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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Woke Up Hearing "Jews Ruling From Valencia"

With hearing the words "Jews Ruling From Valencia" this was to be the start of other insight coming together that connects to form a bigger picture. Jews Ruling from Valencia makes sense. The King of Spain is also King of Jerusalem.

The Jewish people are many tribes, not one or two. So the message staying very clearly with what was given to me, Valencia is also signifying as important in relation to the Crown and Jewish people.

Valencia is also connected with Oranges. There is in France a city named Orange and in America a County named Orange County too. Whenever I hear Valencia, the reminder of oranges comes to mind too. There is also a Royal House of Orange.

Requena in Valencia also came to mind. My father descends from the Counts of Requena. In looking to learn more some time ago, there is so much that is revealed and yet, for now locating the Coat of Arms is relevant for now.

Just now I discovered an image Real Requena with the date 1953. Depicted is the cross, the crown of thorns and a ladder. There is also what looks like a spear, however it is understood to be a scepter with a clear blue crystal on top.

The Crown and Real - with 'Real' actually meaning Royal Crown.

Jesus Christ was Jewish, born from a Hebrew Mother. With being resurrected, Our Living Lord King has revealed himself to me or I would not be able to say so with confidence. He is revealing himself to people who are believers around the world. Religion does not determine whether someone belongs to Christ or not, as Your and My King, faith and commitment decides Your Truth.

In Spain, France and Portugal, is where Sephardic Jews are from. We are and have been over the millenia reminded that a land space does not determine a people, unless a specific family however people may think this is so. There are specific tribes who are identified and yet we all descend from the same original source, one man and one woman - Adam and Evee.

The Crest of Requena on el monumento vendimia features, from what can be seen a bridge with two openings and water underneath. Above is a Key and 8 pointed star that is also known as a Christ star. Number 8 symbolises infinity. Looking at number 8 you will see how the top mirrors underneath. This is the sign that shows two wholes connected 'as above so below' is depicted here.

El - is another name for God. Vendimia means grape harvest.

The crest features a crown and we can discover more. The two horns are met in the middle with grapes. Insight same to me this morning before locating this issue and even knowing about the Cross above. The images provide validation.

In another image of the crest, the horn shapes are depicted golden colour. Golden Horns game to mind. Then I thought of the British Crown Crest featuring of a Unicorn and a golden horn. Above is different. If these are depicted to be then they are shown to be upside down with the grapes meeting in the middle. Mantle also came to mind, as we see a garland 'with grapes' on a mantlepiece.

A Mantle is placed over the Queen, the cloak when she is crowned. A mantle is also a cover of the Torah that also depicts a crown. So it really does make sense that the person crowned would also be Jewish and related to Jesus Christ.

This morning I was being given the understanding of the red grapes making wine, and Christ spoke of the Wine at the Last Supper when he said 'This is my blood'. Taking all this into consideraton, with the Jewish people who arrived and living in Spain, Portugal and France - the Sephardic Jews are blood relations. The descendants of the Christ family are living today.

In taking consideration of the actual lineage that Christ was born in, still, while this identifies the messianic bloodline, connecting with this lineage are people from from all lands and tribes for the simple reason, there has been intermarriage between tribes and when the sacred marriage takes place, this marries lands and people in peace.

What is specifically unique and in the divine plan, however hard man tries to manipulate God is 10 steps ahead. While there are Jewish people scattered and living everywhere, being told 'Jews Ruling from Valencia' is important to know.

With my family descending from the Counts of Requena, I cannot take the title Countess of Requena for the simple reason, King Juan Carlos has given this to another lady. However in hearing Jesus saying 'You are MY Princess' - it is with a man writing to Pope Benedict to be recognised from the Ghassan and Byzantine lineage, the letter from the Pope addressed him Emir - Prince. The man now uses HIH meaning His Imperial Highness, however he does not have any authority to rule over lands or people with the sword.

The Jewish people know of the Crown of Torah. Jewish people have God as their authority. Jewish people have also been given Jesus Christ as their Eternal King - His name Yahusua and Yeshua, Isa, Iesious and other various still focus the same person. We are all invited to gain spiritual understanding and what we seek sincerely will be revealed. Something is happening with all these arguments by people from diverse religions. Actually God does not need a religion, it is for the people to Know God.

If the arguments had not taking place - perhaps God would be forgotten. People in all lands now know of God Almighty and Jesus Christ being born, living, died on the cross and then being resurrected. This could have easily been suppressed when over 2000 people were crucified in those times. Jewish people have been witnesses to Many Miracles and Understand Providence. They know that no one can just declare that they are a King or Future King. King David was not even the first born. He was Chosen.

Self appointed overlords ruling over land and people by deception is not how God works. There is a huge difference between a Viking and the King of Kings. The Light of all Lights really is radiating the most glorious light when descending from heaven. Having been shown this 25th October 2012 - People are gathering back, and returning to the true faith - The Righteous Lord and King.

Before closing I found this image dated 1836. A man is sitting on wall. His lower body looks to be in the shape of an upright clenched fist of a hand. In one hand he is holding what looks like a club and the other a crown wreath. (depicting the Victors Crown) There is a garland under the date. Overhead are three olive branches, the 'Sword of Integrity' also depicted in the Healing profession. Also 7 columns laid together to the together. Written is LIBERATAD VICTORIA - The Crown by Right liberates people.

The Spiritual Crown is worn by a Spiritual Healer. Jesus Christ healed people - he would not change this. In the ancient times the Temple was used for healing the mind, body and soul - to assist Spiritual Wholeness, with Spiritual Psychotherapy.

The motto on this crest reads MUY NOBLE LEAL Y FIDELISIMA CUIDAD DE REQUENA. This translates to 'VERY NOBLE LOYAL AND FAITHFULLY YOU TAKE CARE OF REQUENA. The people of true nobility have known that Requena is very important to the Temple Church. The Spiritual Crown is with the Temple Church. Requena-Utiel was historically part of Castile - meaning castle.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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