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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Killing Kittens - The Elite Casual Dating Princess

In our world there is a mask of illusion....

Respectable by day, debauchey by night.

Eyes Wide Shut is bringing the truth into the open.

Emma Sayle talks about her high class orgies in an interview. She claims to be the this so casual society there is plenty of humor..the impression of an audience is laughing, not sure if real orfake.

Killing Kittens Emma Sayle is a friend of Kate Middleton

Emma Sayle  owner Killing Kittens talks to London Real..

Everyone wearing masks....the behind the face persona

'K is a powerful letter.'....KK..

We really do not know what the people are about that are presented as respectable and we do not know the story of anyone either....In a promiscious society - this can easily become the social norm. And when there are orgies taking place in the upper classes, perhaps this explains why a court judge has let gang rapists walk free from a court..- the judge set the standard for gang rape and orgies tobe the norm.

In a sexually liberated highly promiscious society, interpersonal boundaries can be easily confused....
While these people might use protection...there might be ever so much more STD's around...What is happening in our world is being influenced as a social norn from previous is only now being talked about and people getting to see that 'sweet and innocent' might not always be the case.

Our world is going in a downward spiral...Everyone is given free will and we do not know anyones truth. These people might never know someone break their heart because they have been raped. Or listen while girls try go get their head around waking up in a strangers bed with spinning head naked, not knowing what happened ....The court is letting off  the rapists...and the lawyers earn a good fee from this.

Then again, with multitudes of people having unwanted experiences, there are those who go on a rapage afterwards....Killing Kittens for the reason the name is chosen, and also be suggesting that the people who go down this path are denied access to heaven...Listen to the reason carefully.

Parents are telling their children to have fun before settling down...go sow your wild oats people have there are parents telling children love does not exists...where is all this heading? People being used and abused...getting very basic urges fulfilled. Casual sex is the norm today..

People who are hurting and have been abused might enter into abusive relationships...going to orgies is a choice and there are people  who are addicted to this lifestyle in various forms
Stay safe and think - who are the company you keep>

Peace be with you
Pauline Mria

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