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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 15 August 2014

Eyes Wide Shut - The Movie - The Message

'An eerie sountrack, diffused lighting and dreamlike sets provide an intense and mesmerizing atmosphere in Kubricks last film, finishing the final edit five days before his death.

Secret Oaths and Secret Societies....what JF Kennedy was talking about - the message is what stays in secret behind closed doors must never be spoken about. When oaths are broken, it might mean death to the person who has broken their oath - so no one speaks out.

Fear is what keeps a structure together - fear and conformity. People work in the light and darkness side by side...everyone knows, no one dare say anything.  

A great many people say they have decoded the Da Vinci Code and also this film...Have they? If they have not arrived to the truth of what is important to know - their efforts have been lost. And not having time to sit and study Eyes Wide Shut or the Characters - it is difficult. 

Tom Cruise Stars as Dr. Bill Harford and his wife in real life Nicole Kidman as Alice. So is this revealing William and Alice in wonderland story - with a different script. Victor Ziegler (Sydney Pollack).- brought to mind hearing the name 'Zig Ziglar only to discover Zig Zig productions and now there is an interesting discovery just from seeing a name.

'Eyes Wide Shut is a 1999 American erotic thriller film loosely based upon Arthur Schnitzler's 1926 novella Dream Story The story, set in and around New York City, follows the sexually charged adventures of Dr. Bill Harford, who is shocked when his wife, Alice, reveals that she had contemplated an affair a year earlier. He embarks on a night-long adventure, during which he infiltrates a massive maskedorgy of an unnamed secret society.Kubrick obtained the filming rights for Dream Story in the 1960s, considering it a perfect novel to adapt on a film about sexual relations.' 

Just after Christmas 'Eyes Wide Shut' came to mind to watch the film. Finding a really poor quality version online came with needing the access to the computer to research locations to learn more. Being far too tired out to do this...Still I want to share a few elements of the film here.

Just identifying a few key points that stood out.

A code name was passed across the table - Fidelio

Fidelio Opera: Bouilly's scenario fits Beethoven's aesthetic and political outlook: a story of personal sacrifice, heroism and eventual triumph (the usual topics of Beethoven's "middle period") with its underlying struggle for liberty and justice mirroring contemporary political movements in Europe.

All movies are filled with symbolism and many differnet messages. There is perspective too....Did Stanley Kubrick know something that needed to be revealed? It is shown with un related events, connections are revealed, in names of people and places. The discovery of a truth is revealed too. And it was in looking for deeper understanding - layers truth could be discovered.

Finding this photograph - someone outlined two faces - the title was Stanley Kubrick Whitewashed the Illluminati....Actually traditionally the Iluminati has meant the enlightened ones and in this scene there is a Christmas tree, a white winged figure and white stairway that could symbolise the stairway to heaven...Two men are going to the upper floor...while downstairs men are sitting on the ground floor.

Symbolically this is showing Tom in the role of the High Way.

This isa costume shop and caught my eye not because of the obvious rainbow but because during filming the dummies (maniquins) at the top were changing places. Again Tom goes up the stairs and over the rainbow....what is the message of the song...Somewhere over the rainbow.

According to comments - this is an Orthodox liturgy in Romanian, played backwards. The throne seen in this film with a crown over - the person sitting on the throne wears red, To each side are shown peoplewearing purple. The Prince of Romania was Count Dracula  -who would have had advisors from the church. 

The Master of Ceremonies conducts services. Red is symbolising blood - somone is killed in this film to show a 'blood sacrifice ritual) Also what is seen is that someone's life was saved because of this..The lady had warned of the danger Dr. Bill (Tom) was in and had also willingly swappd places.T 

Only one in the circle of women, is wearing the black feather headdress - choosing Tom Cruise. The emphasis of this woman is the headdress (crown) Snow white has depicted black birds with evil witch Queen  Also with the 'kiss' - Santa Maria Kiss Nightclub burning down comes to mind - This was a holocaust.

Historically certain European royal courts maintained senior offices known as Masters of Ceremonies responsible for conducting stately ceremonies such as coronations..These included the British Empire, France, Japan. Russian Empire and Ottoman Empire. (read previous paragraph)

In the latest Dracula film, it was showm the Kingdom was left in the care of  his wife, when his Knights killed her when he went to fight. - this pain caused him to turn away from God..His wife being a Princess is revealed tobe a desendant of King Solomon and Queen of Sheba in one version, Princess of Izmir in another. Izmir is in historically Asia Minor - the Roman Province of Asia. The Crown of Asia is connected with Israel.

What is seen, a man on the throne and his 'innercircle' .A private royal circle...There are people around upstairs and down...observing what is happening - royal observers and this will include people who are close to the establishment this is connected with...(The throne identifies royal circle)

The person playing the keyboard has their eyes blindfolded....not looking what is happening,  facing away from what is going on and playing a very sombre melody 'backwards' - the women can all be seen wearing 'royal blue' and also masks in this ritual circle.  

At THE STAGED ritual in 1999 did a coronation like this take place> (the year I was injured and suffered since even with three homeless theats around the same time) In the Game of Thrones, sexual liberation is shown and orgies too. In reality, the British David Cameron asked the House of Lords to change Royal Succession law for a lesbian Queen and for a baby born by a sperm donor. Any babies born from these rituals might be by a selected sperm doner - with the baby  promised to dark forces. The officials know what happens behind any castle doors. 

What would the Dowager Countess say? Kubrick filmed the orgy scene in Eyes Wide Shut at Highclere Castle - also the setting for television's Downton Abbey

The Daily Mail identified some scene settings from the 1999 film.' What would the Dowager Countess say? Kubrick filmed the orgy scene in Eyes Wide Shut at Highclere Castle - also the setting for television's Downton Abbey  - ( you may like to research about Highclere Castle, titles and family bloodlines. This has been revealed in this home for a reason..

Worship Street in London EC2 was another scene

TOM CRUISE IS THE OBSERVER..and he is the story teller too, as if he is experiencing this and knowing what is going on. - Tom Cruise is a Scientologist. He has a very fast active mind and very perceptive too. Hollywood Royalty do not just take any film - they are selective.

The headline reads -LUCKY TO BE ALIVE...the maker of the film Stanley Kubrick died. The risk to expose a truth is with people wanting to keep the truth hidden. And yet nothingis hidden, even in the Holy Scriptures it is written about belonging to the Synagogue of Satan.

In this scene on spiritual purple pillows, the wife then in real life, Nicole Kidman has on the pillow the mask her husband wore at the ritual. This is showing #if we reverse this' that both husband and wife know what has gone on in this ritual and sexual orgy. Were they both there?

The film is with truth revealed in  detail. If one queen dies another can take her place. Are the headlines truth - People are being killed. The above is from Eyes Wide Shut.

A Queen of Romania/Queen of the Roman Empire?.

At one point of the film there is a gateway entrance. On the posts there an Orb and next to this a camera...The gate is painted Royal Blue..the house is named SOMERTON.  The orb is connected with the Imperial Orb - the world. Royal blue is self explanatory. 

Film Location; 'Somerton' the Long Island Mansion: Mentmore House is in Buckinghamshire. (Somerton and Buckinghamshire House are connected in real life) The Royal Suite of the Lanesborough SW1 was the scene of the pool table and edgy conversation (With the film exposing nakedness - (Prince Harry was exposed naked with a girl also naked in Las Vegas from playing a pool  came...Royal exposure)

. .
There is Somerset Road in Bolton, England and also Somerton Road 'estate'.  Bolton is also identified in New York with the Boltons being in Kensington - the borough of Kensington Palace. In New York. Duchess County is named. Prince Charles wife Camilla is the Duchess of Cornwall and has been given an honorary law degree. She holds a Royal title with Corwnall being one of the Royal Duchies in England - the other being Lancaster The elephant is significant to Bolton (and may be connected to Asia)

Prince Charles and Camilla know what goes on...As the Queen invested her husband as Duke of Edinburgh, Charles would automatically do the smae for his wife. If Diana was alive her titles would also be alive because the Queen did not take these away. She only removed the HRH status.

With Charles being crowned The Prince of Wales in an ancient kingdom of Wales, he has property interest also in Romania - recalling also reading that he is related to Count Vlad the Impaler. As the title the Prince of Wales evolved from King of the Britons. Noticing in Wales Beulah is named and Beulah land identified in theHoly Bible relates to the Holy Land (That should be globally)

The Rothschilds are a banking family. Somone has to be or there is no currency to trade with...we have not progressed to livein an Eutopian world. Not Yet anyway.

A previous article shows that there are rituals taking place and black magic is now being used to kill people although there are films including the Omen that have been showing this for years.

This film is showing everyone that nothing is hidden and people can be tested. Government officials know and they must decide who they are loyal to. Not everyone serves the light.. A few years ago the police have been given manuals about witchcraft......they are being made aware of what is going on. Or are they given these to learn about Protection. Most certainly 'it is the season of wickedness now.

The showing of Madonna and other women this acting...or is this real? What they trying to tell the people in their message? What is happening in our world now?

In Eyes Wide Shut the throne is in the Rothschild Home..Rothschild control money and so they aslo control the world to some degree...The Rothschildsare connected with Israel,

Here is reportedly Isreal Supreme Court.

The Royal Court of Justice in London is connected to the Crown Royal. The Supreme Court of Justice is connected with the Supreme Being - The 'New World Order' can be seen both as enslaving the world, or freeing the Israelites from being enslaved by wicked rulers on this earth. There is in London a new Supreme Court that has been in the news and it really is hard to tell who is in the light and not,

The film has shown how coronations have also taken place...there have been secret crowning ceremonies taking place in history. Queen Elizabeth and Charles were both crowned in televised ceremonies in very specific locations. It is unknown if secret ceremonies have taken place behind castle tower/palace doors 'of any kind. What is that God really is the all seeing and knowing. Everyone makes their own choices and no one has permission to harm anyone, cause loss,destitution or death to anyone...but these are the Holy Laws that are completely disregardedi in England - said with a very heavy heart.

What will be will be...the Holy Scriptures will reveal.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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