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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

All The Church Ministers Have Been Tested

The last time I went to a local church to speak with the father there..he did not recieve me well..actually he was very defensive and had his arms crossed...As soon as I mentioned being Greek Orthodox and wanting to know exactly who is ruling over this land - the barriers were up. And he spoke of all churches having their own laws ....and that they tried reformation once...Nice big house he lives in while the doors o the church are closed..Is this the Church that Jesus Christ was sitting and listening to his service?

If he said well actually GOD RULES OVER THIS LAND, then respect would have been given and he would be a leader in this part of the country to shine this light for other people. Is this man wearing the cloth preparing the people for the way and the return of the Lord. No he was not. As soon as I mentioned the children seeing Jesus Christ and having visitations wearing his crown...Instead of being warm in his heart and eager to learn be compounded in his faith- he could not wait for me to Go! And what he said that I had to go to my own church..Not understanding that my church is also the people, not a building.

It was afterwards I remembered being told that a child sat in the church and said taht Jesus was listening to what is being said to the people...Asking the lady what the service was about 'she could not remember' She told me she was a Christian and yet is not sure if there is a God. She is not convinced Christ really lived and was nailed on a cross...she does not beelive that he died and came alive afterwards.

People are robbed from knowing why the events in history have freed humanity from slavery  and this is why slavery and oppression happen again. This is why the laws are corrupted again.

People keep telling me the doors are closed in the Church here. I might have been a total stranger in this land wanting to seek a house of prayer for shelter to pray...The man revealed that his heart is not open to receive people from all nationalities and all different faiths - anyone who wants to come and pray.

The church building was not built out of his own pocket. It is not his possession.  And if it would still belong to the Lord because what we have is temporary..

There is the failing of the church and this is one reason why the flocks of people who belong to God have fallen to become oppressed...So the church all make their own laws do they?.Is there silence about the Holy Laws being corrupted so blatantly and yet claiming to be serving God, without correction! Since when has God rejected anyone who calls out to him in sincere prayer...because I can tell you - never at all.

How amazing that Pope Francis had not long been inagurated with international television coverage with representatives from so many nations and yet this man was so far removed from what is going on in our world. This is specifically about concern for the people and the spiritual food they are supposed to be delivering - the people speak of how holy this man is. Jesus knows the truth. And if a church minister does not have his focus on the Lord 24/7, he might not recognise the message being given.

There are promises made to the people...

There will be a day when there will not be teachers..

By now - the entire world should be spiritually enlightened and able to read the scriptures where they come alive and make sense to the individual in the literal form and also for individual messages that might be relevant in ths time for understanding. The people in England are under a spell of conformity.

Another minister I was asked to speak with - learning that he really does not really beleive.He is an influence over a community of people. If the minister does not beleive, how can he provide spiritual food for the people?. If ministers cannot round off a number of prayers and experiences with call it, divine intervention' - even show how everything comes together, how are the people going to be inspired to pray, to recognise the validation of prayers being heard and answered and when 'divine intervantion takes place...

Perhaps the reason why the man had his arms crossed and barriers up because he was standing face to face with someoen who is told exactly what has been happening in the churches...Instead of safety and comforting the people..there are many people who are being fleesed financially...Happened before!

The people who cannot afford to go and pray, pray at home.

And notice something else - prayer services are being held outside under the heavens because we will not be restricted by anyone to have our prayers heard and answered..The physical building is a shelter as our body is the shelter for our soul...the temple for our soul....The Lord knows who is sincere.

People seek leaders and teachers - seek the Lord.

When listening to the spiritual teachers - the Rabbis who have spiritual understanding and sharing the truths in a way that people can understand...this is the reason why in the ancient times, specific people had specific duties and the understanding of taking care of the personn - the spiritual being - the soul inside this physical body was regarded as a great role of responsibility in the theraeputic church.

We cannot Gain full understanding by Scripture alone. The Book that has been published in around 100 different languages allows everyone to study to understand..The Lord is the interpreter for all.

The prayer you are guided to say in church might not be a personal prayer. Only you know what is written in your heart and what you really want to say and do. This is what I do..I have a glass bowl given to me with some white pebbles - a tea light holder and I light a candle and say the prayer in my heart for the people At the end of the prayer...that candle is left alight....not intinguished to cancel out the prayer.

My prayer focus is for global peace and healing. I also pray for government and court officials to correct the error of their ways...Bring an end to the corruption and to seek the way of the Lord..

Church Ministers who cannot serve the Lord in Truth, to lead the people back to the Lord 'in truth', might be doing humanity a service if they consider another path...

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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