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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Jewish Royal Kingdom of Valencia, Spain

Following on from my previous article, a building is identified. Also a Royal Princess is identified and a Throne is mentioned. My article before this came with waking up hearing 'Jews are Ruling From Valencia' - This is The Crown and connecting the dots!

Royal Arms of Kingdom of Valencia in Llotja depict two crowned messengers holding a shield with four columns. Over and above this is a Crown. Because the messengers are crowned with wings, this is showing the Spiritual Crown and Temple.

If you look closer, this is on a corner of the building and there is reference to a cornerstone in the holy scriptures. This will provide more detail to gain understanding of this message in relation to the building and the Crown Princess.

"And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone;" Ephesians " 2:20 KJB

The foundation of ethics, trade and prayer was already planned before it was built. There was also given by Christ the instruction of brotherhood of man. Furthermore not only did he make it very clear Justice for All, this is to be Ethically applied. Justice with Mercy is far more than words, the Spiritually Enlightened Elite know the truth and know 'in context' a far deeper meaning.

The Llotja de la Seda in Valencia, Spain looks like a Castle.

The in English translation of Llotja de la Seda is "Silk Exchange". Evidently this civil building was connected with the Silk Exchange. What comes to mind is the Silk Road and also the Queens Barristers connected with Silk too.

Also remembering Pauline Marie Jaricot came from a family who were in the Silk business. This lady was to become an influencial to bring people as far as Asia to prayer. Pauline Marie, who had forenames much like my own Pauline Maria, was the foundress of the Propagation of the Faith and The Association of the Living Rosary. Pauline Marie was born in Lyon France.

Both the French and Spanish connection are important here.

The building has shown to be of significant importance.

'Built between 1482 and 1548, this is one of the principal tourist attractions in the city. The UNESCO considered it as a World Heritage Site in 1996 since "the site is of outstanding universal value as it is a wholly exceptional example of a secular building in late Gothic style, which dramatically illustrates the power and wealth of one of the great Mediterranean mercantile cities."

'Behind the musgo current building, there was an earlier one from the 14th century, which was called the Oil Exchange (Llotja de l’Oli, in Valencian, or Lonja del Aceite, in Spanish). It was used not only for trading with oil, but for all kind of business. Where in 1348 was traded perxal (percale) as some kind of silk.

Valencia's commercial prosperity reached its peak during the 15th century, and led to the construction of a new building.

The design of the new Lonja of Valencia was derived from a similar structure in the Lonja of Palma de Majorca, built by the architect Guillem Sagrera in 1448. The architect in charge of the new Lonja was Pere Compte, who built the main body of the building – the Trading Hall (or Sala de Contractaci√≥ in Valencian) – in only fifteen years (1483–1498). So is written in a blue band that runs along all four walls of the Trading Hall, also called "Hall of Columns". It proclaims in golden letters the following inscription:

Inclita domus sum annis aedificata quindecim. Gustate et videte concives quoniam bona est negotiatio, quae non agit dolum in lingua, quae jurat proximo et non deficit, quae pecuniam non dedit ad usuram eius. Mercator sic agens divitiis redundabit, et tandem vita fructur aeterna.

According to the local Valencian scholar Joan Francesc Mira, this inscription showed that it was not a necessary to be a Protestant or a foreigner to establish the basis of a good trade; it also showed the union of ethics and economy. Other construction and decoration works lumbered on until 1548, such as the Consolat del Mar (Consulate of the Sea), a Renaissance building adjoined to La Lonja.

During subsequent centuries, La Lonja functioned as a silk exchange. The honesty of its traders is honored by the inscription that runs around the main contract hall.'

So informative is Wikipedia on this that I did not want to snip away the information and dilute the research that has already been carried out by ethical authors providing important details that everyone is entitled to know about.

The Royals wear a sash. At some point perhaps someone wearing the Royal band has been guided to make this Royal Law. And the golden writing, the colour golden light is connected with Christ - seen actually radiating from his body.

Inside this building are columns. The outside of the building is as if providing a shelter over this. As people go into a church to pray, we are shown that there are people of highly ethical principles and practice who maintain integrity too.

So this building, discovered by someone who captured a child seated, with the headline, that I brought with the article headline 'The Princess Found Her Throne' is because this discovery is an important one to know and understand.

The black and white floor in the same building as the columns is bringing the connection with the ancient Temple that was standing in Pella and this being connected with the Greeks and Jewish people. In the ancient times the people were given certain responsibilities and specific tribes were holding specific duties. Discovering the truth might actually break the illusion.

'There is a tradition that attests to the flight of the Jerusalem Church, just before or during the siege of city, into a town called Pella in the region of the Decapolis across the Jordan River' - read more on this below.

In seeing the name Cohen with pharmacies, from experience going to make an inquiry, often I have been sent home empty handed with the advice of a home remedy. One time I was advised to see a medical specialist for further examination and diagnosis. Ethical healing professionals focus on healing the person, by the most appropriate means. This is being ethical and conscientious.

Four words heard this morning on waking up have been the guidance to write three articles today. This has also been another day, in learning something new and a step closer to seeing the people being united in peace and prosperity.

With the corrupted crown, people are going to suffer. People are being oppressed in different ways as they have done in history. An illegitimate bloodline cannot be the Head of a Church and ruling over people. The Laws of God have been written to protect the people and the Temple Church provides the opportunity for people to know spiritual laws too.

The Jewish Royal Kingdom is clearly highlighting the importance of maintaining ethical business and fair trade. It is also clearly written in Gold on Blue, from the translated inscription that it is not necessary to belong to any specific church, in particular the Protestant religion, or convert religion to be honest in trade.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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