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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 9 August 2013


While clicking to see an aerial view of the church in Jerusalem, Googlemaps took me straight to one of the narrow walkwaya in the Christian Quarter in Jerusalem. Clearly identified over the shop is Royal Ouvenir Shop. The 'S' is missing.

The name underneath appears to be Geoge Karim, might be George Karim. As the name is not clear, this is seen to be exactly as it is meant to be. Mr. Karim - the owner of the shop evidently he recognises the Real Royal Family.

Notice there are also two different languages written and the cross in the middle that unites people even in different languages. This has been and always will be for it is from the Christ family, for this to be, as always intended.

Taking exactly what is shown - we can learn more from this and it is because the store identifies ROYAL clearly, the other detail in the screenshot caught my attention and so this is an opportunity to examine and see what is relevant.

On one side external door Christ is depicted and underneath, even though not clear, the impression of a Temple Church with a dome. On the other side a cross and 'underneath' written the name MARIA! Beneath this are more images, faces not clearly seen.

In zooming in closer, what looks like the dome of a temple is a suspended hanger with what could be the worry beads, often the men handle and something else. Notice the cord goes right up past the image of Christ and he is also holding a scepter. This is showing that what is to be comes from God from the Heavens and a reminder that the Holy Temple Church is from God, through Christ.

Looking at the scenario 'as it is' keep an open mind please, as I am.

The people have their faces blanked out so not to be recognised.

In the shop window a cross can be seen and evidently this shop sells Holy Icons. Inside the main entrance is a white fabric with red cross that could be a flag folded next to a dark Royal Navy Blue of the same size. They are side by side.

The base of the Navy Blue appears to be connecting with the woman's head outside on the pavement. Because this is shown to be inside the shop, perhaps this woman come out of the shop with her child, we will never really know.

There are other scenes that I have been guided to discover with Googlempas that while captured on camera even back in 2009, the timing of the discovery has been relevant in the moment, as today, in relation to our understanding what is going on.

The lady has brown hair. The blonde child looks like a boy. He is wearing black with red writing. She is wearing 'mint green' with a white top; also blue trousers can be seen to be 'disconnected with her'. A pink 'coffin shape' has what looks like a black crucifix on top. Her hands and body appear 'as if' decapitated. One hand 'as if' on the floor. The other holding a rod.

With 'mint green', the Royal Mint is the Producer of our Currency.

Notice where the woman's hands would be is a panel as if clean and new; this being without any writing. However, by looking to the panel of that side near the wall, 'it appears as if' a panel is missing and there is writing on the wall.

On the panels that are visible with the name MARIA, three pictures can be seen and are strategically placed at a lower level 'as if' they can see what is going on. Jesus Christ is illuminated with light being All Seeing and All Knowing.

One of the issues that people are reacting to, is with Prince Charles being the head of a church. He cannot be the Head of a Church of God being divorced at the very least. Also being from an illegitimate bloodline. However, there is nothing stopping him giving up the throne and following Christ. Charles has visited Mount Athos and seen the Orthodox way of monastic life.

The Da Vinci Code Movie showed people are involved in rituals. Also the co-star actress was born a Royal Princess and yet had lost memory of her childhood. Her parents and brother were killed in a car crash (Princess Diana, the male successor to the Crown of Asia was killed in a car crash, my mother paralysed from the neck downwards, - how many royals? I survived, and two other people known.

This image shows the close up of the panel and what is happening being seen. People are mostly clueless to what extent we are being spied in and that includes inside our homes. Television have capability to spy on people and computers too. The people who are at the top know what is going on, except there are people at the top being watched and their telephone conversations listened too.

However the message here: Everything happening on earth is known in Heaven.

Anyone who is born in the lineage of the divinely appointed Royals, even making mistakes and going the wrong way, we are tested and we are given many choices and temptations are put in our way to see if we do take these up or not. We are given every opportunity to learn from our mistakes and rectify the error of our ways. However we are not forgiven for killing anyone.

This is serious folks, there are people being decapitated, having their hands and heads chopped off for theft. With THIS Royal Shop in Jerusalem, there are also people in Jerusalem who know the truth about the crown being stolen too.

While there are people having their hands chopped off because they are so poor and stole to eat, this is distracting from the theft that is taking place on the grand scale. Governments who are deceiving and stealing from people is criminal.

The practice of sorcery and witchcraft is absolutely forbidden. There are people who have had their heads decapitated for sorcery and this being a most serious crime because the act is to defy God and to impact other people. As I said before, say for example 'IF' Kate Middleton, a family member or even a stranger cast a spell for William to Marry her the marriage is unlawful. And the reason being for this is because a man and woman must both enter a marital union freely and be free to marry too.

My articles before have spoken out and expressed concern because there are people who take the law of decapitation very seriously and especially where there has been sorcery and witchcraft involved. I am not sure if this image is a warning.

Taking into consideration the scenario 'as presented' - the hands and body being cut off is seen on the side of Jesus Christ. The woman's hand is seen very clearly as if it is on the floor. Whatever will be, has been decided already.

Kate Middleton was seen waving a wizard wand around in public and the international media have published this. She is a very silly girl. There is no one in the British system who could protect her from a hand decapitation or her head chopped off. The only person who could save her is Jesus Christ who knows what is really going on. From this, warnings are given to people.

If we are to understand what is being shown - the hands and body appear decapitated. The illusionists have shown bodies as if cut in half and decapitated. As a young girl, once taken to watch one of these performances and put my hands over my eyes. Then asked if I would come on stage refusing of course. In that moment I also had a feeling the harmless 'trick' would go very wrong' too.

There are people who are involved in the Magic circle who can read minds and make things happen. The motivation of people who are hungry for positions of power, and powers, wealth, fame and even a crown, could be what leads people in this direction. There are also people who are showing people that illusions do take place and this is to make sure that no one is taken in by this. Be fascinated to know it is happening, however, know because of this God is going to bring his truth to people in HIS WAY!

Absolutely it is forbidden to Go against God and His Divine Plan for humanity. There are strict rules and this is that we cannot cause suffering, harm, loss and death to anyone. However people involved in sorcery are causing this.

From the image above as applies in life , God is the Judge and He is also the punisher too. Because tit is written, those who live by the sword will die by the sword, in other words you will reap what you sow. If someone has been involved in sorcery to debilitate and harm 'any of God's anointed ones' or cause death to anyone they have already decided what their punishment too.

The other day I found an article written by a Muslim. The author said sorcery can be used to cause harm to someone, though knowing the name of our mother. Today billions of people refer to the Virgin Mary as 'Our Mother'. This is one of the discoveries that has been revealed to share, with the reminder that Mary was born to be a Servant of God and consecrated to The Temple. So through both the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ people are being protected under the umbrella of God. This is important.

Banks ask people for a password and suggest our mother's name. Anyone famous who has decided to use their mother's name, with just the address and birth date it is as easy as this to access their account. If people have the capability to cause harm and debilitate people through sorcery with this information, or just our mother's name this is not good at all.

My mothers name Athena is the name the City of Athena is named after. Athena was a divinely guided Queen - my mother was divinely guided too. People who are connected to God, have a purpose and a spiritual purpose to fulfill. Because my mother miraculously survived, she still had a very important purpose to serve even being paralysed and that was to empower paralysed people.

Not long ago there was a documentary about the British Monarch and Buckingham Palace. The Monarchy is a multibillion pound industry in itself. Just from Buckingham Palace alone selling memorabilia and tickets collects £50 million a year. If the focus is on this, before serving the people, then the role of responsibility has been long forgotten. The pretty face might make more profit.

In Jerusalem, in a very simple and ancient street where over the years billions of people have trodden with faith - people of all faiths, people of all countries and languages - the faithful are here being reminded of the Real Royal Family.

Jesus Christ was born in the Royal bloodline of King David through his mother and also Joseph his stepfather. There is a bloodline lineage that has been traced through the maternal line for the Spiritual Crown. The Royal Family from Jerusalem, these simple people set an example for who we are all born to be. We all live our life according to our spiritual calling.

These simple shops are hidden treasures and here truths are found.

In Jerusalem, here there will be many truths that are known too.

Why is the 'S' missing from the top of the shop? An 'S' can be symbolic of a snake. Someone told me years ago 'S' is also connected with the name Spencer'. Marks and Spencer store used to be known as 'Saint Michaels.'

Saint Michael was and is Archangel Protector of people and cities.


In seeing the head sign of the shop what is written in Arabic at first thought brought to mind silouette, then noticing the cross above and the cross on the panel with the name Maria. Siloutte means to 'Cast or show (someone or something) as a dark shape and outline against a lighter background.' Notice the Arabic writing is on the side of Christ. He is revealing everything.

Notice the letters on each side of Christ and he is depicted on the ceiling to show that he is above and we are below. From the heavens, he is communicating and directing below on earth to people woo are receptive and listening to him. He is guiding people in truth to find the Holy Scriptures to what He wants to people to know. Christ Pantocrator means Christ Rules Eternally.

In saving this image, 'Pantocrator Palermo' is named so this is showing the Sicilians that He is ruling over them too. People of faith are all over the world except, some people stopped believing and many millions of people are doubting too.

"There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. There is nothing kept secret that will not come to light." Luke 8:17

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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