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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow & Russia: Pure TRUTH

A loud message is shared with gentleness and this is what took place before Patriarch Alexy of Moscow and Russia was to take his last breath in his service to Christ, guided by the Holy Spirit on earth.

'On the occasion of the celebration of the Year 2008 as the Year of Saint Paul and under the presidency of His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew the Synaxis of the Heads of the Orthodox Churches, is called in Constantinople, October 9-12. The Synaxis is held along the Pauline Symposium which will run through October 16.

This biblical symposium is held in honor of St. Paul and will focus on aspects of the life, the apostolic activity and the teachings of the great Apostle of the Nations which are connected with our contemporary world. The Pauline Symposium is an academic offering of the Ecumenical Patriarchate to the Primates of the Church for the enrichment of their pastoral care and work.'

Patriarch Alexy took his last breath in this life on 5th of December in the same year....because of the content of the message, it could be that his life was taken prematurely...and in this being one of the 'anointed ones' we can surely discover that hurting anyone who is serving Christ in truth, they lose their rights and especially to rule. Killing soneone and God's Rule returns on this earth!

In my expereince thre is great effort to prevent the Kingdom of God -people who have not evolvved want to rule as if they are Gods but they just cannot deliver. They do not deliver the Word of God, So this is why we live in a world where people are actually being robbed of the most important food of all, of the Holy Spirit. 

But what is happening is also signs of the times.  When the intelligent are ruled over by the ignorant and 'stupid' - words of a lawyer - their pathietic ideads also reflect their incapcity to lead people to the HIGH ROAD. The desirre for power and to control the world 'in the name of Christ- at least deliver a truth.  And if this world has a pecking order of people willing to put somoeone as a King, who really has no idea, that is their choice but if this same one does not listen to the King of Kings [- he would serve batter as a road sweeper.

Sharing this video because it came to my attention in 2012. 

Of course Jesus making himself known is because of the exposure of those who try and rule over lands and people by deception. We cannot serve two masters and all those who want to follow a King who rejects God's authoirty - that is their choice. Everyoen is given Free Will,. Jesus did not ask anyone to Kill for him but the illegal wars have been taking place for some years...There is a price ofr everything eventually.

People who know and study THE ROYAL LAW live by this law and yet those with given law degrees to be heads of corporations might easily diregard The LAW and God which is not only arrogance there is the reaping of consequences too. Whatever has been done now to the detriment of people cannot be reversed and so we might see a boomerang effect - because Karma comes back to those who do not repent

The assisination plot of the Ecumenical Patriach is sufficient to show that the evil ones endure and yet masquerade to point to someone else..I am certain God knows who is behind all this. .  

In the 2008 Pauline Symposium the leaders of the Orthodox churches, with His Holiness Bartholomew, listening to his recorded video messages you will learn he speaks for Justice and Peace in our world and he speaks with love - the love of Christ for the peope.

Attention was brought to His Beatitude Alexie of Moscow and all Russia who provides a most important message to the churches.. (43:22) This took place 'in conjunctionof the Jubilee Year of the Apostle Paul.

A man who shortly after delivering this message (was killed is what comes to mind) and yet the truth cannot be silenced. Even at the end of a life that is complete - the truth cannot be silenced. And perhaps in this video the most important message that He was to deliver to the world will endure globally.

Much of what is spoken is written here...

'The Church truthfully names Paul as publisher and wreath of the Apostles, who in the end of times surpasses all through zeal, recieving from God inspiration for spreading the news for the Church. He went about advocating to all the world and on this path distributed the truth through his message. Which in the words of St. John Chysostom defends the Ecumenical Church like a wall constructed of diamonds.  God in division of the Apostle Ananias named Paul as a chosen vessel for the vocation of announcing the name of Jesus Christ, before Gentiles, Kings and the children of Isreal. This God inspired Apostolic news about the name of Christ has overcome time and space. '

'It is not an exception in this pointof time an attempt to put man in place of God; to oust religion from the public life; to justify sin; to oppose ideas of holiness and FREEDOM; to foist people into the binding characteristics of non religious values and heathens in the essense of the idealogy of consumption. Answers to this dangerous contemporay challenge are mantained in abundance in the inexhaustable theological treasury of the Holy Apostle Paul, where we can and must extract and utilize them in our pastoral services.' 

'Another old challenge the church faces is the penetration of the fence of this spirit from the world, leading to internal division and consequently the weakening of HER testimony to the world. In the third millenia since the birth of Christ we make a new appeal to the question posed by the Apostle Paul. Is Christ divided?  Through his inspired Appeal for Unity, in One Spirit and one Judgment, this same apostle spoke of diffference of opinion which must necessily be between us. It is not a coincidence that the difference of opinions according to this question are not constrained to Orthodox dogma. But indeed it occurs in interchurch attitude. However in the presence of reciprocal love we might rouse ourselves into  a deeper realisation and experience of church unity.......' 

Patriarche Alexy II (23 February 1929 – 5 December 2008) was soon after this speech be taken from this life and God knows the truth of why. The body can perish, the soul is immortal and so really the physical presence was silenced....the soul lives on and  that is what some people just do not get.

The assasination plot to HH Bartholomew was seen and known about by Jesus Christ, coinciding with the police in Turkey Publishing the truth in the media. How precise is Jesus gave me a very clear dream on 9th May 2013 that he is with the Ecumenical Patriarch and also Patriarch Kirill. The police exposed the evil agenda. There is a far bigger picture happening in our world and there is no room for wizard wand wavers, the people involved witrh black magic as being the Kings and Queens - Emperors and Empress in MY Church.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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