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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Update: Brave British Sian Green Speaks Out

People go on holiday all the time without thinking something might happen. However accidents do happen, people get injured and people also die overseas.

Sian Green was on holiday in New York with best friend Keshia Warren. What Keshia was to witness that day would likely stay in her memory for a long time to come.

'British tourist who lost a leg in New York taxi crash says she won't let it ruin her life as rescuer hits out at witnesses who took pictures of the scene rather than help'

Brave Sain Green is not going to let this get her down.

People were taking photographs and recording when Dr. Oz came running across the road to the scene. People record events to provide evidence in case a claim to be made. People are also posting video scenes of what the media do not report too. The media did not ignore this!

'Hero plumber David Justino was appalled that people were standing around taking pictures. Justino, who put a tourniquet around victim's wounds is credited with saving Sian's life.

The Cab driver, Faysal Kabir Mohammad Himon, 24, of Queens, has had seven traffic violations and $990 of fines in the last three years.'

David Justino does not want to be regarded as a hero.

(Recalling the devastating fire in Queens a few months ago, where people were made homeless. Homes can rebuilt, lives that are stolen cannot be brought back.)

David Justino speaks of what happened - the people involved who came to help and his version of the events as they unfolded - the locksmith rescued Sian's leg from under the car.

To Quote the Daily Mail Article..

'Hugo Boss employee and part-time model Sian Green, 24, was injured in a crash outside the Rockefeller Centre on the first day of her holiday.

Miss Green was struck by Faysal Kabir Mohammad Himon – who was not licensed to drive the cab he was using.

The driver was allegedly arguing with a cyclist when he tried to step on the brake but hit the accelerator instead.

The car mounted the pavement before careering into Miss Green – who was eating a hot dog with her best friend Keshia Warren.

Miss Warren wept as she desperately tried to stem the flow of blood from Miss Green’s legs with a passer-by’s dog leash.

Plumber David Justino used his belt to make a life-saving tourniquet while a pizza truck owner put her severed foot on ice.'

'He tried to visit her at Manhattan's Bellevue hospital yesterday afternoon, but was told that after surgery she was in 'no condition' to see anybody and was turned away.

As he left the hospital he said that he 'just wanted to see her face' as he had been holding her body while he was helping her and didn't see what she looked like.

Mr Justino said that he 'should have done more' and that 'instinct' kicked in when he saw what happened.'

David Justino has set a standard to all people that when our instinct says to go and help someone to just do it. David is instrumental to save this young woman's life.

Headline' Freak Midtown Cab Crash Maims British Beauty'

Hugo Boss bringss to mind and The Big Boss - God! It is unknown Sian's faith, however she is being looked after certainly saved this day. The helpers rushed to take care of her.

The locksmith is also the reminder of the keyholder, of the keys being held to heaven. Outside the Vatican is a statue of St. Peter holding two keys. The locksmith (door opener) rescued Sian's leg from under the cab. The helpers of Sian are many more than at the scene at the time. We cannot underestimate the power of prayer, or ignore there is evil happening in our world.

The hospital name in Manhattan is given here as Bellevue.

Bellevue is also in Manchester, UK It was returning home from an important event here that my mother became paralysed from the neck downwards. This memory is not forgettable.

The name Sian means 'Princes of Asia', Sian looks as if she might be of Asian origin too. Is Sian a Princess by Right too? Writing the other day that the Koh-i-Noor diamond from India has been stolen, is this connected with the Crown of Asia, being a Spiritual Crown.

The Roman Province of Asia connects with the Princess of Europe. The other day while waking I heard 'The Princess of Europe' and noticed later Princess Diana being in the news again, in relation to her death. One article headline identified her as The Princess of Europe.

A great many women are BORN Princess by Birthright. Not everyone is 'The Princess of Asia'. Rihanna and Chris Martin from Coldplay sing 'Princess of China'. China is in Asia.

Recently the Daily Mail published an article about two Princess's of India and Inheritance being returned since the Will was being challenged. In the recognition of this, the storyline identifies there are Two Royal Princess's - Other articles identify two stolen crowns.

Sian Green, is another brave young woman - a survivor. Sian may have lost her leg in this crash;yet something else happened. Sian is meant to be known though the media internationally.

When truth is being silenced, the truth will get louder. Britain now has a large Asian community from a multi-faith background. The origin of the Spiritual Crown is from the East. 'The Eastern Star' comes to mind. The sun rises in the East and sets in the West here.

Sian is raising awareness of the Princess of Asia. And if anyone is 'wizard wand waving' to cause harm to the Princess of Asia, this will backfire - Return Back.

'Damaged: A cyclist was thrown from his bike and over the hood of the taxi as it lost control on Tuesday' - cycles are vehicles. It is impossible to ignore that David Cameron was pictured 'as if' raising up a bicycle. He is surely aware what is happening behind the scenes.

Here a lady with red hair is pictured near the damaged tyre of the bicycle closeby in the background. She is talking to men, with more Police officers listening in close proximity.

Princess Beatrice comes to mind with red hair. Also a while ago, the Daily Mail published an exchange take place 'at Wimbledon Tennis Court' between Pippa Middleton and a man. Wimbledon Common is for Commoners, Wimbledon Court relates to the Law Court for Commoners The scene showed watchers and listeners recording everything. Did a Royal Exchange take place that day?

The Royal Exchange Theatre building is in Manchester.

Remembering Beatrice and a report about India - (India also in the Continent of Asia). 'Beatrice pleads for Jubilee job to India with dad' is the headline, for the Diamond Jubilee. What is this job - being the Princess of Asia? Being Duke of York, what does that entail exactly?

Jubilee Law relates to Biblical Laws, the Law of Return.

Hearing 'messenger' In America, cycles are used often to deliver newspapers. The newspaper delivers news and messages to people. However, the storyline does not always match the facts. After learning that 999 (the figure also being emergency services and direct access to the police here) journalists have been killed, the truth of what is really happening is being silenced.

While out in Manchester, since this article, a man cycled past me dressed in black with SKY written in white, with black and white zebra hat. Across the road I saw a big 'black' sign 'The Courthouse' written in white. A dark court portraying as being in the light. Another' The Temple', a former men's public toilets - someone told me he could still 'smell this being a toilet now' - the creation and naming of the building could be more for underground agendas, with where it is situated.

So with Sian's name meaning Princess of Asia, PM David Cameron visiting India; he also said the (stolen) Ko-i-Noor diamond will not be returned to India. This is seated in the Queen Elizabeth's crown. With this, Her successor would therefore become Queen Empress of India/Asia.

Who is intending to harm A REAL Princess of Asia?

The Dolce and Gabbana collection is a reminder to the British establishment and Kate that there are a vast amount of women who are born Princess, who might have even had their land and inheritance stolen by war mongers in history. Ruling by deception and conquest does not give any right.

Sian being injured, is also instrumental in serving a greater purpose. She was 'propelled' into the public eye through this terrible situation. We are also given a reminder there are saviours around in the most unexpected circumstances..People who are vital to keeping humanity safe.

Propel means 'To cause to move forward or onward.'

At Home: 'Speaking at their Leicester home last night, Miss Green's parents Jason and Sonia said their daughter was 'being very strong' as she started to come to terms with what had happened'

Being in America, Sian is seeing the best of the people and being taken care of there too. If there is any sorcery that is involved in contributing to this injury, there is accountability too. We are all going to be judged by a far higher authority than exists on this earth now.

In looking at this photo, shuddering, Sian looks as if she could be related to a special friend who is officially honored in her humanitarian work in Los Angeles 'The City of Angels'.

My friend, Baroness Kimberly Moore was also injured in a 'car accident' and hospitalised for weeks. Another survivor who made her commitment to dedicate her life to help people too.

The Real Princess's in the world do not need heavy media promotion to market a persona that might be far from what they are really about. Real in Spanish means Royal.

Wishing Sian a speedy recovery and Praying for her PROTECTION! In my prayers yesterday, I ask that God protect His people. Scriptures identify Spiritual Wickedness is taking place.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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