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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 15 August 2014

The Queen & Her Diamond Jubilee Crown Jewels

I am going to take a postive perspective and bring some clarity to some understanding 'as it should be' so that people can comprehend why the Queen has in her possession vast land areas.

My uderstanding is that SHE  is waiting for Jesus Christ to return and then when he returns she will take back His Kingdom...not for personal possession but so the people can live in peace and  not war over...This is what she is supposed to be doing and she also promised on oath to uphold the Holy Laws.

The message that was given by Jesus is published already.

There is an eternal throne in heaven and as above so below - the reminder of the eternal Rule of God over all of us is something that has always been maintained. The Queen took a promise to uphold Justice with Mercy. The death pentality has been abolished - not only does this protect people being killed from tyrannical rulers - it also preserves people from being killed by unjust lawyers in unjust courts.

As with any law that has been made by Royal Decree this is not changeable. It is written as evidence that killing is forbidden in the Holy Bible. Whether this law was written for the royals who betrayed the people I really do not know...The Law and Authority of God rules over all the Kings and Queens.

There is a law - Jubilee Law that is to return the land who whom it rightfully belongs to. As Jesus had not made himself known at that time - he began in this time to make His Truth known.

During the coronation of the Queen was said to be seated the Pillow of Jacob - the stone where Jacob dreamed of the stairway to heaven. The reponsibility on this woman's shoulders in the ever watchful eye of God is that she does right by the people. She has been given responsibility to take care of people.

 With the Queen being named as the Governor and Supreme Head of the Church of England - God is the Authority over the entire Church - a church meaning traditionally the people. So wnen people try and rule over lands and people by devious means they will be discovered and exposed accordingly.

There are people who are outraged at the jewells and their worth when there are people starving in our world and yet who is going to buy these..- Where did these Jewells actually come from> Did anyone ever consider to know why they were given and why they are passed down to the next Queen?

In learning about the Aquamarines from Brazil that the Queen often wears - a gift from the land that shows that Queen and Brazil are connected...that she is accepted as a Queen for the people there. Well wishes around the world have given gifts around the world..'for a reason' The Queen was given a necklace from Asia -a beautiful necklace that has been worn since by Kate Middleton. Is she chosen by God?

There is a lot of media reporting that are indicating that some sort of ceremony has already taken place to be naming Kate even Queen...but ruling over lands and people by deception is not how Godworks. So this is a family who are also serving in the divine plan to show in someway the chains will be broken.

Christ loves his people so much..He gives so many chances.

People have killed for diamonds...and so blood diamonds are named.

The Cullinan Diamond is not a blood diamond. It came from Africa. Above is a picture of a glass replica to indicate it's size....a diamond's beauty is reflected in the fine craftshmanship of cutting the stone to refelct light accordingly. There are people in our world who beleive they are not special - everyone has something unique about them and being mutlifaceted ou will shine more light in the world.

During the Jubilee celebration  seven of the  nine major stones cut from the Cullinan Diamond, the largest rough gem quality diamond ever found, went on display. I think the gift is one that is carrying far more value than any percieved or actual financial worth because this has become a bond between people in England and Africa.

Caroline de Guitaut, Curator of Royal Collections, holds the Cullinan III and IV Broach and the Cullinan VII Delhi Durbar Necklace and Cullinan Pendant at The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace

Dazzlers: Curator Caroline de Guitaut holds the Cullinan III and IV brooch and the Cullinan VII Delhi Durbar Necklace and Cullinan Pendant = The connection with Asia and India is revealed.

The Imperial Emerals are identified for a reason. Not only is the Crown of Asia connected but also with the Diamond, in this neclace is connecting India and Africa nations together - one humanity close to the chest, and heart of the Queen.)who would be a descendant of  King Solomon and Queen of Sheba)

Imperial State Crown is transported from the Palace of Westminster after the State Opening of Parliament in the Palace of Westminster

The Imperial State Crown is with deep red velvet seen inside and notice the uncut red stone on the front. Lastr year in being shown several visions of different crowns - one was a Kings Gold Crown - looked to be very heavy and had two tablets with the Ten Commandments written in Hebrew. This crown also featured a big red stone like this on the front. The Commandments written in Hebrew shows that the King of Israel by Divine Right is Hebrew too. (The vision crown was being given to me to take care of)

Royal Collection: The South Africa Necklace and Bracelet part of a exhibition of royal gems being staged to mark the Queen's 60-year reign at the Queen's gallery, Buckingham Palace

The South African necklace and braclelet...A bracelet binds the wearer to the person who has given this and this Cullinan Diamond came from the land and people in Africa. The necklace ties the wearer to the South African people ...Notice in the British Crown Crest a unicorn with a crown around it;s neck.

The lady who brought me into this world 'Joy' the midwife came from South Africa. Being born in 1960 in London, I have heard with my own ears racist comments and looking dolwn on the people from Africal This lady was to be a lifetlone friend tomy mother and we reamined in communication right up to her death only recently....Now there is also a a Holy Scripture that identifies Queen of the South.

The Queen of the South will rise at the judgment with this generation and condemn it; for she came from the ends of the earth to listen to Solomon's wisdom, and now something greater than Solomon is here. Matthew 12:42

There is also a football club named Queen of the South in Glasgow. So for land to be named Elizabeth in the South of Africa - she is also identified and connected with this land and the law.

Royal Collection: The Coronation Necklace and Earringspart of a exhibition of royal gems being staged to mark the Queen's 60-year reign at the Queen's gallery, Buckingham Palace

This is the coronation necklace and earings. If we are taking the spiritual perspective of what these means...crystal clear invoice and in the heart, with the pendant that is hanging down. Pure intentions...and each diamond having signifcance....being a rounded necklace - a ciricle for all people. As for the earings - we hear with our ears and that is to hear with pureness and to act accordingly.

Anyone who is divinely guided in truth is hearing the Voice of the Lord and as has been shown in this time there are many people who are hearing clearly and bringing people back tothe Lord accordingly. The reason for this is because there is danger for the people 'by those who evoke demons and have allowed themselves to be instruments to serve the dark lord...In God he is our protector in these difficult times.

The small Diamond Crown as worn by Queen Victoria for her official Diamond Jubilee portrait in 1870 is displayed ahead of the 'Diamonds: A Jubilee Celebration' exhibition at Buckingham Palace

With Queen Victoria coming to light in the previous article and what is happening with a New Victoria station being buiilt in Manchester, here is The Diamond Crown worn by Queen Victoria for her official Diamond Jubilee portrait in 1870. Notice this is a very small  crown as if for a child. Notice the Fleur de Lis. As a small child would be unable to be seated on the throne - this would mean that someone else would do so.

This crown indicates that Queen Victoria did acknwlege the Law in relatoin to Jubilee and returning the Kingdom to whom it belongs to...the succession to maintain the Kingdom belonging to Christ cannot be ignored or even overlooked because it is through Christ that the Kingdom of God is what it is.

Royal Collection undated handout photo of The Girls of Great Britain Tiara part of a exhibition of royal gems being staged to mark the Queen's 60-year reign

The Girls of Great Britain whoever named this also acknowledged the women and their role in maitaining Great Britain with this tiara being placed on the Queen;s head accordingly. As it is women who give birth to children - the continuation of the human race relies on women. Women are the guiding lights in their patners lives the people who encourage their children to learn, grow and achieve...Woman are the comforters whoa re healing and are doing so too. Women are not downtrodden here is the message that is being delivered with this particular diadem...A very important symbol.

Girls of Great Britain Tiara was a wedding present to the Queen’s Grandmother Princess Victoria Mary of Teck, later Queen Mary on behalf of the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland in 1893, it became one of the Queen’s favourites and is known as “Granny’s tiara.”

The Cullinan III and IV Broach is displayed at The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace

The Cullinan III and IV brooch has been noticed worn on the with everything she wears, the colour and fine detail of her hats, the choice of jewells have been carrying a message too. Wearing this below her shoulder and upper breast..the Queen has kept thepeople of Africa close to her heart by wearing this ...One is in a teardrop shape and might symbolise the tears that are being shed privately for the people. 

It must be included to share the Queen's Sceptre from a separate article. 

This is the Great Star of Africa Diamond seated in the Royal Sceptre - notice the orb and the cross are connected with inside the heart of a cross and emerald. The emerald Isles are named Ireland - the Emerald is connected with the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon. The Queen of Sheba came from Ethiopia which is North East Africa...and so with the child born from a King of the United Kingdom of Isreal, people and lands were married too. The Lion of Judah is tha name that became known from ths lineage. 

The Cullinan was discovered with a story that provides an important lesson. It was thrown out of the mine manager’s window as it was thought to be worthless.The clerks who had thrown the stone away were eventually persuaded it was a real gem and it was named after the chairman of the mining company, Thomas Cullinan.
In 1909, after it had been cut and polished, the two largest gems were formally presented to Edward VII. The Diamonds: A Jubilee Celebration exhibition was from June 30 to July 8 and from July 31 to October 7 in 2010
So while people look to see the value in wealth...look to remember that even the manager of the mine thought this was a worthless piece of glass. These diamonds were not made to be sold...theyare a symbol, and reminder never to look down on people...and especially the people from Africa nations.
Back in the ancient times, Moses married a woman from Ethiopia...and with Queen of Sheba being from Ethiopia, The Emperor and Empress came to be known. There is also in Ethiopia Saint Mary of Zion Chapel that houses the Ark of the Covenant and a reminder that God has always remembered the people from Africa as being of equal value of everyone else in our world too.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

No Copyright Infringement Intended.

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