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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 11 August 2014

Channel Eurotunnel:England French Connection

(Channel Tunnel) came to my mind today (not the first time) and 'connection to France'. 'The plans of man were made long ago' - Trains - 'Railways and Roads are connected'. - 'Tour de France in England' - An Emperor in Europe on the other side of the water, would easily be ruling over these lands too.

Just looking to learn more 'Channel 4' and 'Channel 5' television channels are named. Are there also Channel 4 and Channel 5 rail/road ways named too? There are plans to spend billions more on railways. 

The roads and railways are big business today. The builder/owner is connecting an unknown amount of fines too. These roads and railways may have been built at one time to get people from A to B but what is there has always been another agenda too. The revenue of the Eurotunnel is not hidden. 

With York Minster in Yorkshire, England being where the Roman Emperor Constantine was proclaimed, it really is no suprise to see Prince William, Kate and Harry there at the start of the 'Tour de France' - after all they have shown France and York, in England to be connected. The Road is made.

Kate Middleton wearing Imperial Green that have stood out because of the syle and occassion. With a saying, red and green should never be seen except upon a Queen. Imperial green has been worn by an Empress Queen..Her choices of wearing McQueen in Imperial Green is not by accident.

The Queen of Scotland is being identified clearly too..

The opening of the roadway of France in Engalnd...Actually there is a new cycle track that has been built on this land - a cycle is a carriage and a carriageway subject to laws of the land. Thank's to Michelle Obama who appeared in my dream over a year ago to bring what was  happening to my attention.

So as Queen Elizabeth was crowned and wore also the Imperial Crown during her coronation, she has since had photographs taken in Scotland wearing the Imperial Green robe...for a reason. Was she wearing this with the emphasis that she will remain Empress Queen until she dies - she is actually Queen Mother and her children and grandchildren are part of her establishment.

Resplendent in green: The Queen in the robes of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle

One headline reads A true Monarch of the Glen

If I recall the diadem once belonged to the Empress of Russia., 'Photographer Julian Calder took his arresting photo, Queen of Scots, Sovereign of The Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of The Thistle and Chief of The Chiefs, for a book about some of the leading administrative figures in Britain in August 2010.'

On 'nature' land near where I live there is an interesting phenomenon taking place. There is a Holly Tree shaped as a Christmas Tree, next to to others. One looks like a holly bush and the other with long branches. There is also the odd growth of thistle with the lilac heads...

With Wiliam and Kate being invested by the Queen as Earl of Strathearn and Countess of Strathern, the Earl was the provincial ruler of Strathearn in medieval Scotland. No coincidence, for takeover too.

History has shown that there are different types of kings and official authorities in the land. There are the High Priests, Roman Emperor, King and Judges. The Princes are identified too. If the top is out of allignment with the most highest God, the structure of hierarchy in this world falls down. This has been shown in history when the Pharaoh refused to free the enslaved people at repeated request by Moses - the plagues came.

After the crucifixion of Jesus Christ an earthquake came. Warnings are given not to harm the anointed ones - warnings are given to the Kings and Queens - Emperor's and Empress Queens too. Biblical prophesy identifies  spiritual wickedness in the 'Principalities' and rulers of 'darkness this world...I am exhausted with the spiritual attacks and injury. There are people evoking demons to injure people. 

And in 70ad the Temple in Jeruslaem was destroyed.

In all the speculation about Mary Magdalene these years, it is likely because of the Da Vinci Code. Several books are written too. The Princess of France - Princess Sophia. Sophie Neveu  - New Sophia,

The Book Thief' - excellent movie named Sophie the actress, Your Majesty, who Windsor, Montreal (Mount Royal), and Canada are revealed. .Queen Elizabeth is Queen of Canada too. 

The French Connection is vitally important evidently.

The French Connection is also a clothing brand label. Some intereseting commercials were shown...The man who knows not what 'sequins' is. - a sequin is also a Venetian gold coin. Remember?

This is the woman of all women...

This commerical came to my attention at the time I was exposing global corruption and telling people that the wars are based on lies...The wars are not the way to peace. Many people willing kill and die for a King who has no regard for The Authority of The Almighty and His Imperial Sovereign Majesty.

There is also a label FCUK - French Connection UK and yet it might be sending anothr message - a mixed message. It is all about perception.. The French Connection has been mixed up.

In Gematria there is numerical value to words and using the calulator at FCUK brings up the same meaning in whatever way the four letters are arranged. What else equates to 219.

Simon, California, Buddha, Demons, Order, Miss, Castle, Leather, List, Bishop, Duke, Smash (etc)

There are others too....we could make a story up with this list. 

Simon Cowell comes to mind who owns homes in California. Buddha sees demons. Order - New World Order - Miss - Mademoiselle in France. Leather bound - Bible, why a Cow - HOLY COW. The Bishop of London has been written about in my articles has exposed lust of power and stating what was happening is dangerous.- their plans. Duke is revealed here and Smash - means to destroy. 

The next word listed is Albrecht - looking to see what relates to discover a long list of people including commanders of war. Then I saw this - Albrecht Roser, German master puppeteer
Who is the puppet master for THIS World Order?

In the Channel IslandsThe Queen is known informally as the 'Duke of Normandy', notwithstanding the fact she is a woman. The Channel Islands are the last remaining part of the former Duchy of Normandy to remain under the rule of the British monarch. Although the British monarchy apparently relinquished claims to continental Normandy and other French claims in 1259 (Treaty of Paris), the Channel Islands (except for Chausey under French sovereignty) remain Crown dependencies of the British Crown.

There are many 'Keep Calm' posters now including this.

The British monarchy thives with popularity not Sacred Majesty.

The French Connection in UK cannot be denied with being part French., We are a cosmopolitan land with many people of international origin.. At one time peole used to travel by foot, horse and cartt, car, now planes - people think nothing of using airplanes like a bus service. We are just an island. 

Diana, The Princess of Wales was to end her public life in Alma Tunnel France. The Queen was said tto have taken away her HRH status but she never took away the title Princess of Wales - a title that has not been used since. If a title is used by one person, it cannot be used by another.

My French Grandmother 'had issues with the English' - naivly not knowing why. There was something that I could not put my finger on. France was better - French clothes better, French food better.....and yet 'there was something much deeper, I never knew what'. She also said Diana was manipulative - but if anything the media have been manipulating people. One day looking through photographs, there were quite a few with Queen Elizabeth and Phillip in Malta...They all lived there for a few years and it is not known if they met or even knew eachother...Now that would be uncanny.

One of the Queen's titles is Duke of Lancaster. This is identifying the Plantagenet bloodline - from France. She is not hiding tis bloodline with her name. She is highlighting this bloodline. 

Intersting, the Plantagenets came from Chateau du Loire. My Grandmother lived in Chateu du Loire and still in this place is her little retirement home..What is most intresting - my French grandmother land is connected with the bloodline that are chosen the anointed King,, My Greek grandmother homeland is connected with the Revelation churches and crowns - Asia Minor now known as Turkey. . 

The birth certificate is a legal document and on the registration was used to give legal name 'and document a status of baby George and also the'occupations' of William and Kate Middleton. This document was used to declare themselves the Prince of the United Kingdom and Princess of the United Kingdom' A Prince is a monarch...the road map is already laid down and named too. The roads are carriageways that the users are subect to laws and fines. The royals ignore Royal Law.

With the legal register of birth certificates and also the census records, the tax records too - there are also marriage certificates all recorded, all providing evidence to trace anyone's genealogy. The British royal family have traced their lineage maternally and paternally because the Matrernal line is most important too. The Spiritual Key - Princess of Egypt holds the Ankh known as the Key of Life and this is connected with Scotland. Sotland was named after the Princess of Egypt.

They have claimed that the Crown Jewels would be a sufficient payment for the death of the Earl of Warwick

  •  French demand the crown jewels as compensation. The city of Angers in Loire Valley provided some of the greatest monarchs in British history. When Edward Plantagenet was murdered in Tower of London in 1499 house's legitimate male line came to an end

  • Back in 2012, there was an article with Angiers demanding the crown jewells as compensation. This was totally unrelated to my situation. People were laughing and not taking this seriously. And yet it is said that the crown belongs to the Platagenet bloodline...(perhaps Kate Middleton is from this bloodline - do not think for one minute she is just a commoner who married into the royal family) 

  • Madonna naming her MDNA tour was not by accident.

    This was not a deliberate search to discover truth. Long before I was born an injustice had been done to the people 'in Greece'. The Acropolis Marbles were stolen. Decisions were made to go against God and in some way He will Correct the evil taking place. As the the war mongers have been in Middle East, Jesus Christ has visited England wearing crowns to show He is King of this land. 

    The Queen knows one day Jesus Christ is going to return and take back His Kingdom. She will have had clear guidance and instruction too - if she is being divinely guided by him in truth. What has been revealed to me is precise. One of my dreams has shown that Charles will be obediant to his mother and if she instructs him to do something in an official capacity he will follow this through.

    Diana, Queen Elizabeth (a few times), Phillip, Charles and Eugenie  have all appeared in my dreams. One time in a royal house the 'children' were playing around, pillow fighting in the lounge - I was visiting the Queen.. Even Kate Middleton has been seen in dreams. One time pretending to pray in a mosque for a PR shoot to influence theMuslims - another being at a gathering, a man said 'she is nothing more than a fashion model'. Then the last dream she was in my home talking getting a breast enlargement and I told her not to. That was an odd dream. This is my truth shared openly..    

    It is quite possible that Kate Middleton is born from the Plantagent bloodline and Diana too. This would make both Diana and Kate Middleton related - the ring would bind the two together too. This would also explain how William and Kate are also related to eachother and so related many other people too.

    One of the lessons we learn in life is sibling rivalry. I have had it in my life being the eldest - not my choice and yet the second born in our family have had the easier life...much easier life. They really do not have any idea if we are placed in a role of challenge. Kate is the eldest child too. 

    The name Middleton is a thorn in my side because my father married a woman who changed her name by deed poll before and 'in hiding, now Middleton. She has been blatantly perverting the laws and court adminstration with perjury and fraud - internationally. I have endured over a decade of injustice while also masses of innocents are being killed in the illegal wars - this will not continue forever.

    Kate Middleton was chosen 'before she was married' to keep a corporate empire going....Already long before the establishment set up a structure that makes the laws and controls the land and resources. What is lost - THE LAW - This is not completely ignored with Jubilee celebrations.

    So the French and English connection is already established. The movie industry and entertainment world have been revealing somethng else. Giving something for people to think about.

    In the ending of the Da Vinci Code, 'Robert Langdon' returns to Paris, identifies the bloodline and roseline. He looks down into the Louvre Museum entrance - a tomb is shown 'she rests' - the Louvre Museum was built as a Royal Palace and the Pyrmaids outside show the connection to Egypt. At night the large pyramid is seen illuminated for a reason. This is providence.

    With being told my life was in danger in 1990? by people in England involved in Black Magic - the timing of this was with great storms and apparently at a few days of darkness too. 

    This image was given to me in Spain when visiting someone who was referred to as The Great Man. He knew 'everythng about me.and my life' He told me 'many are selected few are chosen'.  His wife who travelled to Paris in France gave me the picture. He stated 'This is connected with you'....

    The lady in the portrait wears Imperial purple and Gold. 

    Hotel Paris Saint Honore writes :The Musée du Louvre originally a royal palace is one of the world’s largest museums, and a historic monument. It’ is the national museum of France. It is situated in the capital city of Paris in the 1st arrondissement. The history of the Louvre started as early as year 1190, when king Filip-II built a fortress on the site to protect Paris from Viking raiders.

    The glass pyramid is the entrance to the Louvre Museum which houses proof of history and mysteries too. Notice other smaller glass pyramids too. At night this is not hidden or in daytime.

    Living in Greece at 16, to and fro from Church, I noticed elderly people often do the sign of the cross when seeing me face to face. The elderly family were often talking together too....One day being worried something bad would happen I asked My Greek Grandmother who said 'this is because you are the image of the ancient Princess'...'the goddess'...'Her picture is famous'.

    My Greek Grandmother a devout orthodox said 'Your destiny is written in the stars' - She also said that I must return to England.  (If the British refuse to return the Acropollis Marbles. then the lineage of who knows their meaning is going to be born in Engand -The seat of God's goverment on earth).

    The spiders web of legal corruption and illness has prevented me to fulfill humanitarian dreams and move elsewhere. If anything being stuck in this location is with frustration = one day I realised the whole of UK is mapped out on this land...and Moses Gate Country Park, connects with the Holy Land. Did Jesus say 'On this Rock I will build my church? Rock Hall is named in this location....

    The young woman  above, it is written was part of a Greek entourage in Egypt - The colour purple was worn by the Imperal household in the Roman era...on her head is seen just a small golden ball.

    'The Colour Purple' is a film title that starred Oprah Winfrey - Nothing is by accident...Nothing is coincidence. We can discover truth in so many different ways. We must keep searching. Is it not said 'keep searching and then the truth will set you free'. One day my soul will fly free, without sorrow..

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    Peace be with you
    Pauline Maria
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