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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Message Jesus 3/4 August 2014 & Power Cut

This is a message that I have written down after asking Jesus what He wants me to know in this time. This message was recieved in Bolton, Lancashire - Greater Manchester, England.

On this land is mapped out in roads the entire United Kingdom.

On this land a church is now named King's Church - Jesus!

The date in August is written a couple of days later. The fourth was the number that I could identify. Number four is significant. As are number three and five. There was on this date immediately afterwards 'a power cut' and so it could have been on the third. If so, the message would have been written on the Sunday.

Just to demonstrate that my focus is not on any specific time or date to pray - this is showing you that your focus on Christ can take place at any time. Any day or any night. There is a 24/7 access to communicate with the divine, from anywhere, any place and it is everyone's entitlement and choice to do.

The context of the message is most important and what happened immediately afterwards.. The power lines were cut on this land. They were fixed some times afterwards - The earthly power lines and exploitation of the people cannot be ignored. As is providence, the land-power being cut is being revealed too.

In writing down any message recieved, my focus is on word for word. This is without analaysis or changing words or the message as this is given. Sometimes the message makes sense immediately. Sometimes what transpires 'can be brought to light with validation at a later time' - not endless months away.

This message applies for me as it does for you and everyone.

My Dear Pauline,
     You are a light of truth for me and I will illuminate you more on this land. Be prepared for hatred and anger and Rejection - yet stand in truth in me and you will see people's faces change as they return to me. 
    Pauline you will come across difficult characters in your lifetime. It is not for you to change their character. The people you see in calmness in faith will wonder about this. 
   You are facing a difficult time with lawless people who have lost their way. Shine your light and see how being a beacon of light other people can shine a light too. 
    There is too much competition in this world that is a distraction from truth. The people who compete and trying to succeed are not focussed me. Your royals are not saving souls. They do not obey My Laws. They disregard the truth because this is what they want to do. They cannot claim this world as their own because they have no claim to anything at all. Their mystery is manipulating the masses that they beleive in me and yet they do not. They wait in dread knowing one day my return will be the end of the Kingdom they control.. They place laws to enslave mankind and Prevent My Royal Law. So they will learn eventually not to deny God the Father, because I do not. I did not give up my life so that these clowns could make a fool of My People. 
     They know now and while some are in repentance they dread the Judgemnt. Others are rebellious. Their killng is forbidden and I will show who is the giver and taker of life. 
     At any time life can be taken even theirs - and the return to the foundation of the begining is formed.
    You are not living in an enlightened world. There are individuals who seek enlightement and few are willing to do the work. Show them the way Pauline. Pure heart - Pure Intention and Sincere Prayer. These people who want to sit in lofty positions are illusory figures who have prevented people living under Spiritual Law on land that is supposed to be preserved for me. For the Father Trusted Me and this has happened before. 
    Pauline You tell them the truth - You belong to me. You are My Family. You have been betrayed by my enemy and that is why they continue to hurt you. Dig deep within your being and stay strong my dear. The promises have been made for you and My People. 
    The people who abide in truth in faith with the Father, they belong to me too. They will not be placed under anyone who rejects the Lord God in truth. For in their wicked intentions they know they can turn people against eachother and fight in wars. Their game is seen and pathetic way known. 
    The lust for power is a no end road - a road that leads to nowhere. They are not evolved. They are not mature. They are not pure in their heart and people must see they really do not care about people. They secure positions in their structure - not realising all they do is seen anyway.
    My dear Pauline, your heart is heavy in your situation and this prepares you for respoonsiblity - how you can respond to the people other in your truth and what ou are guided to in me
    Pauline you will see rebellion rising in the world and lost sheep will be more lost by seeking a leader. If they focus on me I will lift them with light out of the darkness they are facing.  Not everyone wiill. 
    The people who are assigned by the divine realms are being prepared now. People are not being given contradictory truth. People have been chosen ot retutrn The Family to their Birthright Inheritance - an inheritance denied by those who say they represent me. They do not.
     There are many wolves in sheep clothing. Many who use the faith and myself to profit. They do not bring enlightenment. They dilute the truth and the light way to be focused on the teacher. not the pupil. A lesson to be learned. If people want the truth it must be from the Source.
    Keep speaking out (....) Remind people I am alive.

As soon as I placed the dot after ALIVE the house alarms were sounding and the lights went out...the timing of this was precise. As Jesus said 'Remind People I AM ALIVE!

May this message bless you and consolidate your faith.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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