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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 12 August 2013

British Girls in Peri Jail £1.5 m Drugs Charge

The girls are terrified the Daily Mail reports.

Michaella McCollum Connolly, 20, and Melissa Reid, 19, are being held in a maximum security prison in Peru. The police claim they found more than 11 kg of cocaine in their luggage.

This discovery reportedly took place after they checked in for a 6,000-mile flight back to Spain.

Claims the pair may have been picked up by a South American cartel after they met holidaying in Ibiza
Twelve guards armed with rifles patrol the perimeter of the jail

The pair are starving themselves while protesting their innocence

One guard has described them as 'terrified and hysterical'

If one is found guilty for the entire haul she could be jailed for 25 years.

The girls could face up to a year awaiting trial in Santa Monica Prison known to some of South America's most dangerous female criminals'

In a time where young people are 'clubbing and partying', it seems also a social norm where people are taking recreational drugs too. Being used as a vehicle to bring illegal drugs knowingly or knowingly has fer reaching consequences. There are people who want to carry drugs to make some fast cash and some people will do anything for this. Nothing is hidden any more.

When there are two people, one is often the leader and the other the follower. There are people who tempt their friends into dangerous situations. Two wrongs do not make a right.

In the airports there are sniffer dogs trained to identify suspect bags. Even post is now intercepted. Just not so long ago turning the television to see the security open an envelope, while in-between photographs was a packet of illegal substance. The intention to send this was clear.

Of course if drugs were made legal, then there would not be the huge drug barons and people who would exploit, steal and do whatever it takes to get their fix. The problem is that the drugs have been made illegal for reasons of the potential harm and addiction, plus in history there are people who also make their fortune from these substances.

Speaking with a friend whose family have a tobacco farm, even that is regulated strictly. There is also taxes made from these substances. On the concern there are health risks by inhalation - when at one time people also commonly chewed tobacco.

Everything that is, is for a purpose. Everything that happens can give us a deeper understanding and to look at this scenario. So many parents do not even know what their children are up to.

What would make any child so insecure to want to go risk their life, because in come countries the penalty is the death penalty for drug trafficing.

Also there is another warning that could be put out by the international media i n th peoples best interest. When travelling we are asked 'if we packed our suitcase'. This is also a concern with corrupt officials if this spills over in the airports because people are entering an oral contract by confessing this and with everything being recordable and filmed now, be careful.

Many years ago someone contacted me to say out of the blue, that they were going to go to Thailand and bring some drugs - they had been promised £10,000. I freaked out and was furious that this person could be so irresponsible. What bothered me more, is the person showed a weakness that they could also be easily exploited. In a cash strapped world, waving wads of cash - the drug dealers need mugs to risk their lives so they can profit. They kknow the easy and vulnerable targets.

And so while this report is here, two girls have been exposed as vulnerable targets. Two young girls who have the rest of their lives stunted not knowing what the future will bring.

I wonder how many private jets are searched and how many people who are found with drugs in high places are arrested and prosecuted. We hear of these situations, however there is a massive amount of drug importation taking place in various countries.

Drugs, whether selling them or taking them - there are no gains in the long term. A substance that alters the mind and experience, numbs out the real person and rational mind.

Most parents nightmare would be to discover their child is taking drugs. For anyone to go on a trip that is purposefully or to be enticed for the purpose is a trap that shows people how yet another temptation can be made and this could apply to everyone.

Remembering a movie, I think, something watched of a woman who was given something to carry while going through customs at an airport. She was stopped. That 'thing' contained drugs.

People are importing a tremendous amount of goods from countries that are growing drugs - inside, there has also been found substances. People are carrying drugs in their body.

On television, there have been series about airports running a few years. Rarely watching television, occassionaly when I do it is with something that comes on that is meant to catch my attention. Many foreigners bring food and even goods packed by their relative. In some way I though that prevention of food being imported was harsh, particularly that we can buy it here.

In the situation above, a spokesman said: ‘Police searched the women’s luggage. They found 18 packets of food products with cocaine, which weighed 5.78 kilos, in Melissa Reid’s suitcase.

‘Sixteen packets with cocaine weighing 5.810 kilos were found in Michaella McCollum’s suitcases.’

The majority of people who are arrested are Spanish, with most mules heading for Spain. The media is reporting of the growing trend for vulnerable Britons to be targeted as mules.

'Police said the pair, who flew to the country on August 1, were found with 11kg of cocaine hidden in food packets in their luggage at Jorge Chávez International Airport.

They had been trying to check in for an Air Europa flight to Madrid on Tuesday, with Palma, Majorca, as their final destination.'

It is all very sad and very tragic indeed. When such big stories hit the headlines they are meant to catch our attention. They are meant to warn people to be careful and warn people that drug taking is not cool at all. The young British royals have been sheltered from anyting being written about them and yet their friends have been reported to be taking recreational drugs.

And if people who are influencing the masses are involved in drug taking, casual sex and partying, this explains why young people are too. Who are the protectors of the people?

One time I was in Italy with a group of people. Some had left and went back to the hotel, We were four or five remaining. In the car, looking out the window, I noticed the police driving like lunatics on the other side of the road. There were several cars. Next minute we were surrounded by police with guns, the car I searched, the driver had his hands above his head and I had a gun to my head. Afterwards with shock and tears the police apologised and 'told me to go home'.

If there had been drugs and I was in this company, I might have been arrested and put in prison too. Then I was clueless to what was going on in the world. This was the start of my awakening and to start to notice there is a whole lot more going on and many millions of people suffering.

Better to do without then handle dirty money. The expression blood money has not come to be without a reason. Money is energy and passing this around is passing the negative energy too.

All the warnings can be given and if people do not listen that concerns are said out of care, then perhaps people are mean to learn the lesson. Officials, particularly the police are sometimes called to deal with the most horrendous situations. They need a hard stomach in that job.

Time will tell what will happen to these girls.

I can pray and hope in some way that the perpetrators of these crimes become the focus for arrest. The manipulators know what they are doing. They do not want to risk their life and so think nothing that someone else risks theirs. There is a mindset who have no care or conscience.

It is time to realise that drugs cannot numb pain or truth.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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