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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Enoch Powell Rivers Of Blood Prophesy

There is typical mindset in Britain, conditioned by the establishment and that is to reject foreigners. The poltiical speeches have justified laws to gain and maintain positons of power over the people, There is a prophesy made about a black man being in a postion of power in 20 years time. And there is a revealing of a mindset in Britain what were absolutely against foreigners....this influence came from the top.

The speech maker might not be the speech writer..Much of this speech was not publcided and so we never find out everything...however at the end we learn of the most important declaration by a very ancious Enoch Powell... Do you know there are people in positions of power who are scared to speak the truth?

The carefully written script delivered by Enoch Powell - evokes a reminder of Enoch, the biblical Prophet. He brought a very important message for the people. Enoch warned about the demons who are forbidden to mate with the daughters - The demons taught the men to make weapons of war.

The orator strates: - Powell ended in speech with a line from the Roman poet Virgil which summed up his deep sense of anxiety, IT IS ONE OF THE MOST MIQUOTED LINES IN BRITISH POLITICAL HISTORY'

'As I look ahead I am filled with forboding like the Romans I seem to see the River Tiber foaming with much blood.  I am filled with forboding I seem to see the River Tiber foaming with much blood. 

"It inflames people to look at realities instead of just guessing, that would be a good thing, but er, I ask this question, If a Member of Parliament in his own constituency in the place where he lives, sees certain to him real, growing and threatening dangers which are brought to his attention by his constintuents of EVERY RACE AND CLASS - IS HE TO BE SILENT? IS HE TO SAY NOTHING ABOUT IT? IS HE TO SUPPRESS THE FACTS? ...."'

Unfortunately the MPs have refused to address very serious concerns happening in this land and now in the wider world - that impact the global community. Any ssuppressing and ignoring real danger and threats to the people allows this to escalate...When any establishment is founded in Truth on the foundation of Christ, there are obligations to protect the people - ALL PEOPLE. By ignoring this and ignorning warnings and justified concerns that include human rights violations and crimes against jumaniity, of which injustice is one - this puts the people in danger from the perpetrators ot these crimes., And it is clearly identified 'in the latter inclusion of this closing of the speach, indicating this was Enoch Powells own words 'in this part, he makes it clear that the concern is to LISTEN TO ALL PEOPLE FROM WHATEVER RACE OR CLASS.

With officals saying ths land is ruled by dark forces - THIS IS NOW and it is. This has happened because officials have made laws to take away peoples power and empowered people who have not been given power or authority over people. That is where the blame falls on - the law makers and the master manipulator behind the scenes in history and the present time who knows what he is doing.

That foundation of any Government should be built on Christ and the crown wearer being a sincere servant of the Lord - the handmaiden chosen by Jesus Christ..This is the role Queen Elizabeth holds.

Since what should have been returning this land to the reestablishment of the Holy Laws that have been given before - there has been wars and as history has shown rivers of blood. There is also now a black President of America and this is a sign of the times...Martin Luther King was A TRUTH do not assume becasue peole are of a different colour skin that they are bad people...

Do not assume the person sitting in the lofty position is the they have advisors and do what they are told too...If the entire hierarchy in our world is defying God - mankind suffers...and presently people are being distracted from God and also having their rights and FREE WILL defied to look to God as their authority..the Royals do not save souls..Who is really behind the masterplan of wars?

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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