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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Athina Mary Livanos Onassis Spencer-Churchill Niarchos

Athina Mary Livanos Onassis Spencer-Churchill Niarchos -

With the Spencer-Churchill names revealed and connected with Onnassis, It is shown through this lady how families have been married and connected....One woman did it. Athina Onassis Grandmother.

Quoting Wikipedia

Athina Mary Livanos Onassis Spencer-Churchill Niarchos (GreekΑθηνά (Τίνα) Λιβανού; 19 March 1929 – 10 October 1974) was the second daughter of the Greek shipping magnate Stavros Livanos and Arietta Zafirakis. She was best known as the first wife of Aristotle Onassis, but she later married her older sister Eugenia's widower, Stavros Niarchos. She was older sister to her parents' only son, George Stavros Livanos.

Known as Tina, she was married three times. Her husbands were:
  1. Aristotle Onassis (28 December 1946 – 1960); with him she had two children, Alexander Onassis (1948–1973) and Christina Onassis (1950–1988). She divorced him upon her discovering him having an affair with the opera singer Maria Callas.[1]
  2. John Spencer-Churchill, Marquess of Blandford (23 October 1961 – 1971)
  3. Stavros Niarchos (21 October 1971 – 1974), her sister Eugenia's widower.
After her divorce from Aristotle Onassis, Livanos dropped her married name and used her maiden name, until her marriage to the Marquess of Blandford.
Tina Niarchos died of a drug overdose in Paris, where she was living with third husband Stavros Niarchos. During this marriage, she suffered the loss of her 24-year-old son Alexander in a plane crash. Her only living descendant is her namesake granddaughter, Athina Onassis de Miranda. Livanos's daughter, Christina, sued her mother's widower for her mother's estimated US$250 million (in 1974 dollars) estate claiming the marriage should be annulled under Greek law. Christina later dropped the lawsuit and Niarchos returned all of the money as well as Livanos's jewellery, artwork and other personal effects.

Athina is a family name, the name of my mother's first cousin. She also shares remarkably similar facial characteristics with the late Christina Onassis - something distinct. Athina met the man of her dreams, who was also in shipping - a Captain..They married and have a daughter who loves 'New York'. We are the daughers Poly and Pauline, of Athina and Athina. Both being wheelchair bound...

There is reference of the Onassis family Curse. In the Onassis family there have also been young deaths - Alexander was only 24 in a plane crash (Black Magic again?) Christina Onassis also died young and what a tradegy a woman who was so wealthy had become a magnate for gold diggers too.

Christina Onassis funeral was held at My family Church in New Smyrna, Athens Grece. Her father, Aristotle was born in Smyrna where my Grandmother's family came from. Many relatives were killed. The Bell Tower at Saint Fortini in New Smyran was paid for by Aristotle Onassis - the replica of the Saint Fortine Cahtedral in Smyrna before the great fire in 1922. There is history...Greek History!

There has been for a many years inheritance issues with Onassis family A complicated set up of trustees that I understand, was to prevent young Athina from being exploited. I beleive it was with the best of intentions this was set up and yet it is so easily can lawyers lose their way, if they are being paid.

Only about 2005 did I learn about the great fire in 1922 and that was by discovery one day..I knew of a big fire that destroyed important papers that were held at the officiees...genealogy records again..same old pattern repeats with the devils work involved...The oral tradition to continue family names is since the ancient times...My Grandmother told me Aristotle Onassis lived in Smyrna. My cousin has his name.

Being 'connected to Diana' was a spiritual connection. I felt an emphathic connection with Christina Onassis and her difficulties - being surrounded by so many people and yet, they did not bring her personal fulfillment. With all the money in the world would not have changed the sorrow that she felt inside.

Athina Livanos also died young. Athina her granddaughter has been given her grandmother's name so it is so she will never forget her roots and where she came from.

There are people who say Athina has no family of her own..actualy she has an extensive family who  have come from Greece..There is family around the world. The love poured out towards young Athina when her mother died was most natural because she had her mother stolen from her prematurely..

So much much has happened in history.

Just finding this video of the Athina Livanos Ship.

Near Redcar, Yorkshire. ENGLAND!

Coatham (1937)

VS of the tanker ship Athina Livanos laying on the beach after being washed up. People gather on the beach to look at the Greek ship.

PROVIDENCE....ATHINA SHIP BEING PLACED ON THE SANDS. This would have been the year after my mother had been Athens, Greece - Athena is named in Greece.

What decisions had taken place in England to the detriment of people?

In Yorkshipre The Archbishop of York proclaimed Constantine who Constantinople was named after 'Emperor'. Constantinople continued from Byzantine Greece.

Today Isanbul is named - Istan is in Spain.

There is a Greek family trait of blue hair, blue eye children and also dark hair dark eyes. Young Athina was referred to the' light haired one' in translation - inherited from Athina her grandmother.

Names have a reason and family connections not known.

One day I was told Aristotle sold the family cookie recipe and that is what reached my heart to show we are related...a recipe passed down....then I found an old photograph...


Anyway..sharing this with links to read more about the people Athina married. There isreason why the British refuse to return the Acropolis Marbles. The British colonised Smyrna, (Izmir) for the Crown? They know the crown is connected 'with Egypt too' - Crowns written in the Holy Bible. The decoration of wealth that sits on someone's head is nothing and has no value, if God is being ignored.

Is Kate Middleton by any chance related to Kennedy family?

Are the British still active in manipulating the laws?

Masses of people have been killed in wars...and yet, did anyone ever seek the right way God had planned long ago to bring peace between the nations...

Laws were made to prevent the crown returning to Greece.

With Athina Mary being named...There is a new ship sailing Mary 2. There is also another royal baby born named Athena...The names are chosen for a reason...Mary as a family name has been passed down the generations and not a name pulled out of a hat. We are all descendantsof our ancestors.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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