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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 18 August 2014

How to Know the Lord's Message::Holy Bible

Before asking the Lord to show me what he wants me to know today - I had in my hands the Holy Bible given to me by my Holy Catholic great aunt, who has served Christ in Paris during her lifestime. She gave me this Holy Bible as a gift when I was in my 20's not having an English Version.

My great aunt Marie Juan and her sister Irene, serve in the Benedictine Order. Irene has lived her life in a Monastery in the South of France. Prayer and contemplation, meditation and the dreams and visions, are all part of the same process. Ask and you shall be given 'the answers you requre at the time'

On one side of the family the women have chosen to study the Holy Scriptures and pray, while on my mother's side of the family the woman have been spiritual - myself, my mother and grandmother - being divinely guided in this way.I was told during our baptism we are given a gift, one of the Holy Mysteries. We are given the gift of the Holy Spirit so that we can always be connected to the Lord.

For the continuation of the faith and true church of the Lord, there needs to be truth maintained. And in a time when threre is prevelant in society so many fallen people, suffering, greed, selfishness, hatred, direTharding for human life and for the world we live in that was given to sustain life, the return of the Lord is to be a given expection. Whether ths be by the Prophets who restore the Holy Law, by whatever instruction they are given they delver unto the people. Or, as it seems to be, to prepare for the return of the Lord.

We re in times that indicate the Returnof the Lord will come and the reason for this is to be understood. With the deliberate breaking of the Holy Laws given to protect people - humanity has been placed in a very vulnerable position where by the decision of man, innocents are suffering injustice and war. Humanity is suffering because food and water has been poisoned. Humanity is suffering because people's minds and hearts are deliberately being turned away from the face of the Lord. There is no safety any more.

And when the church doors are closed - where to people go to pray? Most people might not realise that your body is a temple that wherever you are' in any time or circumstance you can pray. In any time and circumstance you can turn your heart to the Lord. You can ask for help, forgiveness, healing, direction, guidance and warning you of danger of circumstance and people - Protection too.

If you belong to the Lord and are not deviated from this, you will be strenghtnened in him. The physical body might not be strong - the stength of the Holy Spirit will bring you through whatever it is we must endure by the cause of the enemy of Christ who does not want to relinquish control

There was at one time over 1000 monasteries in this land. In those days England was a Holy Land of prayer. Then Henry VIII commanded they be dissovled...So where once would house thousands and thousands of people in prayer, today there are huge palacial homes being used for a family.

The return of the Holy Way is a that some people will learn the hard way. In England the poorest of people are suffering without knowing the reason why. The people are feeling the pressure, without knowing the reason why. They people are rejecting the people of faith who are brought too prayer - to pray for the people. The people are being turned away from the truth. The people are being enslaved.

The corrupting of the laws given by the Lord shows a mindset who do not understand the Laws and why they were given. In the end, when our life is over in this physical body - what happens next?

The teachers and ministers who do not give you the instruction - of the reason why not to take an oath, of the reason why we pray and are asked to pray, of the reason to be patient for the return of Jesus Christ - are also not instructing the reason why he is returning. Are his ministers helpers in sincere faith and heart, or are they people who are part of the cause of humanity losing their way...

So in this time, people who are not connected with the church are being inspired and visited by the Lord. And the people of true faith and instruction are not turning people against other people to go to war. The war is the Lord's He will destroy the enemy in His own way.  If the New Church is ignoring the ancient Church whowere given truths, and before Christ Moses and Aaron who were given the Law - then they cannot say they are the true church at all. There is ONE TREE ith many branches. The root of the tree is the same. And all the branches of the tree return to one source - the Creator of Mankind.

It really is quite amazing to think we have all been born from one family one man was formed out of earth and given life. From his rib a woman was formed - to show that the man and woman have the same original strands of DNA - we are not differnet species at all. The physical body is not the spiritual body.

The physical body is not who we really are...Our soul has become lost in this physical reality when our soul understands the spiritual realms. When the teacher is saying that the truth is wrong - people can easily become confused and from there seek another opinion. England choose to reject the truth.

The people who lack faith is not just by accident.

Small miracles sometimes help restore faith and it is when prayers are being said, heard and answered that small miracles are taking place every day. The little things in life can be as profound as the great. To a hungry child in Africa a bowl of rice might bring a smil. Life will be remembered because of the times of suffering and gratitude. The giver and taker of life is not always with remembering.

In different ways the Lord will reach to you, to communicate with you. And when you want to communicate with the Lord, you can talk with him, pray to him - meaning communicate with the divine being. You can as I sometimes do, hold onto the Holy Bible cupped in your hands, or between your palms - Ask, Lord what do you want me to know today? Lord what is the message you want to give to me?

Open the page of your Holy Bible and see where you fingers are placed. Your fingers might be holding the cover and supporing the pages within. Your thumbs are representing your head and the top of the thumb, the top of your head. This is where your crown chakra is situated. And it is with your crown chakra that the Lord is going to communicate with you and through you. He made the way open.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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