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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

TORCROSS ROAD, Heaton Park, Manchester

Today I had to go and collect something. The address was on Torcross Road, Heaton Park, Manchester. The reason I am sharing this is because Tor means mountain, and cross refers to the Holy Cross.

On the 11th August an 11 year old told me of her dream with Jesus carrying his cross. Two roman soldiers in front and four were behind. Behind them Mary was dressed in her wedding dress - the church bells were ringing. Was Jesus Crucified on the day of their wedding?

On my way driving up the hill towards Whitefield, traveling close behind me was a black van with 'DR' seen written on the front. DR is also an abbreviation for Doctor.

Thinking about Christ and trusting that He is looking after me, glancing up in my rear view mirror moments later, there was a white van and written on the front 'Healthcare Alliance'. Then the van moved really close to me that I could read what was written underneath.

The sign seen - Healthcare Alliance Bringing Healthcare Closer

Then a white van drove ahead and what caught my eye was 'Amtico' - my brother had a business in this. Perhaps my brother has woken up and seen the light. Actually in his own way he is divinely guided too - everyone is except, some people are possessed and manipulated by demon spirits.

Turning down Sheepfoot Lane (thinking about the Lost Sheep of Israel who belong to Christ) at the bottom is Middleton Road. Middleton is where my father and his friend started an engineering company. The woman who married my father has used the name Middleton too. A devious character who changed her name by deed poll at least once, if not more. She is perverting the Courts and the Law internationally, in Greece and in England, with the help of corrupt lawyers.

Driving up Victoria Avenue, I was thinking about Christ being Victorious. Driving into Heaton Park Avenue - already by passing the big park in Prestwich, being reminded of Heaton in Bolton and the park in Heaton is Queen's Park. No coincidence. The Road Map is planned.

So as I arrived to my destination today, driving along the road smiling, realising this road has been named after the Holy Cross of Jesus Christ then all of a sudden a song came on.

Speaking with a lady, she said there used to be a mill closeby; and thinks these houses may have been built for the workers about 60 years ago. This would be around the time the Queen was crowned. It is possible that a decision was made by Queen Elizabeth to build 'local authority' homes so people who are less fortunate and cannot afford to buy their own had a roof over their head.

Walking along the road, there was a higher road. Then there was an opening that led to a green area with grass and trees. At the top there was a flat part without any grass. There had been a fire, with ash seen. There were also a pile of branches that had been cut down from a tree.

Listening to the radio while driving home, the news announced on Princess Parkway, a truck had overturned. Was this a sign of a Princess has been overturned? I do not know. Having a few days ago been given a warning that someone is using death magic, God knows the truth.

On my way home I was thinking of the Jewish people living in Prestwich area and how this was meant to be. Also I wished I could have gone to talk to a Rabbi. Strange how on my way out I thought of speaking to the Greek Orthodox Archbishop and yet, on the way home a Rabbi.

Still driving home, I remember seeing written on a building 'Court' and just looking now are houses built in an area named 'Tudor Court' Prestwich. So that secret ceremony where the 'eternal Court is set up' also identified 'Tudor House' too...some royals think people are stupid.

On my way home, also I passed by Holyrood Road and Holyrood House, on the Bury Old Road - a reminder of the ancient Church. The Queens residence in Scotland is Holyrood Palace.

Scotland being the Highlands is The Reminder of God's Land. When there is a monarch who is appointed by God, then people live under God's Laws in context. The Queen is not a superior person to anyone else - she is supposed to be a servant to the people and imitating Christ.

Another building is named ASCOT. The Royal Ascot is connected with horse racing and the Queen. The Duke of Devonshire was Her Majesty's Representative at Ascot. Johnny Weatherby is named as successor - the Chairman of Weatherby Bank and Ascot racecourse now.

Before setting off on my journey, with being aware there are people involved in sorcery to harm people, being also from the ancient Greek Royal bloodline, I took one of my Bibles with me. This was especially in case the person was late and I would be guided to look at some scriptures.

The Douay Version published by the Catholic Truth Society.

Before leaving the children came to share detail of their visitations of Christ and I wanted to be sure of what was said. Both are instrumental as His Messengers now. Jesus told the now 8 year old girl, who has chosen the name 'Mia' to be known by to protect them, that 'he went through many hard times in his life and yet none were too severe because he is the son of The LORD'

Having also gone through some very hard times in my life, they are nothing in comparison to what Christ has suffered, or the people suffering by antichrist oath takers. So many times Jesus Christ has appeared to the children locally. There are now around 20 times Jesus Christ has made his message clear to the children close to me; also in my prayer visions and dreams.

In returning home this evening, a lady was about to reverse car. There was actually a gap that would not fit, I said to her 'you are being rather ambitious' - she could get through this gap with being beamed up and put on the other side. Moments later the other driver arrived and moved his car. What was to happen next - with a clearance that allowed her to turn and drive off - she reversed into the car behind her. Ouch. Fortunately there were no injuries or damage either.

The lady was driving a black car. The other car was blue. Black and blue is an expression in relation to being bruised. Hopefully that is the only black and blue smack that will be seen in front of my eyes. A car crash could have happened on my journey today. On my way home a lorry had overturned on a a road connected to The Royal Princess. Who is wizard waving now>

On 8th July, on Princess Parkway, close to the Britannia Hotel, on Palatine Road a six vehicle pile up took place with 30 firefighters involved. The day after Prince George was born the Daily Mail published a photograph of the clouds in a shape of the United Kingdom with the headline 'Britannia Rules the Skies'. Britannia Hotel is in Manchester City Centre.

Going on a journey, knowing there are dangers, what is really disturbing is how many people actually not only work for the dark side, people are being influenced and they are absolutely clueless to what is going on. Omen Trilogy is a storyline with an element of truth.

A few times Jesus Christ has revealed himself to the children with his cross. There are people who are denying that Jesus was crucified. The first time he revealed himself to me during healing prayer and meditation, he was on the cross as if at the time in history. If you are sincere in your prayer and want to be guided in truth; and in the right way, speak to Jesus from your heart. He is revealing the truth.

The media are not free to publish all that there is to know. A vast number of journalists have been murdered too. When people fear, they conform and become slaves. We cannot serve two masters.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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