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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Most Important Message Anonymous to Humanity

To learn who rules over those who you are not allowed to criticise - just know they are AFRAID - or they WILL BE! The time is coming very soon when people will be free of the deception for slavery.


Making the law for an illegitimate bloodline to be Queen, this would allow an illegitiamte bloodline to be King too. David Cameron is from an illegitimate bloodline and he is not the only one!

They have been making laws to justify their own agenda.

They have corrupted the Holy Law long ago. When injustice as now is the law, when they have gone against the authority of God - understand the meaning of rebellion. They rule by Force and deception to the people- The King who is the only one who has been given Power and Authority, rules with LOVE!

It is easy to wear a mask....Peel away the mask of Kings and Queens, Princes and Duchess's - Are they human beings who love and care about people, or selfish greedy individuals? Are they people who fear God - knowing that they are not superor beings at all. There are a few demon posessed beings.

What about the government?. In England laws were made to ensure the governmet are never overturned - One day there will be another great destrucftion here. Great fire of London was not without reason.

The greatest fear the government have is not that people just wake up - but also to realise that they have no power at all. These years there has been a  RUSH to privatise services and get people tied to new contracts. There is layers upon layers of deception to the people and they rule to the detriment of everyone.

One day we will all be answerable to God. The Judge of Merit does not sit back continuing to ignore the Rights that were GOD GIVEN TO THE PEOPLE..but the judge in the court is just another slave.

They all take oaths of allegience to the Queen, her heirs and successors and they are now ruled over people who are not evolved and have no care who they harm, injure, cause loss and suffering to or kill.


Prophet Muhammad was chosen to highlight the truth that has been preserved and held with the Greek Orthodox Church - to preserve the truth given To The People at the foot of Mount Sinai. And Moses was born to be delivering the message for people to Worship God and obey not False Idols.


In this video clip is a typcial preditory 'man of the cloth' who is lustng after young girls - there are those who are lusting after children too. There is no silnece to the abuse going on by individuals. The actor has an English accent and it is with the reminder to ask how many of these who claim to be servants of the Lord are not...The are not serving the Lord in Trutn and they are not Saving the Souls of people either.

Another scene 'the voice of London' - who is this man today?

The red rose is featured with the House of Lancaster. The Lancashire Rose. Some profoundly disturbing scenes and yet, once we start to see the evil plots against the people, the film mades sense and is a reminder to those who abuse in positions of power that they are not immortal souls.

Notice the entertainment shows on television today? They are on televison to entertain you and distract you from what is really going on. How many friends of the establishment play different parts of brainwashing the masses....and how nany actually work to bring the truth to the people? Now that is a question.

LISTEN CAREFULLY TO THE SCRIPT. John Hurt 'In the 2006 film V for Vendettahe played the role of Adam Sutler, leader of the Norsefire fascist dictatorship.

'we are calling it an emergency demolition, we have spin coverage on the network and throughout the interlink, several experts have been lined up to testify against the Bailey structural integrity.- 

'I want Provero to speak tonight on the dangers of these old buildings and how we must avoid clinging to the editors of a decadent past. He should conclude that the New Bailey will become the symbol of our time and the future that our conviction has rewarded us...'

(Provero - first-person singular future of provare)
Provero means to 'try, test, attempt, essay, taste, experience; feel, prove; argue, demonstrate, show; rehearse'

The Central Criminal Court universally known as the Old Bailey,
This is where Lady Justice is on top of the crown dome roof

.The blowing up of the Houses of Parliament is with a symbolic reason and that being it is here that the Hosue of Commons, The House of Lords and the Parliament makes the Laws.


If  you are looking for the guilty, you only need to look into the mirror'

In the final revolution scene the enemy being the government shows how easily it arms people who are obediant to the oaths of allegience and yet, they wait for the order to kill the people and it does not come...this land was not given to tyrannical rulers to rule forever.

Just recently I was told a proclamation was made in Bolton with military vehicles (after the destructoin of Smyrna.) it was after 1922-and I have not found the details of this. Being told that the proclaimation was made to maintain one Law of Treason if anyone overthrows the government in England. Today, they who betray the people, make decisions  for war based on lies and injustice is rife with man made laws to keep  in positons of power and control over people - they have decied their own fate..How their downfall will come about is in the Hands of God who they continually MOCK BLATANTLY!

Before Justice is done - Credible Witnesses are called.

The English Court Judge have committed very serious crimes.

The greatest crimes to humanity is enslaving the people.

Yesterday, still not finishing writing all the biblical messages brought to know and share in this time, of the most important message is that there are people ruling over lands and people by deception.

Egotistical man has wanted to be God and he is not!

God given Rights and Liberties cannot be taken away from people. The great deception to be done to the people to prevent us being free was implemented free long ago. Who is protecting the people?

In 2012, I had a dream of a 'flattened palace' - no idea where and there was no trace of a palace ever being there. The people were walking across this flattened ground..

It is not known if I was seeing into the future or what was before in a specific place. I just KNEW that once a royal palace stood on this place. Westminster was built as a Royal Palace. But I did not get the impression that it was a dark building...Where are the detrimental laws for the people being made?

Peace be witih you
Pauline Maria

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