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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 22 August 2014

Caught on Camera -UK Police Breaking the Law

The laws for profit are illegal laws...

Police, Courts and Councils are Breaking the Law.

'They' are blatantly corupting the laws for gains.

'They' are corrupting the las to remain in positions of power and for gains. Police say the fines pay their wages...evidently an ungodly lot...earning money by creating suffering, hardship and fear.

Sharing the Daily Mail headlines - with article in the link

Speed camera cops caught on camera: Moment two officers trying to snap motorists - against the rules - in an unmarked car were confronted and shamed into slinking away

  • Two officers sat in unmarked car with speed camera pointing at road 
  • They were approached by two onlookers who filmed conversation 
  • Officers claimed they were visible because of high-visibility vests 
  • Pair drove off without warning into the road after exchange 
  • Strathclyde Safety Camera Partnership document states vehicles used for safety camera deployment must be clearly marked


The female officer is approached as they sit parked on a Glagsow street

The image is seen ith Deadline this meating deadlines...or to sya the end of rhe line it here no and no more of these criminal acts that are actually PROVING THE ANTICHRIST RULES.

The officers drove off in the unmarked Vauxhall after the conversation

The officers reportedly drove off in an unmarked Vauxhall.

Are they on commission...their keeness to fine people.

And the wars based on lies for the antichrist in this land!

Police 'serving and protecting the people' what a load of rubbish! For YEARS they have been shown to turn a blind eye to crime within the police force and they sit in silence refusing to work for justice, they lie in court and think they can sit back not knowing that when, those who are paid to protect the people, refuse to do so - they can eaislu become the enemy of the people too. And these are people in uniforms who quickly forget...

They run and hide when confronted with their crimes. The crimes they commit are very serious crimes againsrt humanity.  Good on the Daily Mail for writing this and warning people.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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