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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 30 August 2013

The World Kingdom and The Divine Court

Being divinely guided by God - Yahuveh, is to be obedient to what He is instructing in the moment. The God of Israel, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob did not stop communicating with Muhammad. He Gives clarity too!

While Muhammad had a visitation of Angel Gabriel, he also had a dream where he was taken to heaven and was instructed to tell people to pray to Allah - God Almighty. All Muslims are told to Submit to God'
Islam means submission to God - The faithful gather in prayer unity.

Now understanding why Islam was and is necessary today. Deceivers to be Crowned Heads of the Ecumenical (Universal World) Church, will discover that they will never have any authority over Muslims, because like Jews and Orthodox Christians, God is OUR AUTHORITY.

In America there is the building of the Supreme Court.

People who rise to positions of power who are not appointed by God, might be doing so by involvement in black magic. This has happened in history. If so, they might even be possessed by demons. Jews, Orthodox Christians and Muslims are warned about demonic possession. Then there is the problem of people who will do 'anything' to be in a position of power - to rule over Americans too?

Ecumenical meaning World 'Universal' Church. The expression 'the devil is sitting on the throne' was heard watching 'The White Queen', in relation to someone involved in sorcery.

The last King of Hapsburg Carlos II, was called Carlos the Bewitched. Phillip was once suspected of being a victim of black witchcraft. Phillip's sister married Louis XIV of France.

There is a saying 'condemn the behaviour and not the person'. The wizard wand waving of William, Kate and Harry should be ringing alarm bells with the illegal wars taking place.

This World Kingdom was given to Jesus Christ so that ALL PEOPLE can be free. The Highest Court is the Divine Court in heaven. The Highest Court on the Land should be reflecting integrity and the highest ethical standards. Confronting corruption in UK, officials have boasted the system is corrupt. This is why the forming of an ethical establishment becomes paramount and justified.

As we move in this transitional time of change, there are people who manipulate to change God's plan. There is nothing that is happening, that is not known about in the heavens and on earth. For people of faith from every culture it is a testing time to see how the creator is going to bring about His right way. People are scared to speak. Quote Holy Scriptures!

The Divine Court is in the heavens. People pray for God's Kingdom on earth and this will be done. The people who were/are trained to reject God, is so man's court becomes 'their' law. The manipulation of law to alter Royal Succession opens the door for the Anti-Christ to rule.

Another Court has been created 'secretly'. It is no secret. The Queen mentioned 'the secret court' in her parliamentary speech. The secret ceremony put 'Lord King William' as the head of this court, with his heir apparent 'Henry', the name of Prince Harry.

The Lord of Bowland is a title that would be held by the Queen today. The title was sold at auction and the person who bought it has been kept private. That title would be worth a fortune, in the event William and Kate appeared to have a secret crowning ceremony in an Ecumenical Church Service held in Anglican Cathedral in the Sovereign Solomon Isles. God does not rule by deception.

Photo title Mrs.Regal.Eyes - mainstream media did not mention this.

William being given an honorary law degree does not make him a lawyer by right - studying to earn his degree. The law degree was given so that he could be the Head of a Law Corporation as shown before. He is not a lawyer by divine right. He has not studied law and 'proven' to be ethical.

Destruction of the Spencer Court building, Newburn Newcastle by floods exposed the underground pillars. I was given a gift of some bread from Newburn Bakehouse the other day. See earlier article. The lady is another Servant of Christ named 'Merlin'. She is also an instrument to bring me truth of what is happening by her gift. Freak Car crashes and being pushed down the stairs. The only reason I am alive today is because Jesus Christ is keeping me alive to Serve Him.

Natural Law lawyers have spoken of, might disregard the Law of nature and also God's Wrath. Here were exposed the dark pillars underground. (The Temple over Ground has Marble Pillars)

Last week I got on the wrong train while helping someone distressed. This was meant to be. My journey to The Court, gave opportunity to look at the Royal landmarks. Manchester is home to the Royal Exchange Theatre. A Temple Bar is 'underground' former public toilets.

The photographer named this 'The Temple of Convenience' - The Temple Bar, Great Bridgewater Street, Manchester might be a landmark replicating the Temple Bar, St Paul's Church Yard, London.

'Temple Bar, London was designed and constructed by Christopher Wren between 1669 and 1672 and used to exhibit the heads of traitors in the 18th century. Dismantled, piece by piece and stored away in 1878 it was re-erected on its present site in 1984.' They knew devious plans?

'In October 2012, William Bowland held a ceremony in the Tudor courtroom at Slaidburn to revive and "make forever indissoluble" the Court of the Lord King of Bowland'

Prince Charles traces his lineage from the Tudors. The British royal family trace their lineage both sides of their family thousands of years. Meanwhile with wars, the buildings that house our records might be destroyed. People have moved or been moved to other lands and over the years forgotten their roots and forgotten their rights of liberty too.

In Bolton, close to Moses Gate Country Park is Slaidburn avenue. Burn again. There is burn with fire and ash, also the meaning of burn also being a stream. There is a stream that runs to a river in Moses Gate country park too. Whether UK or the Holy Land, Moses Land is a reminder of Mosaic Law. Gos's Law was given that We shall have no other God's but Lord God Almighty.

The territory of Bowland covers the area of the Duchy of Lancaster. With the Queen being Duchy of Lancaster, she is also Queen of several nations too. Does this apply?

'The Forest of Bowland, also known as the Bowland Fells, is an area of barren gritstone fells, deep valleys and peat moorland, mostly in north-east Lancashire, England. A small part lies in North Yorkshire, and much of the area is in the historic West Riding of Yorkshire. Once described as the "Switzerland of England"'

There are highly ethical lawyers living in Switzerland and elsewhere who have royal blood running through their veins. There are 'ethical noblemen' who have 'exceptional Law degrees' who have also studied International Law. There is 'Written Law and God's Law.'

The only way Kate can fake being Queen is if portrayed as anointed by God. People have been oversold with heavy promoting of this false idol. Then again, a vast corporate empire will be underneath whoever is crowned. 'Fake Kate' would apply if she is insincere

Painted in dark, with a halo and the Queen's corgi, holding a baby as if christ, in gold and crowned. That foot and the red paint, blood - does Kate have a scar on her right foot too, as I do? Does she have a birthmark on her thigh (as her sister does) and I do too? Has Kate ever brought forth the Word of God to the people and shown how she is divinely guided, as I do and others do too?

Minerva of Peace in the Library of Congress, Washington DC.

The other day I noticed Asda is selling Starbucks drinks. These are placed above Milk from Bowland. Another time, talking to a lady who was reducing bread at the end of the day, I pointed to a Star of David on her gun, as they are called (no bloodshed with these guns) She did not notice it was there. The Spiritual Star of David making price cuts!

If someone does not have a personal relationship with God, how can they take instruction from Him. The Physical Crown Queen Elizabeth has worn portrays she is Spiritually Crowned by God and if she is divinely guided, by him she must be obedient to His instruction. Her Ministers say she is anointed by God however, THEY might not know God has many reserves in place.

In America, Hebrew speaking people have corrected the errors in the Old King James Bible - The Cepher is published now. The Diamond Jubilee commemoration bible, is a remember the Mountain of Light - The Koh-i-Noor Diamond was taken from India and sits in the Queen's crown. The Queen knows from the Greek Asian lineage people have been Spiritually Enlightened and divinely guided too.

Jesus Christ, YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH is the King of the Jews!

And if the British royals are divinely guided by God, they will have seen Jesus Christ is wearing His Crown and also be receiving very clear instruction from him, as are many people.

Lladro figurine of a Lawyer. Lladro is manufactured in Valencia. I was told very clearly 'hearing' 'Jews are Ruling from Valencia' - This validates The Law. The Right to Rule as King or Queen would be required to meet criteria applied in both Written Law and God's Law.

The changing and perversion of God's Laws shows defiance towards God. The wars based on lies have been for which King? Biblical prophesy has written about the Antichrist.

The Supreme Court in UK is depicted in 'gold'. Jesus Christ, said I am the Alpha and Omega. The Omega symbol is shown as the chosen symbol here. 'This court takes over the work of the Law Lords in Parliament. It will be the final court of appeal on cases major legal, political and constitutional significance anywhere in UK. This court does not RULE OVER GOD, however it is necessary for The Court to be ruled under the ever watchful eye of God; maybe this is the plan.

The reminder of the watchful eye from heaven is shown here. In the UK are a vast number of good people who trust and have been betrayed. We have all been deceived. There are people now training to be lawyers overseas who are really taking this calling to do right. The next step if this is an ethical court in England is to make sure the entire legal system is cleaned up. There must be at least 70% cases that should not go to court. Mediation is with win win on both sides.

Since the beginning of time God Gives THE LAW and Rules from the heavens! The weight of the crown is known on the Queen's head. For most of my life a heavy weight has been on my shoulders. History has known monarchs decide who lives and who dies and yet God has forbid killing people! Who is using Death magic to kill people today?

The Father of The Universe, did not neglect Planet Earth. Over time man has brought destruction and war - Man has forgotten The Rules laid down by the Highest Authority.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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