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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Freeman 2013 Ancient Magic Atlantis Illuminati

Came across this video of a conference to share. It provides many interesting insights that explain some of the terrible abuses that has gone on in our world, even killing in the name of God.

Interesting declation from Barack Obama during a speach is worth learning more about...mythological or not, there is a reason for everything.

In the lust for power, there has been shown people who have tried to claim divine right to rule. How this is done includes today ruling over lands and people by deception.

What esists today has been established from yesterday. And what will be tomorrow will evolve from what exists today...If someone is not evolved is leading in our world today, we will not see people evolve to be enlightened who is in the pecking order in this earthly hierarchy.

There are people in our world who are actively involved in magic of the lower order. This being rituals and evokations that is selfish and even dangerous because harming people is a game to some people. Years ago I was told if anyone uses black magic to kill someone it can backfire 100 fold.

High magic is identified to be conneoted with angels and yet, the understanding I know is prayer being the way to ommunicate with God and when asking for help, God then sends His angels accordingly. As we have all been assigned a guardian angel, we can talk to our guardian angel accordingly.

It is evident in this global society that there are people who have evolved to attain spiritual enlightenment who are guided in truth from the heavenly realms. Then in the structure of socieit there are people who want powers so that they can rule over the people in the taking possession of the world.

The search for the Holy Grail is in one aspect for financial value, the lust for some mystical property, including there are people who beleive this has magical powers.

There are people who want to know all about alchemy - many minds beleive that if they can master this they can create gold..but they look to a materialistic value of someting, instead of seeking spiritual truths, The mind of man who lust for power and wealth might miss the train to gain what is most important.

The illuminati came together as an elightenment era society - were founded on proposals to oppose superstition, prejudice, religous influence of their public life, the abuse of state power, to support women's edication amd gender equality. That was the message of the illuminati.

The Jesuits are formerly known as the society of Jesus - is the largest single order of the Catholic Church. Explained how this came about, the Virgin Mary is the Patroness of the Society of Jesus. They were known as the company of Jesus or God's marines. 

Ignatius said 'We may not all be altogether of the same mind and in conformity with the church herself, if she happened to find anything to be black, which appears to be white, we are (not clear) prounouce it black, for we must undoubtedly beleive that the Spirit of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Spirit of the Orthodox Church is governed by the same direction.

'So they would follow The Pope without any question'

More interesting detail - when Pope Benedict XVI resigned the dome of St Peters was struck twice by lighting...and then Freeman explains, Benedict released a dove, the bird of peace, that was struck down by a bird of prey............the example of spiritual battles are shown, even if people laugh.

Pope Benedict evidetnly let the spirit of peace to fly free and the bird of pray was not going to allow this to happen. The dove is also symbolic of the Holy Spirit - the evil one does not want people to know the truth.

Pope Francis is a Jesuit. The first Jesuit Pope. According to the prophesies of Malarchy he is to be the last Pope before the bringing in of the Antichrist.

'The Bible says the Antichrist will come from the abyss - from the deepest parts of hell. The abyss is expressed through magic as the kliphot, the kliphot power, or the fallen angel Samael, beelzebub (unclear) ...we have Samael, lilleth - all the different fallen angels 'and their titles' are considered to exist in this abyss. And this will be the very forces that these sorcerers are trying to invoke.'

A documentary well worth listening and learning from...not encouraging anyone to follow the da and destructive path because there is unseen evil - unseen danger and no protection without God. We cannot serve two masters. People who evoke evil to harm people cannot expect to be getting away with what they have done...Karma has a way to return one way or another.

One final thought to share on this...the trauma based mind control that is spoken about. This can put people in a position where they can be controlled afterwards and yet something else to consider,  in any trauma people can also remember very clearly what happend.  there are experiences of heightened sensory awareness, this might be clear too. 

Children who have suffered with Satanic Ritual Abuse, are recalling signifcant details of what happened in that experience - what they saw and remember is valid. While for a very long time Satanic Ritual abuse and who is involved has been silenced, the silence is now broken. People are speaking out and identifying names. There is nowhere to run and hide any more. 

The awareness of evil is in front of your eyes... and yet there are also people who are instrumental in bringing evil to our awareness. If you see a drink that has some evil name - how about taking a good look at the contents on the label. How about looking at the contents on all lablels of what 
you are buying and consuming in this time - what you are giving children too.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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