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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Royal Palace of 300 Keys Valencia

As other articles on Valencia have shown, this is meant to be discovered. There is more to be
found too. The Royal Palace of Valencia was the former palace of the Kings of Valencia.

The Royal Palace of Valencia, also known as the Royal Palace of 300 Keys. The reason for this is because of the 300 rooms the Palace once had.

Evidence from a painting shared in a previous article, indicates that the Royals from Valencia have been divinely guided. In the Library of Congress in Washington DC, stands a mosaic of the Minerva of Peace on the stairway. She is holding a scroll with the instruction given.

The palace was born as a Muslim recreation property and continued as a palace of the kings of Aragon and Valencia. Following the dynastic union of Aragon and Castile, the palace was the official residence of the viceroys of Valencia until its destruction in 1810.

The palace was destroyed during the Spanish War of Independence, one of the sites of Valencia in 1810, by Spanish troops defending the city.

According to the plans rescued by Professor Giner Boira , its facade was as high as 200 meters, with several well-fortified towers, which was necessary being outside the city walls and being easily vulnerable in case of war.

Boira describes the building consisting of two bodies called the old palace and new palace. The old palace was the former Muslim almunia renovated and adapted to new needs, and new palace was with an extension built.

It was rebuilt by Pedro of Aragon (1336-1387) and later extended by King Alfonso the Magnanimous (1416-1458). In 1363 during the wars between Castile and Aragon, the palace was burned by the Spanish troops in place of the city.

The old palace housed the palace chapel, for years served to be exclusively for the queen. Eventually this space was used for housing the warden and staff.

The new palace integrated two courtyards and a main staircase with access to the main rooms. The yard also had a small staircase that led to a new chapel, dedicated to St. Catherine.

'The halls were dedicated to the service of kings, hearings, parties, receptions, etc.

The king had his rooms in the main tower, known as Los Angeles and recognizable in the antique prints to the naked eye, it was a great royal shield.'

So there we have it - a grand building that was destroyed and in the divine plan, what has happened since is leading to understand why what is meant to be is ever unfolding.

With the 300 Keys, this is also a reminder of spiritual knowledge. The fountain of divine wisdom is ever flowing. The spiritual key is not for teaching or influencing wizard wand waving.

Los Angeles means 'The City of Angels'

Orange County in California, is the county seat of Santa Ana. Los Angeles, where Hollywood Royalty have gravitated to live. America, the Land of the Free is built on providence.

This article is to show a palace that was and also what is now, is taking its place. It is unclear if Spain as a territory is divided, as has been many territories for political interests. This could easily be put back together....perhaps this is the family firm plan.

The plan of man often does not equate the divine plan.

Promises were made to the people...

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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