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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 29 August 2014

Pretenders To The Throne, The Torah Crown & Taxes

Last year i was listening to a lady say the Queen is not the rightful heir to the Throne and referring to the Pretender to the thone...Then a BBC documentary also stated that the Queen was not the rightful monarch...but in this documentary the Plantagenet bloodline was identified.
England where unvolved man wants to rule as God and does so by removing God as the authority over the people - so easily done...a plan from long ago...Vikings conquer the world!
We hear the name Pretender and Actor comes to mind.
pretender is one who claims entitlement to an unavailable position of honour or rank. Most often it refers to a former monarch, or descendant thereof, whose throne is occupied or claimed by a rival, or has been abolished.
Although "claimant" is sometimes preferred, the term in itself is not pejorative. The original meaning of the English word pretend, from the French wordprĂ©tendre (from the Latin praetendo lit. "to stretch out before" means "to put forward, to profess or claim"; this predates today's more common English meaning of "pretend", which is to claim falsely.
The term "pretender" applies not only to claimants with arguably genuine rights to the throne (as the various pretenders of the Wars of the Roses) who regarded the de facto monarch as a usurper, but also to impostors with wholly fabricated claims (as pretenders to Henry VII's throne Lambert Simnel andPerkin Warbeck). People in the latter category often assume the identities of deceased or missing royalty, and are sometimes referred to for clarity as false pretenders or royal impersonators. A Papal pretender is called an Antipope.
Did not know that about the Antipope....
Willing to learn is by doing the research..

Queen Great Pretender jjust came to mind - being honest....This video features the Stairway to Heaven...Notice how flamboyant and extreme people become to get a message across..The most important message that we are born to evolve spiritually and ascend to heaven.
There are people who are preventing progress, The crown wearers and overlords in this world can be  blocks to progess and being free to live under spiritual laws. This shows a people with no respect for God or His Spiritual Laws - No Regard for God and His Kingdom.  
The Beautiful South - Pretenders to The Throne
"Your time is dragging me down..."
The people who are pretenders to the throne are dragging the people down..
In England people are detrimentally placed under the authority and as subjects of the Queen, her heirs and successors.. There are gains to be had in this position and with the government contolling people the low mentality is reflected in society. Black Magic and witchcraft are being promoted and it is only a matter of time til the great destruction before the new can begin..People be FREE  
Rejecting Apostolic succession has ensured that no one who is being guided by Christ in truth would influence these lands..Even in the name of Christ, Instead wizard wand wavers thrive.
The Queen does not deny the divinely guided ones, In fact she might be aware that we are suffering serious injury and with the breaking our our hearts and minds, we become imcompetant to function in a role of serviing in authority so a PRINCE REJENT steps inot the role instead. 

Torah Crowns Swiped from Queens Synagogue

Two years ago Torah crowns were stolen from Queens synagogue to show how unrelated events indicate waht is happening. Torah Crowns have been stolen from the Jewish Queens. Torah pertainng to the Law and insterpretation of the Law. Was there not a big fire in the area of Queens in New York?

Has secret  crowning ceremonies taken place?

Are the British Royals bltantly going against God?

Because there is a refusal to do right by the people 'globally' this is evoking reactions and people are being inspired in different ways to bring the truth to people. Here is a Torah Crown that has just been amde that is featuring three tiers..three crowns. 
Published on 14 Jul 2014 Shuki Freiman
3-D view of our handmade sterling silver Torah Crown.


It really does not matter to me what people think in what I am writing to present openly how in the process of discovering the truth it comes in different ways and guises..Pure and absolute truth comes from God. This article is showing how the truth can come what is relevant to know in different ways and diversity is needed to communicate toreach the message to the people...While I am being oppressed by a low unevolved mentality. 

The people in England have been deprived of a spiritual birthright but there is a new revival taking place and that is to return to Christ - The system of laws for profit that is in place is actually Breaking the Law. And if the Queen is not the rightful person to be sitting on the throne, £500 million taxes were collected in Britain under false pretences. The courts rhat operate with any association or connected with the Crown = operatng under false pretenses.

When Greed comes before doing right by the people...that is surely a very hard heart. But to ignore the devastation and the innocents who are suffering and being killed, that is absolutely disgusting. The Queen can choose while she is alive to set humanity free and that is by Royal Law ensure that only the officials are serving her - Queen Elizabeth if she is chosen by God and place heretrust in God for knwing there is actually inspired and enlightened intellence in our world who are trying desprately to move forward and bring this world how it should be in this era.

Being a subject of a wizard wand waver...I AM NOT!

I am forced to pay Council Tax to a system that is breaking the law because we are FORBIDDEN TO FUND WAR AND INJUSTICE as has been taking place in this land.  

I do not know if the officials and tax cllectors have gone to the church to pray and seek forgiveness for the laws they are breaking...God knows...They have gathered in the Sovereigns Church, Westminster Abbey.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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