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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Royal Observer Tower of London Blood Poppies

An installation of red ceramic poppies has been laid outside the Tower of London. 'Called Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red, it is made up of thousands of ceramic poppies.;

'When it is completed - on November 11, Armistice Day - there will be a total of 888,246 poppies planted around the tower - one for each British and Colonial fatality during the war.
The tower was where more than 1,600 men swore an oath to the crown in August 1914 after enlisting for the war.
The Duke and Duchess and Prince Harry, who on Monday attended commemorative events in Belgium, arrived at the Tower at 11am on Tuesday.
They climbed the Middle Tower to view the artwork from above, before walking through the field of poppies, accompanied by General Lord Dannatt, Constable of the Tower of London and his wife, Lady Dannatt.'
Kate looking poised with her head down wearing Kingfisher blue.
With Kate Middleton being Patron of the Artroom - this installation is outside on the grounds surrounding the Tower of London. It s no coincidence that Buckingham Palace also houses the Royal Art collection - collecting in the region of £50,milllion a year from tourists and selling souveniers, it is said this money goes into maintaining the art collection:(
The Middle Tower - The History of the Tower of London is geat, bloody and cruel and the Middle Tower has its part to play in the story. The Middle Tower housing many bloody secrets, is just one of 21 towers which together form the Tower of London Castle complex.
The media again capture a moment that would be one normally for a deep feeling person, one of tremendous sadness for the loss of life, past and present time. The royals remain in their position because people have taken oaths and willing to die for them. 
While Kate laughs and smiles at sombre occassions - Harry has seen his comrades wounded and killed -civilians too. Perhaps shipping the Duchess to face destroyed homes in our world and the innocents slaughtered will wipe that grin off her face.  Recently the media published a series of photos with Kate wincing and covering her face watching a boxing match. 
Pope Francis made a declaration to the Mafia. 'Repent or you will go to hell.' The British establishment are sometimes referred to as The Firm - a firm is a corporation. The Firm is another name used to refer to the Mafia. The Mafia is a criminal organisation.
Pope did not identify who are the Mafia. A BBC Documentary have said that the Queen is not even the rightful person to be crowned and so have her protection officers. But Elizabeth II was crowned and that is how it is...The future of the monarchy is secured with laws. 

'Curls, flirts and a Kate Middleton Remembrance Day hard to forget' - November 2011

Being filled with sadness and with tears in eyes for the people who are killing and being killed past and present time would have been far more sincere for any queen who is supposed to love her people. What sorrow so many of us endure for the helpless ones who know bombs and trauma everyday. 

As the Bishop of London has said...the wars in our world are not to do with religion. It is said the possessor of the kohinoor diamond (seated in the crown of the Queen of England) will possess the world. So many wars even in history - blood diamonds are named for a reason
So many people want the end of the British monarchy now and there are those who want it to end at the death of Queen Elizabeth. But it seems there is no intention to end - There was a song that was made by Michael Jackson 'They do not care about us' .With the increase of armed police in UK - this is not going in a good direction. Very uholy indeed. 
So what will be the end of the British monarchy - A vision of a flattened palace back in 2012 was likely symbolic and not literal...The people were walking over the flattened land as if the palace was never there There was the reported Windsor Castle fire in 1992. At that time secrets and lies, deceiving the people was later revealed by Diana.'IF' Diana was to appear alive....that might be the end of the monarchy - shattering of illusions. 
Power games are being played' . There are not just the Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games. There are war games being played with real people killed.The Game of Thrones has been shown at a time to consider the reality of the royals behind closed doors. 
The ocean and lands as a reminder of blood shed in World War 1 and there has been war for some years already...The Bishop of London hinted at homelands being destroyed. A few years ago after praying for peace,  a thought came to mind 'it will be better to remove one family to save the whole of humanity'. Perhaps this is God's plan. He will reveal how. 
In the meantime the ceramic poppies are for sale £25 each with money being divided between several charities. Exactly what percentage will be going to each charity is not revealed. There are charities returning around 10% to the cause they collect donations while the other 90% being used for administation and expenses...There are people who give 100% of money raised from charity to the cause...The facts and figures are not revealed in this case.
The easiest way to bring and end to the war is sack the warlords. Walk in truth with Christ and seek to be guided in the right way..He has not told anyone to kill anyone. And he has not instructed anyone to go and possess lands by weapons of war either. Greed and the lust for power 'especially over people' drives people on a journey that might cost their soul.
Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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