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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 14 August 2014

2012 Starway to Heaven and The Temple

It is not in the divine plan to keep people in the dark.

My vision experiences this morning written in an earlier article have shown that there are different stairways and it is in discovering the information that is relevant that I can understand. Sharing the dreams and visions openly because you might be heaving dreams and experiences too. Analayse with care and try to stay in humility so that you do not get carried away - then what is relevant will be revealed.

Of the few experiences I have had with seeing Jesus in dreams and visions, none of the times have I felt elated - assured that he is there and alive yes, but always and in my circumstances of living in the antichrist land who is defying the Lord -so much injustice and wars, my heartis very heavy and I am exhausted.

My vision this morning was a room with may have been the top of the stairway to heaven. The door was open and the light was on - I had open access without obstacle and was alone on the steps.

My dream also brought the reminder of ancient times and 'Jacobs Ladder' came to mind and so it was necessary to bring these together - even if not factually precisely accurate, I am just sharing what is revealed and what is reveled 'as it is' is precisely for a reason. Many crowns have been shown in visions.

One of the crowns shown was a white turban with a gold circlet as seen on the High Priest so I know that there is a connection with this and I know all the people who are serving the Lord, with sincere heart will want to do so in truth so that they can help people on their spiritual journey too.

In this article I want to share another expereince. This happened during meditation in 2012 - It was nighttime and black outside when I walked towards a large spiral staircase = the steps were beige/cream/gold colour marble and there were dark wrought iron railings. I knew this was going up to heaven.

Next about 5 steps from the top, I could see the railings and standing on an open floor - no wall partition, was a HUGE vessel made out ouf what looked like old gold. The base of the legs were of sculpted angels. Ascending to the top I could see there were huge arch windows as seen in a cathedral, except there were no windows - the opening looked out and there were no stars visible.

Seated on the vessel was a HUGE blue glowing crysal with energy as shown above...the crystal was the light source, radiating light in the temple. Asking while in this experience what it is I a meant to know' suddenly A RING appeared above and over the crystal - it appeared to have a dark coloured oval stone.

Moonstone came to mind afterwards. Except it did not look like this - it appeared dark like an onyx. THE OVAL SHAPE STONE WAS SIGNIFICANT (Oval office?) In the Peterhof Imperial Palace there is an Oval room where the world leaders met for the G20 - this might be connected.

Quote bible meaning: 'That stones for filling denote the goods of faith, and onyx stones the truths of faith, is because the stones for filling were for the breastplate, and by the breast plate upon the ephod was signified the good of faith, or spiritual good; but the onyx stones were upon the shoulders of the ephod, and by the shoulders of the ephod are signified the truths of faith, or spiritual truths.'

(An ephod (Hebrew אֵפוֹד) (/ˈɛfɒd/ or /ˈfɒd/) was an article of clothing, and an object of worship in ancient Israelite culture, and was closely connected with oracular practices and priestly ritual.) - the kissing of a ring in holy practice is to show veneration to the ring and the truth he brings.

Here the High Priest is seen wearing the Breastplate.

If in my experience the stone shown was a moonstone - this might be significant to symbolise balance with the sun, for the sun shines in the day and the night is illuminated by the moon and stars.

It is written in scripture: The moon will shine like the sun, and the sunlight will be seven times brighter, like the light of seven full days, when the LORD binds up the bruises of his people and heals the wounds he inflicted. Isaiah 30;26

A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars; Revelation 12:1

There will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves,26men fainting from fear and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the world; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken Luke 21:25

In another dream early 2013 a microchip was implanted in my back of my shoulder - the following morning the Daily Mail published an article about a microchip planted inside a 2000 year old rock from Jerusalem. This was given to President Barak Obama - is he not connected to the Oval office. Validation!

Dark side of the moon also comes to mind..I was shown no light in the experience outside..the ring was shown clearly - an oval ring. An album by Pink Floyd is titled Dark Side of the Moon - 'Wizard of Oz' - Oz is often most associated with being from Australia....(these are just additional thoughts). .

One man states he is the illegitimate son of Umberto II. One day he spoke of 'the ring of power' and said it was rightfully his. Later learning that the ring is buried with Umberto II, who knew in his heart that it was the end of this Dynanstic bloodline. This is because his other son married without consent from his father and so he did not meet the Dynastic Succession Law. The illegitimate bloodline are not eligible.

It is written in the Holy Scriptures very clearly to know:

“No one born of a forbidden union may enter the assembly of the Lord. Even to the tenth generation, none of his descendants may enter the assembly of the Lord   Deuteronomy 23:2

A forbidden union includes illegitimate children, children born from another man's wife and children born from a union that has been bound together by witchcraft. If anyone does not trust that God has already chosen our destiny - anyone who goes against God is not able to be obediant to him. They might not even understand why this law has actually been written.

In the influence of the hierarchy on earth, the top influences who are underneath. The reason why people have been downtrodden is because the hierarchy of influence on earth. 

As a Handmaiden of the Lord, it would be at least that we would have a personal relationship with him in seriousness and to be obediant to instruction when this is being given.

Above is light below is darkness. It should be as above so below. The tree is growing upwards, while underneath looks like it is perishing. If the people who claim to be serving the Lord are not. then this world will  perish and be in darkness.  This is becsuse of the rulers of this world.

Just trying to find a image that I was guided to find after my experience, typing 'Temple Church' in Google, I was guided to London to see 'Crown Office Row...on the other side of the Temple Church is Fleet Street. This is an area that has featured in the Da Vinci Code Movie...

This is the interor of the New Church in Amsterdam - notice the tall arched windows. The Temple area I was standing in my experience has this tall shaped window openings.

In this image, notice there are two banners to each side.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima prepare to leave after their investiture ceremony at New Church on April 30 in Amsterdam - The New Church is also given legitimacy with this official ceremony.

Compare the blue with the robe of the HighPriestess to the pillar that is shown as a banner outside the New Church in Amsterdam .There is an expression 'banner waving' - this one is set in place. In the image of the New Church - what could be seen as pillars are shown to have changed places. (A moment in time image).

If we are to pray and ask to be guided in the right way, we  will be guided accordingly. And even if we do not get the right information, we can keep praying until the truth is revealed. And if you keep praying - do not be suprised if Jesus Christ reveals his face to you....One time after writing an earlier article about the burned down church in Provo Utah, what survived was a a painting with the frame  burned. A famous painting ...that night sleeping, just cloing my eyes Jesus appeared with his armsope wide just as the picture except it was as if a real taken aback I opened my eyes..but I knew that the message delivered was connected and this is one step of the journey to show in different ways we are guided for a reason, Keep seeking the truth.

King David had a Son - King Solomon. It was King Solomon' Temple that ws the connection with King Solomon and the heavenly realms = becaause a House of Prayer is connected to heaven is validated. The Power of prayer to God has been given to people to be intercessors for the people to protect us all

In the ancient times so many miracles were seen and known. There were barren women having babies from the prayer of the Priests because The Lord granted these children life - this became the Holy People. 

When the church ministers are not correctly alligned with the LORD, God the Father, through Jesus Christ - all the prayers that are said have no meaning - they are not going to bring any results either. When someone is chosen to be a High Priest and serving the LORD, he is called for this role 'for the people'

The people are being prepared for the Holy Way again and if everyone can realise a higher consciousness, without wanting to interfere with anyones destiny...with respecting that whatever God Wills is because He has Willed...The prayer was likely said about the barren ones to have children and the promise that they will belong tohim and serve him forever -' God it this is your will, let your will be done!

Life is precious and we have been given life for a purpose. 

Notice the High Priests and the Levite Priesthood wear white turbans - this is because the crown of enlightement is being symbolised and when peeople in their right might and heart are focussed on God, they will be illuminated accordingly with what they need to do. It is the Levites who were put in charge of the Ark of the Covenenat of which is covered with the Mercy Seat. Justice with Mercy is God's his children...

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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