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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Richard Chartres: Bruised Egos Surreptitously Ascend

Including again the Bishop of London's statement where he identified what is happening in relation to power and polticial power in our world - including the unholy wars. 

'An appauling blindness in terms of intergenerational ethics' (the concern is of a royal family who beleive they have divine right of kings - they are a fruitless branch. Instead of bringing forth the truth today- they have corrupted the laws and choose wizard wand waving instead.) 

'climate change is occuring of various kinds'

'We are facing a deterioration of conditions of which human beings live on this planet and in particular, there are some homelands that will become totally unhabitable - possibly within the lifetimes of our children. And so this is a very urgent thing - it is a world where we are afloat in one Ark and the message for the people in first class is, well you wont long be insulated from a leak in steerage - it affects us all'

'the problems in our world are political, they are not religous;

'Religion if it is not seriously undertaken can very easily fall prey to bruised egos to a phenomenon that is present in all religions, and that is that bruised egos surrepticiously reascend by making a god in their own image. This is very dangerous. Andof course this gets translated easily into political terms...

In all relgious traditions, the cure for that is to be spiritually evolved.

Surreptitiously - obtained, done, made, etc., by stealth; secret or unauthorized; clandestine: the stolen crown is with people being misled to a false sense of security. 

If the Bishop of London has children - they are grown up!

In giving credit to Richard Chartres, he is put in a position as a servant of God and it is his role to also assist in the saving of souls. Richard Chartres is Bishop of London and Dean as St. James Chapel situated at St. James Palace - the Sovereigns Official residence.

If there is anyone who is knowing what is happening behind the scenes, he would know however he would be divinely guided to know the truth too. In our world there are people who are all being guided to bring the lost sheep of Israel back to Jesus Christ - the Good Shepherd.

There is much speculation of their being two babies, one born of a surrogate. This is especially so when there were comments of people claiming to work in a hospital and yet, none of this can be seen as factual. The man speaking in the video knows what is happening behind the scenes. He was there as a witness to the baptism. He will have known the names used. 

There have been reprted two christening gowns....

As God is the all seeing and all knowing, the reminder is shown clearly that Christ the Pantrokrator is also seeing what is happening beihnd closed doors in secret ceremonies too. 

Something was odd about that Christening - the men who were to be Godfathers looked as if they had been crying. Overexcited Uncle Gary chose to take a bus trip around London instead of attending..Anyway, what is happening in our world has already been foretold. As it has been said in the ancient times, what has been written in the gospels will come to pass.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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