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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Democracy - Dreams and Visions - Prophesy

There are people in our land who are dutifully obediant to a structure that exists today. People who bow down and show respect to the royals. People who are willing to die for their Queen and country. What if the Queen did not care about people? Just a thought.

In my ranting and raving - this morning I woke thinking 'why there is no democracy in this land'. Then thinking about the comments people make - really cruel comments 'get rid of foreigners' and people have actually said to drop bombs on other lands. What if there are influences listening to this. What if the government is taking notice of the people. 

Actually the wars are political - controlling land and rescourses - and anyone who is controlling lands has some control over people. As is the downside of a self appointed rulers..

Then today I was thinking 'all the HolyLaws have been broken' - What if this has been done deliberately to force the hand of God? The people right at the very top know, 

God has acted sererly with his wrath in history. He has promised not to again. The LAST seven biblical plagues are foretold - Ebola is one. The return to the authority of God over this entire earth can only be with someone who is chosen by him. The rejection of the prophets - has been with kiling them too. The difference is Jesus is not dead - He is ressurrected alive.

The sabbotage of the Holy Laws is in the divine plan. This is being done by a man. The lawless one who has not been given authority by God and perhaps this is why people are making their own rules - doing their own thing. The son of perdition - meaning utter ruin. The seed of Satan - possibly a bloodline who have made pacts with Satan for power in history..

The danger is when people pretend to be chosen by God and they are not - they might use this as a justification to take possession of land by war and whatever means.  

During the wedding of William and Kate, the Bishop of London, Richard Chartres said very clearly 'Every Wedding should be a Royal Wedding' and he is right. His message as all are, was very profound and given for everyone to listen to very carefully.

In a time of crisis people have pulled together - in America after Hurricaine Katrina, people drove hundreds of miles with blankets and food to bring to the people - they were stopped at checkpoints and ordered to turn around.. People opened their homes and took in complete strangers - actually these strangers are family they had not known before.

In England I beleive if the people do not correct their attitudes from the top down...there are going to be some serious lessons to be learned - painful lessons. If people do not value life - whether their own family or complete strangers, they will be given reason to start to.

What has it taken in history for turn peoples hearts to God? Suffering! Suffering can come in any way - There are people who want to believe and cannot/. They cannot because the structure in society reads from the scriptures and might not be listening to the Holy Spirit in truth. If you want to know God - talk with him, Pray to Him, Seek to be guided in the right way.

Do not wish any harm or loss to anyone. Do not 'decide' to take action to kill anyone. Do not set out to sabbotage the destiny of anyone because Destiny is decided by God. . 

Visions have been shown of a flattened palace meaning it will be no if it was never there. Dreams have been shown England with great floods and also landslides. These have happened - hopefully they will not get worse as shown. There has been another dream vision of a great wave that was the next part of the dream the sun was shining.

There has been on television numerous documentaries about this huge tidal wave that will come as a reaction to the falling of rocks into the water. However, few people consider that the earth is reacting to what is happening over this earth. This earth was no given for  a family to own and control - it was given to the people to take care of and eachother.

A few months ago I had another dream vision experience, looking at myself with my hair piled up in a bun on my head...meditating. The land was barren - with new growth. Therewere no houses or buildings...It was 'as if' a new land...In the cycles of life, everything returns to a new begining. Of the promises made - one being new jerusalem - new City of Peace. There were no buildings...but the sense of peace was an experience at the time.

Mediation is a way to recieve divine revelation. If you are praying to God, with this focus on meditation, what God wants to reveal to you He will do so - in His way and His Time.

What I do know and have been told, if people focus on Christ now, he will lift people up to realise a higher consciousness. He will guide his people in truth. He will save souls.

Trusting God might not be easy...and yet after everything in life, all our suffering, hardship, all our pain and loss, all the devastion to this earth and the people - the hatred is hurt and yet in the minds of people who are ready to heal, they are more receptive to accept God. 

Jesus gave up everything, even his life - he did so in obediance to His Father. He did this so that humamity could live under the protection of God.  No one can take away anyone's birthright. People have been killed in the name  of Jesus. People have been killed because they reject self appointed Kings -There is no man who is an authority over God Almighty.
If anything these people might be lost sheep too.

'Forgive them for they know what they do' - We are told that Jesus uttered these words on the cross. The romans were carrying out orders of their overlords - they did not know any different. They could not see the consquences. They were not given the authority of God and the understanding of obediance to God, in truth or in perspective. As then and today, it is the rulers of lands who are accountable...The Judgement of God might even cause dread.

Today there are people arguing religious supremacy - God, the Father is not a religion. Jesus is not a religion either. The representatives of the Christian faith who send their children to war 'to conquest lands in his name' this is not how God works and it is not how Jesus showed to be The Way. There is a time for repentance and a time for healing too. Let it be!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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