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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 16 August 2014

August 15th Name Day & Assumption Mary

Yesterday, commemorates the name day along with every woman named Maria, Marie, Mary Maryam - August the 15th. This is a very special day in the calendar. On this date the Virgin Mary was taken bodily up to heaven at the end of her earthly life. Together with the Lord, there is a partnership and individually, they serve humanity. They hear, being intercessors for prayer and through them granting blessings to people.

God the Father has ensured that Humanity is never without someone they can turn to in prayer. As easy as it is to pick up a telephone to speak is as easy as you pray and talk with Jesus and Mother Mary. Mutitudes of people ask for the intercession of prayer to Mary and miracles have taken place

The mystery of history is with validation. When people are calling out to the Virgin Mary in their struggle and to ask for prayer for the people , there is not a teaching for this as such. If anything over the time, though family lines of history, there is the retention of the Holy Mother hearing our prayer and being an intercessor for mankind

Being known as the Queen of Heaven is because Mary was taken up to heaven. Over time the Holy Mother has been making herself known to people. This might be personal revelation or to bring her message to the people. It will be with instruction accordingly at the time that the individuals will reveal their experiences

Every effort has been made for humanity to focus on the heavenly realms. For it is in heaven the Throne of the Father is found. As Mary was a special child in her own right, she was born after the Lord heard the prayer of her parents. A pious and yet barren mother was to become the mother of a child who was to be known as blessed,

.The parents of the Holy Mother Anna and Joachim had promised that their child would be for God's service and this is how the first born girls of the Levites were also chosen to belong to God for his service..It is the Levite Priesthood who are in charge of the Ark of the Covenant and where it is placed today is where it is meant to be.

In Ethiopia, it is showning that Saint Mary of zion is also connected with Ethiopia and the people. This had already happened in history long before when Moses married a lady from Ethiopia. 

In the pattern of history the Lord has always made sure that people from Afica are included in his plan. He has done so in His own way and in a way that cnanot be denied by everyone. In my own experience being brought into this world by a midwife from South Africa, 'Joy' welcomed me into this world. We remained friends throughout her life. 

God is not for one people and not for another. And when there are people who are born for humanity to help people return to the right way with the lord, they are not for oen people and not for another. 

Presently there are different books...different Holy Books and yet at the time these books when published would have been made available to everyone. The Virgin Marys message is love your children. Love unconditionally and with divine love, ask that they can be instruments to help the lord in His divine plan. Trust in the Lord and he will gude you.


We are many who are hurting in our world that praying is the most natural way to reach for help...and whily we are praying for healing, help, strength, courage, forgiveness, guidance and love - we can pray for other people too. We can pray for peace and healing in our bring and end to all the strife and hate, for all the misguided ways. The way forward in this would is with in our hearts and we have been given to most precious teachers.

In the divine plan, once we realise that the Lord is very precise in everything, we will discover what has been done to protect mankind. August is a month and also a title of an Emperor. With the HOly Mother being the feminine, She is the Augusta - she is the Empress and as long as titles have been taken they cannot be used by anyone else.

The May Queen is the title also Held by the Virgin Mary.

On 31st Mary this commemorates the Visitation of the Virgin Mary...and interestingly enough, Queen Elizabeth was crowned on the 2nd of June. I was born on the 1st of June...The detail of everything is already very carefully planned out in heaven and it is for you to discover the mystery of your life journey.

Our destiny was already planned before we were born.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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