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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 18 August 2014

Salmonella Plague & GM Flies Now Made

There has been a news report of Salmonella at a Hospital - NHS - the sign stuck out for a reason,..not actually remembering the hospital...but I woke today with some insight about this validated.

Salmonella is spread through flies cross contaminating.

Is this a warning for people - indeed it is.

Please do not forget in the ancient times there were biblical plagues that were TO WARN THE PHARAOH and today the Queen, Being Queen Elizabeth II is supposed to be protecting the people. She is supposed to be upholding the Laws in the Holy Scriptures. Her officials are not.

There is an oath of allegiance taken to the Queen her heirs and successors. The people ho are born on this land are also her subjects, yesterday reading also to her heirs and successors.


The people who belong under the authority of God - the Israelites. The Jews. The Muslims...This is especially when the Law has been Broken and there is defiance and disobediance to God. This would especially apply in relation to succession...but the officials in this land silence this deliberately.

So there are people in this land who are FREEMAN.

The Queen and her fmaily are not intercessors for prayer to protect you from evil. If the system that is already established with its laws has allowed anyone who serves Satan, then everyone is at risk.

There is connected with the New NHS Foundation - THE KINGS FUND. For this to be alreadu created, is this King Lord Jesus Christ....because I am not convinced everyone is serving HIM IN TRUTH.

With the manipulation of laws a tremendous amount of funds are being shifted around - is the Healing profession actually working to the highest good for people?

Is identifying and healing the root cause of illness happening?

Actually no it is not. Most illnesses are psychosomatic.

Many illnesses are due to toxic consumption.

Then thee.ilnesses as the cause of toxins...and we can include other problems that incur because of taking toxins...including pharmaceutical drugs over a long period of time.

One surgeon told me that investigative surgery is to find out what is take a look inside...he said often they do not know. Symptoms occurr and there are people who complain of symptoms...beleiving there is something wrong and there is not. There are people addicted to surgery and medical attention.

Take a look at the plastic surgery is booming.

THE KING'S FUND identifies a King who is not doing something right. Of course the royals are attached to the healing profession because Jesus Christ is a healer...and there are people working within the health service who are sincere in their heart - studying for years to help people get well.

The problem is the foundation the structure is established.

Years ago , every doctor and nurse took an oath to God and that was to be His instrument to assist healing - not sure if this still applies today. That might be removed because the people are 'subjects of the royals their heirs and successors' and they might not even care about the people or their well being and health.

Remember everyone is individuals. Princess Anne is named at the Maternity Unit at the Bolton Royal Hospital and so she has her name connected with Giving Birth and Protecting New Life.

Something is going wrong for thi Salmonella outbreak.

A swarm of flies came to my attention today.

God is warning this is another plague that is sent.

Thinking this is just about the Disobediant Royals...

I just looked and read that GM flies are being made.

The title writes GM flies could save crops.

Actually the GM food is changed of its molecular structure as God intended this to be...and so if anything people are more at risk for illness...The mascuarading 'halo' wearing royals provide a service of health and wellness...when they are not preventing the decisions being made to the detriment of people

Royal...being of Royal Bloodline is to be a SERVANT OF THE LORD and that is to ensure that nothing is done that might put the people at risk...if the royals are listening they would act accordingly. However there is also the Dark Lord so it is not always known who is serving who...

Let me elaborate on what the BBC News has reported:

A type of genetically engineered fly which eventually kills itself off could be an effective method of pest control, according to new research.
These male mutant flies have a lethal gene which interrupts female development.
They were trialled in a greenhouse resulting in "population collapse"..

These are the precise words that are written...and people are dropping like flies. Years ago people lived for hundreds of even children are dying with cancer and brain tumors. So when we learn that brain tumors developed on rats during the testing of aspartame, instead of banning this, apartame can be found in most prepared products and drinks on the supermarket shelf.

In the list identified - one point has stuck out loudly and this would be especially so because the media reports that were againt GM made a big issue about Corn crops.... The people in America who saying Corn Syrup is bad for them might not be identifying the reason why. It has been discovered here.


Just as I began to write this article a throw down of rain came with wind..and Just as finishing the wind is blowing gusts - but at least the thunder is not happening to express the anger at God.

In all families there are good and defiant people. The royal families are the same - they are human beings. And we cannot say oh that is happening becaue of that person..ALL the royals should be caring about human life and all life...preserving life...and yet why are there wars taking place?

BBC Documentary 2013 Genetically Modified Foods


America,.... America,..... America.........this video is aimed to highlight what is happening in America and the title identifies thisis a BBC Documentary..And yet already in England GM food is being grown here too. So it might be that there are people who know what is going on 'and too scared to speak out'.

Has there been around out world great fires killing crops? When this happens, perhaps this is the reason why this is happening. And all the dead fish in the sea - happening for a reason too.

As human beings we are other words there is no one who is more superior to you, even if their title says they are. The structure of hierchy in place has a duty of care to be responsible in all things, all deeds and if people want to sit as ROYALS over the people, then protect the people accordingly.

There is a real war taking place and people who have used those who have been made to take oaths of loyalty and obedience to turn even against their own family - here and overseas too.


There is evil in our world...evil beyond what we can imagine!

Speaking with someone a while ago, cannot remember who, the conversation identfied an abundancy of fruit flies...I was meant to hear ths at the time. There was a warning being given to know.

Fruit Flies Genetically Modified to Identify Cancer

Do these flies really identify Cancer? Is that the intention?

Notice the positive upbeat message orated in the video.

Taking into consideration the GM crops and toxic ingrediants included in the production of food, the video gives a reminder to be alert to cancer and also to be aware what we are consuming. Even so the labels do not include al very clearly of what is ingrediants.

The video title: Genetically Modified flies 'could save crops'

"A type of genetically modified fly which eventually kills itself off could be an affective method of pest control according to new research. These male mutant flies have a lethal which interrups female development. They were trialed in a greenhouse which resulted in population collapse. If released into the wild they could prevent damage to crops in a way that is cheap and environmentally friendly according to the researchers, but others oppose the technology and say releasing genetically modified flies into the wild could have unintended consequences. The research is published in the Journal of the Royal Society Bee.

The mediteranian fruit fly is a global agricullural pest that infests over 300 crops. including wild fruit, vegetables and nuts causing extensive damage.Currently techniques for sterilsation includes sterilization and inseciticides....."

My dream and waking up came with the reminder of a previous dream that was revealing something else. All the movies that are being made are highlighting a message, in particular those with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit. I am being guided to remind everyone - look beyond the message in movies, the news, - see the message that is being delivered beyond the dialogue presented..and also as seen that has been revealed today in the maintstream news....What is being brought here in this article. What is the message?

The Vaccines given to people in these vaccination programes are 'experimental'. The government are paying the doctors to adminster these..and there are doctors who have refused to get involved.

There are numerous scientists who have been killed. Is this to silence the truth? The truth cannot be silenced at all..Nothing is hidden, We just need to peel back the layers of words that are delivered and read between the lines to discover what is really going on. The people are not being protected any more.

Recalling one scientist speak - he said if you knew what you were eating you would not eat it. Trying to find this again is difficult because there are mutlitudes of videos plus those made by people who have never even studied science or anatomy - how the body works. A separate channel for experts would be valuable to access the right in formation....still if you hunt out what the experts say you will find something.

'IF' the GM foods are made with 'flies' - thinking about this today, there is restriction on growing the food product without commiting to buy the relevant pesiticedes too. Whoever controls the food growth also controls how this is man has become the creator, instead of learning that there is a reason why this world has stopped producing naturally as it should. And the increase of GM crops, diminishes the natural -which could slao serve to justify land possession - control of food and control of the population.

This defiance is to the detriment of people because the vision of a goal, is also ignoring that might and could go wrong. As with any toxin to kill a bacteria, it is still a toxin and cause will contribute to something else later on. Today I realised - a day after starting the above part of the article, if we are to grow seeds from GM crops, would we not be manifesting what has been hidden too...

There is a massive storage of seeds in parts of ourworld that have not been contaminated..they are there for a reason...There are signs to say that the GM crops are going to be destroyed. The great fires are not happening without reason...Do not rely on this as a prophesy. Look to see the reason of everything.

How does salmonella spread....flies?

Pestilence is one of the Plagues of the Lord. There are fruit flies that are identified and also flies that have come that are the spread of disease by cross contamination. Both carry warnings to know.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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