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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Military Takeover: WMD >'In God's Name> True?

In 2003, lies were told by the British Prime Minister Tony Blair who is part of 'The Firm'  to take US and UK to war on Iraq....And as the invasion was taking place, he and hs wife disppeared on holiday. His human rights lawyer wife was not forthcoming to work on a Human Rights Violation -  in UK, but then everything that happens is exactly as meant to be. The Blairs have accumulated millions, with how many people killed in these illegal wars....wars for profit...wars to suit a political agenda - detrimental to people.

Remembering a long time ago recieving an email about politicians who are put in their positons to serve the people and yet are working for corporations and their own self interest. While we the people are made to suffer they fail in doing their job - following instruction. Actually even the blame of Tonly being the reason for this terrible war - what does he care. He made his bed and must suffer the consequences.

Why are generations of the British royals being promoted.

The agenda that is unfolding today has been planned long ago. It is a battle of the good guys and the criminals - the battle between evil forces and protectors. The battle between angels and demons. In the meantime, the people are being taken as fools..We ,might not know the truth.

There is action and reactions...foretold prophesy too..

We are told 'the meek shall inherit the earth' - that would indicate a destructoin of a system that has enslaved people with man made laws....while there are those who claim to be Royal who do not abide by Royal Law. The title is now with men wantng to be Emperors...Emperors over empires of people.

Remembering this stamp from long ago...Sumerian queen Puabi on a 1966 Iraqi stamp

Remembering also the Hebrew midwives Shiphrah  and Puah who refused to obey the Pharaoh to kill the baby Israelite boyes. Notice male rulers have thought notihng of deciding to kill children to prevent successors of leadership for the people. 

What also comes to mind is the Prince of Wales feathers.

There are rings worn by Monarchs also known as rings of power. With Iraq being a Kingdom, it is unknown if there is a connection to Iraq and the Prince of Wales. The only connection that has come to light is with the illegal war and evidently a bloodthirsty power hungry mindset yet again.

The interwoven fingers of William with Kate Middleton on their engagement. The announcment of this took place in the THRONE ROOM at St. James Palace, official residence of the Monarch.

When families are interwoven with political interests and power over people, it becomes more sinister because people in history have sworn allegiance to the crown. People have been murdered and continue to be murdered in wars based on lies. If there were royals who are sincere in their faith to God and making the promise to the people..that would be more understandable. 

With the corruption of Royal Succession Law all this has been foretold. Is the Prince of Wales - a title that has evolved from King of the Britons something else now? 

In Wales, Beulah has been named. Beulah Land is not only connecting the house of Israel it is the promise of lands and people being married. (God does not do this with bloodshed) 

There are people who think that someone who is baren would be fruitless - as in history there were many women who were baren in Biblical times. It is rather odd as to why. Was there a curse put on families - quite possibly. However God has shown how miracles have taken place and He created the way for a people who would continue to return people ot know His Laws in context. 

Past and present time, anyone who is conquesting lands by war and deception do not have any right to rule over those wlands...even if corporations for profit with contracts created. While Mulsims speak about and Hold God in their heart every day - there are those who are reacting to something. 

Around the days this photograph was taken, I had a dream watching a photographer taking pictures of Kate Middleton inside a mosque. She was wearing this outfit pretending to pray, with cushions on the floor that kept moving. When the photographer finished his 'shoot' Kate lifted her hands to stretch out of boredom Next a photograph appeared in an online Magasine promoting Kate as  a devout Muslim. The marketing was to win the affection and trust of the Muslim poeple. The set up was staged fakery. 

Prince William Islamic Center in  Virginia United States is located in Manassas. (The Tribe ofManasseh together with Ephraim also formed the House of Joseph.)

Prince William Islamic Center is a non-profit organization located in the heart of Prince William County to serve the Muslim community in teaching Islamic values and building responsible citizens. 

Prince William County named in USA deliberately!

Cambridge named in USA Deliberately. Their son being given the name Prince of Cambridge - Prince is a title of a Monarch....This couple are laughing...

The Prince William County Bar Association is a voluntary organization of lawyers who practice law in Prince William County and the cities of Manassas.....Do you have a problem with injustice in USA> Well as William is not divinely appointed by Godto be King, he had to settle for a given honorary Law degree instead, however even Oprah Winfrey has one of these too. Who else who is ethical does?

There are two teams - ethical beleivers and blatant God mockers"

Does Islam teach wizard wand waving. I do not think so"

Of course the states were named long ago...the choice of names for the royals are chosen with their titles and a strategry. With George Washingdon - Washington District of Columpbia is the location. George did not want to be King...But as royals do not use surnames....It has been said that when Charles becomes King he would take the name George...not sure if this is true or not. Something to think about.

If there is integrity with any structure - it does not come with decieving the people and individuals are individuals within the legal system. Not all lawyers are corrupt but some are and this cannot be ignored. Not everyone would want to be taken as a fool, but many people are happy to go along with the status quo.

So the Declaration of Independance of America and the man who is unfit to be King..who exactly is the reference to. For decades there are endlesss injustice in UK - people who are contributing to the destructoin of this Kingdom...but the same could happen in USA of structures with new being formed too. 

As Kate Middleton went sailing with the Clintons as a child, she is unlikely just a commoner as the media portrayed who married her Prince..Was this a political alliance - a business arrangement? .Her mother has the name of Goldsmith, Is Kate Middleton related to the Goldsmiths as Diana might be. 

The boat is named...A royal ruling the seas...actually this one might be over the river and lakes. After all that Royal Baptism with the water brought from the River Jordan was for a reason. The water that Jesus Christ was baptised in and stood on the ground, at the time when God Almighty remidned the people of the time that HE RULES OVER THE LAND WATER AND UNDER LAND TOO. 

And as the land and sand go under the sea, He Rules that too. There was a fire recently reported in a recent article...a fire that identified Crown Leisure. People are commenting on the royals needing a holiday after they show up for a wave ...Wth the almagamation of the Sovereign Grant that brings the total to over £30 milloin a year, no shortage of cash. (with a reported £200 million in expenses claim. The effort to 'secure the future of the British Monarchy' is not hidden from anyone. Already structures are in place. 

Are any of the British royals sincere in their faith? Or is it as people have said - religon has been used to control people and assume the power to claim divine right of Kings when this is not so.

In another article headline the reveal of William being Kaiser (German for Emperor and Kate being Queen) was published. So the reference of Kates Palace is with 'Queensland' being identified, especially alongside of the Emirates Stadium in London. Perhasp they have a business arrangement. 

The royals past and present have taken it upon themselves to decide who shall live and who shall die. As someone who is sincere in my faith to God and with Jesus Christ making himself known wearing his crown, I am obliged to give my allegience to the Most High God and be obediant as, now 'to write;

This article just started off as a question and sort of evolved as other information came to mind, or being guided to see a connections....I do not know the truth of what is happening. But I do know something there are men who beleive they have the right to be Kings Ruling over empires and people. One has said his father a former King is related to all the 13 families....Dears - the illegitimate bloodline are not eligible. 

So the wars in our world are with the people right at the top knowing what is going on. The lust for power is at the root of all evil, past and in the present time. At the end of their life - they will take their last we all will. In this life we are given to evolve spiritually. Not everyone will.  .

Queen's in history have made detrimental decisions impacting people. The religion of wizard wand waving is not one that I personally am interested in following or looking up to. 

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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