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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Delilah Samson & Jesus Long Hair: Nazarites

Did you ever consider the connections - Long Hair.

There are men in history with beards - they became known and the bearded ones. 

In the most simple way we can discover truths. We can also learn information that might be relevant at a later time.  In some way everything connects together.

Being guided to find Delilah connected with my name 'Pauline', according to a website that reveals our Hebrew name. Then remembering the song Delilah.

The name has come forth for a reason to understand today.

Delilah (/dɪˈllə/Hebrewדלילה‎ Dəlilah, meaning "[She who] weakened") is a character in the Hebrew bible Book of Judges, where she is the "woman in the valley of Sorek" whom Samsonloved, and who was his downfall. Her figure, one of several dangerous temptresses in the Hebrew bible, has become emblematic: "Samson loved Delilah, she betrayed him, and, what is worse, she did it for money," Madlyn Kahr begins her study of the Delilah motif in European painting.The story of Samson in Judges 13-16 portrays a man who was given great strength by God but who ultimately loses his strength when Delilah allows the Philistines to shave his hair during his slumber (Judges 16:19). Samson was born into an Israelite family, the son of Manoah andhis wife who is never named. Both are visited by the Angel of the Lord and told that their child will be a Nazirite from birth. (read more in the link below)

So from Birth The Angel of the Lord told the parents that the child will be a Nazarite from Birth. 

'In the Hebrew Bible, a nazirite or nazarite, (in Hebrew: נזיר, nazir), refers to one who voluntarily took a vow described in Numbers 6:1-21 "Nazarite" comes from the Hebrew word nazir meaning "consecrated" or "separated". This vow required the man or woman to:
  • Abstain from wine, wine vinegar, grapes, raisins, intoxicating liquors,vinegar distilled from such substances, and eating or drinking any substance that contains any trace of grapes.
  • Refrain from cutting the hair on one's head; but to allow the locks of the head's hair to grow.
  • Not to become ritually impure by contact with corpses or graves, even those of family members.

The knowlege of this will be known right at the very top and so, imagine, the effort made to ensure that the child/adult will never attain this requirement....

Cutting hair is trendy - yes? Actually if women knew that their long hair is not only a protection over their head but also carries DNA - imagine if someone got a strand and used this to the or woman's hair.

The Omen movie shows the search for the baby 'Nazarine' - 

The Nazarite and Nazarine are connected and most specifically it is identified Nazir meaning consecreted or seprated for the service of the Lord. So what is shown by the above, in my case, I  am ritually impure. This is especially because I came  into contact with my mother's corpse...I wanted to see evidence 'if she had been killed' as I was told.

The abstaining of wine is with the reminder of Wine that is pure and consecrated and that which is not. Staying with Christ he did identify the diffference and would not have instructed people to drink wine in remembance without this having very important significance...and there are many different layers to understand.

History has shown that blood has been mixed with wine...There are people actually drinking blood too. 

Grapes being grown on land that has known bloodshed, would be considered impure grapes. 

One of the stories about Dracula indicates that the blood of the people killed was stored in the wine cellar

There is a wine named  Casillero del Diablo - Cellar of the Devil

Cutting hair..cutting strength - removing identification of the Naxarite...

When laws are made not only are they made for a reason, When God GAVE HIS Laws, they were made to protect the people in the future....Some of the Prophesies given thousands of years ago were for these times.

A nazirite can groom his hair with his hand or scratch his head and needn’t be concerned if some hair falls out. However a nazirite cannot comb his hair since it is a near certainty to pull out some hair.  In the event this would take place and someone was able to take this, Hair is being used in Black Magic to the detriment of people even to cause death. Hair contains DNA!

It is written 'The nazirite (except for a Samson-like nazirite as stated above) may not become ritually impure by proximity to a dead body. Causes include being under the same roof as a corpse. However a nazirite can contract other kinds of ritual impurity. A nazirite that finds an unburied corpse is obligated to bury it, even though he will become defiled in the process'

It is written: If a nazirite fails in fulfilling these three obligations there may be consequences. All or part of the person's time as a nazirite may need to be repeated. Furthermore, the person may be obligated to bring sacrifices. Whether a nazirite has to repeat time as a nazirite depends on what part of the nazirite vow was transgressed. A nazirite who becomes defiled by a corpse is obligated to start the entire nazirite period over again. In the Mishna, Queen Helena vowed to be a nazirite for seven years, but became defiled near the end of each of two of her first nazirite periods, forcing her to twice start over. She was a nazirite for a total of 21 years'

' The advocation of the ritual consumption of wine as part of the Passover, the tevilah in Mark 14:22–25 indicated he (Jesus) kept this aspect of the nazirite vow when Jesus said, "Verily I say unto you, I will drink no more of the fruit of the vine, until that day that I drink it new in the kingdom of God." 

Already Jesus knew the wine would become contaminated. However, with people being told to pray in history with food and drink would be to ask to purify the food they are eating..For people to also know and be made alert when food is contaminated and to avoid this (My understanding)

RASTAFARI The tradition of the nazirite vow has had a significant influence on the modern Rastafari Movement, and elements of the vow have been adopted as part of this religion. In describing the obligations of their religion, Rastafari make reference to the nazirite vow taken by Samson. Part of this vow, as adopted by the Rastafari, is to avoid the cutting of one's hair.

Count Vlad, in the 2013 movie showed he renounced his vow to God after his wife was murdered by the people who were supposed to protect her and the Kingdom unti he returned....Count Vlad also had long hair. 

Is there another story being revealed...

According to the story, the Kingdom was left in charge of the Princess...also it was shown in the movie that the necklace placed around her neck was an heirloom of King Solomon and Queen of Sheba -Sheba being from Ethiopia.

The return of Jesus Christ has been anticipated too.

So how do we know about the Nazarite to God? 

6. And the woman came and said to her husband, saying, "A man of God came to me, and his appearance was like the appearance of an angel of God, very awesome; and I did not ask him from where he was and his name he did not tell me.
7. And he said to me, 'Behold, you shall conceive and bear a son; and now do not drink wine and strong drink, and do not eat any unclean (thing), for a nazirite to God shall the lad be, from the womb until the day of his death.' Judges 13:6-7

The identification is by appearance of an angel of God. 
When the angel appeared to the Virgin Mary......

In reading more in the Wikipedia link - quick access to focus topic information, Paul had cut off his hair because of the Nazarite Vow he had taken....Acts 18:18 

UseGoogle search engine to identify specific scriptures.

Acts 24:5-18 indicates that Paul was the "ringleader of the sect of the Nazarenes", - so Saint Paul is propelled to continue the knowledge of Jesus Christ, who is the Living Lord, with the reminder that we are all given authority of the Father - through Jesus Christ - to know a Loving God.

Taking a vow to be a nazarite also 'required them to live a devout life, yet in return they received extraordinary gifts: Samson possessed strength and ability in physical battle, while Samuel was a prophet.'  

Reading more 'A father, but not a mother, can declare his son, but not his daughter, a nazirite. However the child or any close family member has a right to refuse this status

My Greek grandmother had in the house bottles of liqueurs as people give these as gifts...BUT in all her life she NEVER drank any wine or alcohol never touched her lips.. She was devout and her prayers were several times a day in her bedroom 'exactly as instructed in ancient times'

It was through Yiayia and time living in Greece, particularly in the summer house that I was able to comprehend the simplicity of the ancients and maintaining traditional ways. One time wearing a dark pink nail varnish..they would not let me in the church. These little details never forgotten in a church that remained Holy to the Lord though the generations because He willed this to be.

With the temple not being restored...this does not mean that the practice to cut hair off is not being done in different ways that bring a reminder of history. One time about 6 years old, my brother took the scissors and cut off my long pony tail off at the root...short hair for me too. Later at 16 when in Greece my aunt forced me to have my hair cut...'because it was fashionable'. Her fixation on cutting my hair was 'uncomfortable' Everything has a reason, even a reason from influence.

The people who have maintained the ancient traditions, have done so for a reason and with this, remembering the ancient times...we come to remember that actually everything that happened in history happened because of a consequence of something too..The good and the bad. 

Not all wine is made out of grapes...One of the favourite wines made is elderberry wine made by Joy who brought me into this world...we picked the elderberries together one time.

'According to traditional Rabbinic interpretation, there is no prohibition for the nazirite to drink alcoholic beverages not derived from grapes.'

According to less-traditional Rabbinic interpretation, a Nazirite is forbidden to consume any alcohol, and vinegar from such alcohol, regardless of its source.The laws of wine or grapes mixing in other food is similar to other dietary laws that apply to all Jews.

Vinegar by it's smell alone is repulsive to me...

So being far from perfect and discovering the breaking of the also with being honest with myself too, knowing my faults, sins and also painful life experiences. And yet as shown in other articles, the Lord reveals himself to sinners - not for our glory, but to remind people that we can turn around from the wrong way and to walk in faith in truth in the Lord. 

The Prince of this World has no power over the Lord. 

The Lord is revealing himself to Sinners and also the Holy Ones - most likely to prepare people for his return. For His presence on this earth being known, all that exists 'as power' on earth diminishes accordingly...Power was not given to man to rule over God and destroy his laws. A disobedient and rebellious generation is why masses of people are hurt and lost, suffering because of the structure and falling. A price when people have hunger for power and no regard for life.

Deliah was selfish in the ancient times. So there is a lesson we are given to know and understand, in this time, becoming selfless. To Trust in the Lord in all His Works. All the wrongs that are done will be corrected in the way that He has already written for the good of all mankind.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria


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