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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 31 August 2014

King Henry, England My England - Harry & Diana

The following MIGHT BE totally unrelated...

Just thinking about a land being named and created within the Royal Borough of Kensingtion that is named after a Kingdom in Africa...there was the presentation as if in memory of Diana.

King Henry is the self-published author of England, my England, a violently sexual yet elegantly witty novel that has drawn comparisons to bothAmerican Psycho and P. G. Woodhouse (had he lived on a council estate), and is certainly not the kind of thing you’d like the woman behind you on the bus to read over your shoulder...(read more on the link)

Is there a coincidence...

Is there a Lion on the left...

The book might be nothing at all do with with Henry...commonly known as Harry, brother of William, formerly known as Prince William. 

A couple of weeks ago I came across a headline:

Kaiser and his Queen...Kaiser is German for Emperor. I guess is a man is made an Emperor and his wife a Queen, the brother would not settle for being just an Earl...;...

The other day a song came to mind about the royals...

Yesterday I was thinking about Diana and the landmine campaign....Today a news article about Harry with some new girl named Camilla.....this young woman also works on Diana's Charity and so it is very close knit family.

Would the system of officials lie to the people about the wars for profit -  they already did!

All it has taken is to state a terrorist threat, while beind the scenes, George Bush who has held some sort or family relationship with the Queen - 'business would be discussed behind closed doors about the wars too. Not every land agreed to the war on terrorism...they were told if they did not join in they would not gain from the contracts. 

There was some kerfuffle with Diana's Charity that resulted in a very expensive lawsuit...the family charity were tryingto control image rights of Diana's photograph...gosh the opportunity to profit was not going to be missed.

It has been shown that Diana is easily betrayed, as I am.

With the Queen being elderly she may have decided that to ensure her children and grandchildren are secure in their positions and finanacial security.. The boys in a position of privilege must be seen to be charitable.

Harry speaks emotionally at the Memorial for Diana.

Princess Diana Funeral - Elton John - Candle In The Wind 

Diana will not be forgoten - She did not want me to forget...

Prince Harry shows Queen charity garden at Chelsea

Harry has partnered with the Prince of Lesotho for the Charity.

The boys have come a long way since their mother was silenced.

Friend of the boys, Ben Fogle promoting bracelets sold to make a difference in the Sentebale garden in Chelsea - Chelsea is in the Royal Borough of Kensington, the Palace being home to William, Kate and Harry now and their 'court' being one that they have decided to make up their own rules...

The Forget me not flower...a symbol of the Sentebale Charity.

In my dream, Diana was wearing a white dress with the same colour blue flowers that you can see in this photograph...Onlya couple of weeks ago a lady walking told me that Diana has been on her mind a lot recently and she was loved and loved as if still alive by mutitudes of people. 

In that time, it was when I spoke about my dream and the dress Diana was wearing, because there is suggestion that she was buried in a black dress.. no idea where that came from .Black Swans are possible with the Swan Hotel named in Bolton - next to now Barristers bar...(Bar associations?)

With William being given an honorary law degree, this was to ensure, along with Charles and Camilla that they can continue to own law firms and corporations......and the King decides the laws for people yes? 

There is a saying, when a law is written in stone is cannot be broken so it is uncanny to see a photograph with a mallet and crowns as a reminder of the law. With also the Queen making a law that if Kate Middleton had a first born baby girl, this would by pass male primogenture and she will be Queen. 

This is the crown design set in stone that is set in Chelsea Gardens. 

In finding this old video, the title says that Charles is crying....

Prince Charles speach after Diana's death.....also a glimpse of him meeting with some of the players of Mancheser United involved in the Prince's Trust...

The choice for the devil ruling is not really silenced because in the territory of Greater Manchester the A666 is named. Also there is named Route 666 in Maryland and R666 in Ireland. Discovering yesterday a perfume named Zara 666 5th Avenue New York. Zara means Princess - Charles chose it for his neice.

In history titles have been bought and it was actually a formal letter from the Minister of Justice about the titles being sold from David Howe in Maryland as being wothless and 'not even worth the paper they are written on'.

This video picture was taken as William and Kates Wedding.

There is a lot more going on in our world and with William being made President of the Football Association,he has also taken over and President of Lands in Trust from his grandfather...This could also include the land plot in Jerusalem with the building that hosues the Israeli Goverment. Who is influencing these wars, in truth?

It is amazing what power people weald when people give away their power and their rights.....and there are people with superpowers, William and Kate said they would love the power to be invisible...

King Solomon Chose Wisdom... 

If there was no profit to be made by photolgraphers they would not be pushing over themselves to take the images...a captured moment of Harry Laughing planting the tree...

Henry was the name of the Emperor of the Roman Empire..

The Vikings have invaded and taken over lands before....would they think anything of doing the same again> It is quite extraordinary how Jesus, a man of very serious disposition, could appear in England wearing his crown and that he could actually very easily move about unnoticed or not recognised because people are distracted.

With Prince Harry's 30th birthday he will collect the much publicised inheritance from his mother's estate....

You've got to love Prince Harry’s sense of humour. I hear he was walking past  a yurt in the VIP area at last month’s Secret Garden Party in Cambridgeshire when he overheard some people talking in scathing terms about the Monarchy – so popped  his head inside.
‘We couldn’t believe our eyes,’ my source said. 
‘He said  that everyone is entitled to their opinion and then he laughed and  said, “Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone what you said.” ’

Highlighting a problem going on...wars in the world.

Mummy's little soldier: Harry adored his mother Diana, whose warm, empathetic character he has inherited. He has described her as the best mother in the world and spoken of her unrivalled love of life and fun. Pictured: Diana with Harry at Highgrove, then aged one, who is dressed in a camouflage outfit

Diana in her youth and a oung mum to Harry.At this very age he was being prepared to be a soldier, even dressed accordingly.

Harry will be 30 in three weeks. And while he’s hoping to get a country cottage and a black labrador for his birthday, what he actually needs is a very big anchor. (William also had a black labrador, that died two years ago.) 'Like his great-grandmother the Queen Mother, he’s a fine judge of gundogs and loves to add to his knowledge by visiting working dog shows..

The menu has yet to be finalised but is expected to feature beef Wellington, fish pie and Eton mess, Harry’s favourites. Two cocktails are likely to be served. The first, MacDonald Windsors, is made from gin, blue curacao and cranberry served with lime wedges; the second is King’s Ginger Cocktails, made using a potent macerated root ginger liqueur with a twist of lemon. It’s a cheeky hint to the birthday boy

'Henry Charles Albert David Wales is the grandson of the Monarch, the child of the next King, and the brother of the one after that. He grew up in a palace and the Harrymania which runs wild across cities such as New York and Sydney when he visits is not sparked by fact that he’s an officer and gentleman, but a bachelor prince.'

He was born on September 15, 1984'

As one third of The Royal Foundation, the grant-giving organisation run by William, Harry and Kate, Harry has set out his key philanthropic areas – helping orphans and vulnerable children in Lesotho, helping disadvantaged young people in the UK, and raising awareness and supporting those who have served in the Armed Forces.

He is combining this charity work with a full-time military career and an ever-increasing schedule of duties on behalf of ‘The Firm’. At least being busy should keep him out of trouble.

The Firm is otherwise a tem used for a corporation. It is also a term used for a criminal organisation owned and run by the Mafia. With the Game of Thrones showing, it is evident that behind the scenes there are wild parties and power struggles.In the commonwealth the people are 'subjects of these people and must accept tem as their overlords and influences ...even if the waving of wizard wands and even the evoking of demons were to take place.

Someone said to me, we do not worship Jesus Christ in England we have the royal family instead. So the wars for profit and innocents being killed continue...

Would sweet an innocent Harry lie and cheat people? 

Hey Cheater Usain Bolt jokes with Prince Harry in Scotland.

Please keep and open mind in all that I am writing...Please also know that while there are people who lust after power there are people willing to sell their soul to the devil for gains too.

The wars based on lies are devastaing...These are my concern. 

The raising of a child with a nanny separates the child from knowing vital maternal love and developing emotional intelligence that serves in rational decisions and loving relationships later on. 

What these people do is influence people..There are Muslims born in and living in England who are being detrimentally influenced by these people whether they know it or not. 

Other news.....

The Countess of Wessex is to be the guest of honour at an Islamic fashion show at Windsor Castle – including models wearing hijabs.

Islamic inspired designs will be paraded in front of Sophie – wife of Prince Edward – on a catwalk specially designed for next month’s event. 

The show will take place during a dinner hosted by The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award foundation. I gather three international designers have submitted outfits including Ralph & Russo, the Australian brand favoured by the Duchess of Cambridge.;

With Islamic schools named after the British royals...The Duke of Edinburgh's Award has now become the Dukeof Edinburgh's International Award Foundation - somewhere I read that Prince Edward would take over from his father and so it is not as if there are changes later...Prince Charles is on a job share with his mum...There have been a few photographs published as if the royals are laughing at people. 

Harrys gift is being given a titile Prince..a title that means Monarch. A title that people might think he is stupid and irresponsible but these are people who other people are willing to kill and die for.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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