculpted 'as if' holding his head. At their feet the urns are overturned with water spilled. If this is a depiction of his head removed, this would surely happen for a reason. History tells a story that is not entirely clear or complete.

On the face, the one eye appears open; the other closed.

Inside the museum is 'La carroza de las ninfas' translated 'the nymphs carriage'. If we consider by learning more about the Kingdom of Spain, we might be looking at a Princess Carriage that was used a long time ago. There are other images and surely a whole lot more to see and appreciate from being inside the building. This is just a glimpse to learn more of what is relevant.

Here 'in England' a carriage overturned the other day outside the 'Ship inn Pub'. The media captured an image that might have been photoedited with a female figure who looks like young Princess Diana. However, the camera has captured 'spirits' before and could be possible.

Kate Middleton was 'invited to be godmother' of a ship named Royal Princess. On a legal document - the birth certificate of her son, that cannot be altered, the occupation of William and Kate is set in writing Prince of the United Kingdom and Princess of the United Kingdom. The media did not report detail of the 'Ecumenical (World) Church Ceremony' held in a Cathedral in the Solomon Islands where Archbishops were present - was this a secret crowning ceremony, revealed?

In this painting, a winged angel messenger is holding a victors crown on the left hand and a scroll of writing on the right hand. This depiction shows by example how God crowns and Jesus Christ who is sitting at the right hand of his Father is actually divinely guiding people.

Valencia, in the museum is a lady wearing a full head crown.

On 9th August I woke with a vision of a crown that is kept hidden somewhere. It was gold, ornate and about 1 inch in height. In learning about the three crowns - one is the Torah Crown. Earlier in the year I read two silver Queen crowns were stolen. In another incident, two Torah Crowns stolen. These thefts taking place could indicate what has been taking place, even by deception.

This emblem on the old city gate, is seen the painted colour orange. The home of Valencia Oranges. In America Orange county is where apparently where Valencia Oranges were grown. The House of Orange is connected with the Netherlands - with a city in France being named Orange, a complicated tapestry shows that everything and everyone is in some way connected together.

As what is above and in the light - so the same is happening underground and what is being kept far from the peoples awareness. There is spiritual wickedness taking place.

Just finding one of the rooms inside the place, and learning that the carriages are from the 18th century. A precious gem of history is maintained in this City.

In the end Jewish people will win with God on their side. However, how the Jewish people will win is only in the way that God decides. There are people who have forgotten the promise.

Anyway, this article provides more insights and buildings; showing the establishment to set up - the new, is already here. The understanding by the Jewish people who respect the highest authority beyond the manipulation of man are people who understand Providence and miracles.

My sharing about the signs of the times is not to be predicting anything, but to see and understand what is happening that is relevant now - to see a bigger picture than what the media is telling me to think, believe and to consume. Evidently this information is important or I would not 'hear "The Jews are Ruling From Valencia' or be given a vision of a hidden crown. Furthermore, I am not sure if there are four crowns, OR, if Valencia is the vital connection with the Jewish people for the third crown.

And the Crown of Torah is vitally important too.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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