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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Island Duchess & Duchess Island are named

Duchess Island (also known as Uruma) is an island off the west coast of Normanby Island, in Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea.

Guinea was once a currency used...

If the Duchess is crowned Queen or Empress..this is how easily with land already named, she becomes Queen of the lands and seas...Well not quite...Ruling over lands and people by deception has no merit - as paying taxes during war is actually forbidden - the funding of war is illegal. 

The Island Duchess ship is also registered and with all sea vessels registered - that ever so important Birth certificate is a legal registration document too...They know - Wiliam and Kate used this document to legallly registered their titles as Prince of the United Kingdom and Prince of the United Kingdom.

Prince is a title of a Monarch.

Prince Phillip already was given land and property rented to the Israeli government in Jerusalem. In 2013, one article wrote William was taking over as President of lands in Trust.

Who is the royal influence over the Isralis today? 

Isreal is in Asia...India rejects snake charmers and people involved in Black Magic - as theri declaration of Idependance was made official the other day, reported internationally.

Anyone of inteligence would reject people who ignore the laws that were given by God Almiighty for our protection - People have been warned not to worship false idols. People are put again under s spell to be mesmerised and others are bieng deceptively entrapped in enslaving laws to this family.

With regards to the Island Duchess ship. The last information recieved about it's position - it is out of range. Of the newer position available it is located in 'California' on 18th August 2014.

Island offshore identifies 'MV ISLAND DUCHESS'

This might be totally unrelated...but then again it might be.

Looking at the list, other vessels named include: Island Dragon, Island Duke, Island Empress, Island Earl, Island Cheiftan, Island Crusader (the crusaders?), Island Contender, Island Challeger.....etc

When jobs pay wages and a structure in place maintains payments to people, how quickly people will gather to this...How quickly people have signed up to the army because it pays a really good wage so they have said..and today there are private firms 'who are hiring the best' to work for governments. And let's face it if war was not profitable it would not be enduring today either.

The thriving business today are so called charities. People can get a job working in a charity collecting donations...out of the donations comes their wages. There are plenty of those jobs around. so people become the beggars for a charity of need - while billions is spent on war killing people and conquesting the world...pretending to do ths in the name of Jesus when it is doubtful they are at all.

These water vessells are named for a this coincidence or is there an actual agenda? Aristotle Onassis named his vessels after his wife Athina Livanos and daughter.Christina Onassis. His name being associated with being a king...He understood Maritime Law.

As an Orthodox Christian we do understand Royal Law too.

The sea vessel owned in my family was apparently destroyed 'after the wicked stepmother tried to steal it'. Her attempts to commit crimes and hide under a different name so no one would find her was not a very good choice. Middleton is probably the most known name in the world today.. 

The Grande Dame was returned to Holland 'in the divine plan'. The inspired building of he New Noahs ark is more significant. There are signs that God's Laws can be re-established now.

The Ark Royal taken to Izmir to be destroyed - or transformed into something else. A named vessel that again identified Izmir...The Crown connected with Izmir is not discussed openly.  

Providence revealed is with also being guided at specific cimes for a specific reason to discover what is happening in our world....for some reason I saw Island Duchess...Island is a land in water, as Ireland is land in water...With there being named Edward Island and Edward made an Earl no accident.

Regarding vesels, The QE II is a famous ship docked in Dubai.

QE2 retired from active Cunard service on 27 November 2008. She was acquired by Istithmar, the private equity arm of Dubai World, which planned to begin conversion of the vessel to a 500-room floating hotel moored at the Palm JumeirahDubai. In July 2012, Istithmar announced that conversion would take about 18 months
"istithmar" is Arabic for "investment"

A new ship was launched named Queen Elizabeth - we were told named after the mother of Queen Elizabeth in the news. The Queen launched her and named her before sailing the seas. The Queen who was crowned had an official role connected with the Queen of the Seas.

The same story was repeated with Kate Middleton being 'godmother' to the Royal Princess' ship - this was after some sort of crowning ceremony seemingly had taken place..The paintings of Kate portrayed as being the Virgin Mary are rather disturbing..then again, might be revealing her deception.

Reading - Construction work is underway on the £30million New QEII. This is new NHS hospital...but again the new QEII is identified...I guess if Kate has a baby, the choice name for the child might be Mary or Elizabeth...along with a few other Empress names!

Just thought I would share the discovered connections today.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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