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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 11 August 2014

Is the Islamic Prpphet Muhammad Alive Today

There is a question that I have in my heart after praying to God to be guided in the right way to bring Peace between Muslims and Christians and then seeing Prophet Muhammad in my dream.

The Prophet Muhammad appears as if he is a live.

Is it possible, with ancient history with Jesus being ressurrected from dead to alive that Prophet Muhammad was ressurected too. I do not mean ot offend anyone or to build up false hopes. And the only reason for asking this is with having my dream experience. He looked so alive in this time.

The impression also I had was to tell Mulism to focus on the messenger and remember the true teaching of Islam - the people know what this is.

Today with all the different sects wanting power and battling against eachother - I was thinking, surely God could bring an end ot this by returning with the reappearance of Prophet Muhammad to his poeple. Then I was thinking something else....Is not the |Last Imam named Muhammad?

With Muslims saying taht Prophet Muhamad is the last messenger, there have surely been other people who are divinely guided and sharing this with other people in these 1500 years.

Time is going to reveal all and  the mysteries are not all revealed. It does not make sense why I would dream of someone who is dead, when they seem very much alive.

The only other person that I can think of this experience is comparable is with Diana Princess of Wales. (notice this title is not being used by any of the British royal family.....) Again my reason for being unsure of the truth is because in my dream expereince she took me to see the Queen who acknowleged us both and Queen Elizabeth is very much alive. Hate to think that the world has been lied to....

Muslims have said I am very lucky to see the Prophet Muhammad but the reason he was revealed is because of God's Plan not for any other reason. Pray for guidance in the right way and he might be revealed toyou too. The poeple who are connected with family have always got a spiritual connection.

.What will be will be. Truth will be revealed eventually.,With Prophet Muhammad being an intercessor for prayer, this has not been completely revealed or clarified.

What I realise is, the Prophet Muhammad can bring peace between all the Muslims and it is said in the prophesy that \Jesus and the Imam Mahdi will be in the situation to pray and Jesus will  instruct the Imam Mahdi to lead in the prayers for the people  Please keep an open mind.

Of the sincerely faithful in the world, we will be given reason to completely trust God in all things. People will also be given tthe reminder of the Power of God as in history. Hopefully in a good way.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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