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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 18 August 2014

Operation Sea Lion Delay: 2012 Canada Applause

Operation Sea Lion (GermanUnternehmen Seelöwe) was Nazi Germany's plan to invade the United Kingdom during the Second World War, following the Fall of France. For any likelihood of success, however, the operation required both air and naval superiority over theEnglish Channel, neither of which the Germans ever achieved during or after the Battle of Britain. Many historians and senior German military figures have concluded that Adolf Hitler never actually intended to invade England. "Sea Lion" was indefinitely posponed by Hitler on 17 September 1940 and never carried out.

With Mablethorpe in England naminging Quebec Road and also  Gibralter Road running between the sea and the town...this is signifcantly and deliberately planned. When this was named is not known...What is known in 1953 the sea reacted to what was being planned for over this land...washing away whatever...the sea was very angry. The lands that were impacted included England, Holland Belgium and Northern Ireland. 

This video title asks "What if" Operation Sea Lion (The Invasion of England) actually succeeded? 1

Access the full documentary parts on Youtube.

Sea King helicopter being flown by Prince William in 2010.

Prince William lands helicopter on water during Canadian visit

'Emergency waterbird landing' this was identified as

The Daily Telegraph reported with photograph below MOD/PA

Prince William takes the controls of a Sea King helicopter during a training exercise in Wales

Sea King....SEE KING - Nothing is hidden from  your eyes.

Canadian Sea king crash at airshow in July 2011

SEA KING ACCIDENT IN THE LAKE DISTRICT - the pilot gets hit in the face with bleeding seen...was this a reminder of the fatal blow to the head -( another tradegy that is revealing perhaps a greater truth connected  and prophesy with this vehicle)

There is no deying that emergency services are valuable and officers put their lives at risk..When extraordinary events happen in unexpected circumstances, there is  a reason that we cannot always understand..However somewhere there is a reason for everything.

There has never been a denial of the British Royals connection to Germany. We cannot change who we are, as I cannot change being born in Royal bloodlines too. The difference is traditionally being Royal is not to decieve is with being sincere with everyone. Jesus - My King and King of the kings..Some time back I ws thinking...Vikings, knocking the Vi off, making the king with a capital K"

The Fake Kate lookalike putting on the crown.

Only people who are not in allignment with Christ would deny people their Royal Birthright...and history has shown Kings declaring themselves to be God. Jesus referred to God as MY FATHER!

There is another article declaring William as Kaiser and Kate as his Queen. Kaiser is a German Emperor..- Caesar would be another name meaning that would equate with this.

Question - Is Diana still alive because if she is. her appearnace might shatter the illusion of everyone. While this is fiercely denied..If she was wheelchair bound it would make sense she would be hidden away. Just remember she did not actually die in the car crash and the ambulence went miles out of its way..The results from the autopsy were muddled up then it was taking place in London. UK corporations does not care how many Laws it breaks...Hard hearted stiff necked people - Do they even care about the people?

Pretty face = happy family, they would be and will be anticipating to continue collecting at least £30 million a year with the Soverign Grant now amalgamated. Now what is the truth in their hearts and minds?

There has been promoting William as King since a baby, they are now working on another generation...easy to get the gullible masses to deny Christ and trust in people who are not saving their soul...

The King of the Netherlands, his children only became known as Princess after he was inaurated and not before..My Dutch friend said for the first time we will have a King and Queen..European Royals know what is going on and itis unknown if they are part of this deception..or not. There are Royals who are sincere in their faith and wait for Christ to return. Not everyone is sincere in their faith.

Being reminded of the time that what seemed to be a crowning ceremony taking place - did the Archishop wear his Mitre Crown or not>Not seeing it here! No Mitre, no valid coronation! Then again there is someone behind...remembering in the Eyes Wide Shut Movie the Master of Ceremonies wereing a long red robe symbolising blood...he is wearing a Mitre. (MoC - coronations of Emperors.)

Being of the Holy Orthodox Church - THANK GOD!

Persecution of the Holy Orthodox Church and beleiving Christians is a deliberate act. With the 2013 assassination plot to Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople HH Bartholomew, Christ has revealed to be with for His True Church..The false church is putting King and Queen instead of God.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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