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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 25 August 2014

James Foley, St. James Square, Manchester ZARA

James Foley did not die in vain...He died so that we can all be free from people who pretend to serve God in truth when actually the Holly Scriptures reveal this is not so at all.

The meek shall inherit the earth we are told Matthew 5:5

James Foley was killed by someone who is 'influenced' as a 'subject' by the British Monarchy - the Queen, her heirs and successors. Everyone born here is subject to these people 'unless you belong to God and reject any other overlord' All the officials are part of the system that was set up long ago..

The Queen who is chosen by God is supposed to be protecting people. In Engalnd this is not the case - the structure is set up that also detrimentally impacts a great number of peoples lives.

Kings and Queens have decided wars. Men kill and are killed for their Queen. Prophets and saints have also been killed. People who are called by the Lord to remind even royals of the truth. Rulers justify wars in the name of Jesus and conquesting lands too. They are not serving in truth. The Lord conquers with Love.

James Foley reminded the world of the illegal wars going on.

In Manchester on Friday I was standing on St.James Square when hearing a baby cry - a tiny baby 6 days old. Talking to the parents, the father said he was inspired with the name Zara, meaning Princess. Baby Zara has a French mother. Her Father is from Europe/Asia..A new princess is born not to be a subject to wizard wand waving kingsand queens. - Or the title Kaiser (German for Emperor and Queen now?)

In another part of Mancheser, New Cathedral Street has been named - on this named building ZARA has been named and at the end of the walkway, down the steps is the Old Cathedral.

Manchester Cathedral revealed a sense of danger around 'in this land'..On 'New Cathedral Street. a man was performing magic, not hidden from anyone...the magical illusion that brings smiles. But there is also evil intention with magic too and this is being used in this land even with intention to kill people.

St. Anne's Square is also named in Manchester with an old church.

In America, the Bishop ofManchester spoke at James Foley's memorial service and the connection to James and Manchester, is found in the Holy Bible. St. James Square has also been revealed.

Manchester is MOST IMPORTANT and chosen by God, it was in MANCHESTER TOWN USA where Angel Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith was a Witness to Jesus Christ  too - History has shown the two witnesses were killed. The Book of Mormon came to remain in USA.

Manchester being named in England is with the Lord knowing the plan of man and putting into their heads what he wants to make happen to reveal his truth to mankind. This is Providence revealed.

Baby Zara's father is from Pakistan Asia and mother French Europe...The French Connection has shown to marry Europe and Asia in history as it is doing so today.  While lands have been divided and partitions for political gains, God has shown repeatedly he brings his people together with love.

St James Square in Manchester -the connection ot Manchester and USA cannot be denied for they have had a 'special realtionship' with family who are related to the British Monarchy.

'She gave me a look that only a mother could give her child'

In London the Sovereign's official residence is in St. James Palace..There are offices used by Princess Anne, William and Kate, Harry, Eugenie and her sister Beatrice. It would make sense that Anne's daughter is named a Princess, to preserve a royal bloodline. In St. James palace whatever is going on behind the scenes will be known. William and Kate announced their engagement from the Throne Room.

With everything carefully staged, the choice to wear royal blue Beulah London dress, in the throne room, identifies clearly the lady in London...who would be crowned Queen of Beulah land.

On Beulah Crescent where I was born, Beulah Family Church was already named - Beulah Family are the House of Isreal...the descendants of the House of Jacob who are living in our world. Now living in a cosmopolitan land, the Queen of England would she be Queen of the people of the world?

The Royals preserve the Holy Bible of which Laws are written. And it is interpretation of the Law that is given to the meaning of Sacred Majesty. Laws made by Monarchs are by Royal Decree and so in some way even if laws are being made to go against God, in some way God also correct this.

After reading about James Foley's death, I opened the Holy Bible - James..The Book of James and St. James Palace is connected to the King. King James Bible is named so this is important.

Do you know that in history the British Monarchs have assumd the right to execute anyone who affixes new understanding to any articles that are written 'the Book of Common Prayer' and so being inspired to write a book of prayer for the people, is with being seriously under attack by Satan ...physically injured too.

In this 'stage set up' it is not known if the Queen has had anything to do with this..The picture of the tapesty indicates that she would be watching what was happening. Kate was being tested  while recorded and shown so that everyone can see. Notice the headless figures in the background.

In the Holy Bible Sorcery and Witchcraft are forbidden.

The Wizard of Oz is not a hidden name. Oz means Australia.

In Austrailia Queensland has also been named. Deliberately.

Last year Zara Phillips was photographed next to Spirit of'Artemis' that was painted in the colour Imperial Green. How strange this lady pilot was living in a location identifying Bee's House.

Tracey Curtis-Taylor Zara Phillips and pilot Tracey Curtis-Taylor pose next to the 'Spirit of Artemis' at Goodwood Revival Festival on September 13, 2013 in Chichester, England. On November 1st Tracey Curtis-Taylor will begin to fly the Boeing Steerman plane 7000 miles from Cape Town in South Africa to Goodwood in the UK recreating the pioneering journey of Lady Mary Heath in 1928.

Quote Zara Phillips and 'Tracey Curtis-Taylor pose next to the 'Spirit of Artemis' at Goodwood Revival Festival on September 13, 2013 in Chichester, England On November 1st Tracey Curtis-Taylor will begin to fly the Boeing Steerman plane 7000 miles from Cape Town in South Africa to Goodwood in the UK recreating the pioneering journey of Lady Mary Heath in 1928.'

Cape is a cloak..The Queen has been seen wearing the Imperial green coloured Cape in photographs in Scotland - Goodwood in uK - from a Good Tree.

Might be totally unrelated - 'Artemisa Province is one of two new provinces in Cuba, which was created by the Cuban National Assembly (August 1, 2010) when the former La Habana Province was separated into Mayabeque Province and Artemisa Province.[2][3][4] The new provinces were enforced on January 1, 2011.'

Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall shared an intimate moment on the bow of Artemis Ocean Racing during the Artemis Challenge

The news today' The Queen’s granddaughter Zara Phillips has spoken of the importance of being an active role-model to her baby daughter as she takes part in a charity sailing race.

The 33-year-old equestrian, joined by her husband Mike Tindall, is participating in the Artemis Challenge, a 50-mile race around the Isle of Wight being held as part of Ladies Day at the Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week'

The royal couple are part of the crew of Artemis Ocean Racing II, skippered by Brian Thompson.

The boat is clearly written ARTEMIS THE PROFIT HUNTER..

The Prophets are not necessarily valued in these lands, the preserving of the Prophets of Old, there are peole who reject that God is ever trying tocommunicate with people and will do so on whatever way...

During the Queen's Jubilee Year, Zara Phillips and her husband moved from their home in Cheltenham to the family home estate in Gatcombe Park in Gloucestershire. The royal residences are named for a reason...

In Chester there is a Queen Anne Manor house named Aston Park House. Princess Anne owns Aston Farm - a house. Aston Villa is a football club that William was said to support....Diana while being the Countess of Chester, she neverclaimed to be a Queen. She said she wanted to be known as the Queen of people's hearts...

Was Mancheser named - Man - Chester. In Chester there is a very old house and it is writen GOD'S PROVIDENCE IS MINE...One of the titles Charles holds is Earl of Chester.

.In the changng of Royal Succesion Law, for daughters to succeed to be Queen, The Queen knew knew that this would allow her daughter Anne to become Queen and her daughter Zara could naturally succeed with her popularity be the Olympian Princess.

Princess Anne is sitting on the throne seat at the historic Panathenaic Stadium in Athens. She was observing the ceremony when the olympic flame of harmony was brought from ancient Olympia to the stadium with a caultron being ignited.

Greek veteran weighlifter Piros Dimas (R) and Chinese gymnast Li Ning light a cauldron with the Olympic Flame inside the marble Panathenaic stadium in Athens

In Hagia Sophia in Istanbul the pillars came from the Temple of Artemis. The ancient has not been entirely lost, however if what God has established is being destroyed, he will also build the new again. There is a reason why people are worshiping outside again.

Zara and Mike were both in attendance to baby Georges christening. It has never been revealed the precise words used to name this child - an entirely different matter with people speculating that there are two babies...THEY KNOW WHAT TOOK PLACE BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.

The report said this was to be a very private matter with only a few guests - the godparents looked like thy had been crying. Very odd indeed - with the royal font for the occassion in St. James Chapel. Princess Anne did not go and yet one would think if she would have done - along with other people. 

The is playing for the next generation of tax collectors.

The heavy promotion of the British royals in America with baby George named Prince of Cambridge - Cambridge is named in America - Georgetown and the Bar associations for lawyers to register are named after Prince William, Prince George and the Duchess.. God mockers are blantantly exposed.

Was the baby boy named by former oil executive Archbishop Prince George...or George...The detail is ever so important because the Archbishop of Canterbury crowns the next Queen. He is invovled with anointing the head of the new Monarch in this land....Prince is a title of a Monarch...Did you know?

Westminster City Council registrar Alison Cathcart wrote the birth register for Prince George of Cambridge which was signed by his father, the Duke of Cambridge at Kensington Palace

Birth certificates are usually typewritten and in the Borough were a baby is born - but this was to change, the law, and the occupations of William and Kate being legally documented too. It is justified to ask if the British royals are sincere as people and while some are, some might not see the need to be. 

Perhaps it was deliberate of Charles to name Zara discretely. Charles was given powers by His Mother the Queen in 1969. He is in a position to know and observe what is happening too. 

And it is through watching an episode of 'The White Queen' witchcraft was revealed to be happening 'and the devil sitting on the throne' can easily happen when that door is open. The most important message that came to light is that a child born from a marriage bound together by witchcraft has been born in an unlawful union and so not eligible to be King or Emperor over People who belong to God.

Divine Right of Kings is what men have tried to claim...

Can the Cathedral Church of God in England be saved?  A crowning ceremony took place in an Anglican Cathedral in the Solomon Islands in a special Ecumenical Church service - Ecumenical means Worldwide. Is the Archbishop of Canterbury serving Christ in Truth 'and protecting Christ's People in truth?

The name Zara is connected with a Battle, as a city is named,  Zara also identifies a name of the Levites because cities have been named after Levites..

 Peter, Zara's brother has the name of Saint Peter - St. Peter's Bassilica is already named. In London Westminster Abbey where Elizabeth was crowned, was formally titled the Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster. It is located to the west of the Palace of Westminster.

A VIP service is to be held at Westminster Abbey to recognise the taxman's work collecting revenue. (who are the very important people)

HM Revenue and Customs chief executive Lin Homer has invited guests to a VIP event at the Abbey on September 23 where guests including staff, civil servants and partners will join to pay tribute to the taxman's work.'

Last year HMRC brought in more than £500 billion in tax revenue for the first time. Read more in the article below that covers this report.

The Tax Office is at Trinity Bridge House Manchester. (Bolton Station is named Trinity Street Station with a back door entranceon Orlando Bridge -Forida identifiesUSA) 

The King's fund identifies the head of the NHS. The illness industry is thriving in the UK with food and water poisioned and it is not known if deliberately to shorten our life. 

Who are the people behind the masks presented.

Down to earth Zara hides a few truths...Anne, her mother has a serious disposition.There is a massive corporate structure that exists...every business is registered legally too.

With there being a big investment of the Witch Way bus service and with the increase of Black Magic bieng promoted through products even cars - it is not as if what is happening is being silenced any more!

Bus number 43 is identified...this is what is written.

But now, thus says the LORD, your Creator, O Jacob, And He who formed you, O Israel, "Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine! 2"When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be scorched, Nor will the flame burn you. Isaiah 43:1-2

The repeating floods have happened for a reason...there are people foretelling a great fire and yet there have been fires taking place....perhaps we will see a destrucftion. I have been shown a huge tital wave..not knowing if this is to come..Is the Witch ruling the roads now?

The bus is connected to the Royal Duchy of Lancaster. St.James Chapel, we must ask why the Bishop of London has spoken out. Rise up Kingdom builders - King Jesus. 

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

No Copyright infringement intended.

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