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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 28 August 2014

St. George Russia Imperial Throne & Empress Crown

We hear of St. George and the Dragon - there is much more than a myth to this being remembered. George is a Greek name Yiourgos and the dragon that he killed....How is this possible.

Hopefully today there is an expression, one I knew as a child = kill them with kindness. It has been shown that those who decieve in God's name also run and hide, duck and dive too. It is in  history something has been done that is with entrusting people with certain truths and today, not everyone has all the truth - there are pieces of the truth entrusted with people and people being gatheredin truth of Christ today. No one can know all because we are not meant to know all. We are meant to understand, that is all.

Inside the Patriarchate of Constanople is the Patriarchs throne. Behind him on two raised steps is another throne seat. A visitor one day announced 'that is the Throne of the Byzantine Empress'.

What is most extraordinary is that Jesus has been revealing himself to me FOR HIS PURPOSE, that at the least I can say is to prepare people for his return. It does not make sense why anyone would want to silence that. But thisis what is happening in some lands. Hopefully the people who are preserving truths and staying strong and just being who they are - revealing what it is we are meant to know.

To Quote what is written: The throne place in the St George Hall had been changed several times before the fire of 1837. The throne of Catherine II created after Quarenghi’s design was replaced in the time of Paul I (1796-1801) with the gilded silver throne of Empress Anna Ioannovna made by the famous London master Nicholas Clausen in the 1730s. Instead of allegorical figures supporting the shield with Catherine's monogram, the wall behind the throne was decorated with a marble bas-relief representing St George the Victorious.
The link below by Patrick Costelo is with a photo album

Imitation of the crown of Russian Empress Catherine II mounted with 110,000 diamonds is unveiled at the International Jewellery Exhibition in St. Peterburg, Russia, on Feb. 6, 2013. (Xinhua/Zmeyev)

Imitation of the crown of Russian Empress Catherine II mounted with 110,000 diamonds is unveiled at the International Jewellery Exhibition in St. Peterburg, Russia, on February 6, 2013. (Xinhua/Zmeyev) 

Notice the date and the timing of this is not only on the Jubilee year for land to return so we are all able to be Free living under the authority of God - the oppoiste happened in England.

On 15th February a meteorite landed in Russia and the precison of this landing is with being on the border where Europe and Asia meet...This is to the precision that God is working to bring his truth to the people. It is not known if there had been people who risked their lives to prevent a great catastrophe of an earth collision in this situation 'from Russia' and if so even more merit to why this is shown.

The Patriarchate of Constantinople is also situated where East meets West on the boder of where Europe and Asia meet. There is a bridge that unites people and lands. And on this crown there is a bridge that meetson one circle with two parts, the Eastern and Western Hemisphere.

How extraordinary that Turkey in a very small place named already St George's Church is connected with the Byzantine Eagle over the doorway entrance of the Patriarcate of Constantinople and yet, a vast distance away a crown has been made 'with the Bridge that unites two lands (and peoples') also this to be a physical manifestation that is revealed in a very precise place in our world.

In Istanbul (formerly Constantinople) something else is revealedin the name and that is Istan - connecting with Andalucia in Southern Spain. And Turkey being named - Mount Tur is where Moses recieved the Ten Commandments in South of Egypt...We do not understand God's Plan - we can learn to see His precision of what is unfolding in the world and how perhaps people are more ready for the truth today.

St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral Church is located at Istanbul - the capital of the Byzantine Empire until 1453. Since about 1600,it has been the seat of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, the senior patriarchate of the Greek Orthodox Church and recognised as the spiritual leader of the world's Eastern Orthodox Christians.

Saint George I was Patriarch of Constantinople from 678-683. He lived during the reign of the emperor Constantine Pogonatos (668-685)

There are Seven Churches in the book of Revelation, I discovered in Smyrna being my grandmother's homeland before the 'Greek Quarter of the city was destroyed by fire in 1922, two churches. One being Saint George and the other Saint Fotini Cathedral, my family church.

In the preservation of truth by those who know it, with the preservation of the people who continue to maintain the Church is done in a way that cannot be explained physically because people are chosen for their roles and I beleive that HH Bartholmew is a very specially chosen person to endure 'for Christ' in knowing that there are poeple who beleive they have a right to control the world and people, when actually they show they have become far removed from understanding the Kingdom of God on this earth.

His Holiness Ecumencial Patriarche Bartholomew I was chosen for a reason. The previous Ecumenical Patriarch Demetrios I of Constantinople, (my Greek grandfathers name. Before this  Patriarch Athenagoras I of Constantinople (Athena being my mother's name) 

'His Grace, Sevastianos (Skordallos) is the titular Bishop of Zela and Chief Secretary of the Holy Eparchial Synod of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, under the jurisdiction of the Church of Constantinople. - Sevastianos is my mother's maiden name, my Grandfathers surname.'

Here is Patriarch Kirill and Ecumenical Patriarch Bathomiew in the room standing behind with this icon of Christ as you see here. On 9th of May 2013, I had seen two men in this room wearing long black, with Jesus standing on the floor talking to them while behind him this same Icon. People in the Holy Orthodox Church are being divinely guided and instructed in truth by Jesus, because he has revealed this to be.

St. George slayed the dragon....thereis a reason why.

Of the signifcance of Saint George, it cannot be ignored that the Dragon features on the Welsh Flag. And when we read what is happeining in the news, there arenow people in official postions who are having to reconsider their values and loyaltes...The system that has become has imrpisoned everyone who even works in this and that is the sad reality. People scared todo right, wihtout realising the risk to their soul.

Going back to last Friday while in Manchester Piccadilly, the statue of Queen Victoria sitting on a throne with seven steps leading up to the throne. And so the Imperial throne is identified accordingly. Seven Steps to Heaven - We have seven chakras, with the crown chakra on top of our head.

To decieve divine guidance from God with through an angel messenger, or in dreams that are revealed very specifically or to be spiritually enlightened with the soul connected tto the God Source.

If the world relies on one person for any source of information there can be dispute. With divine revelation Truth is truth and what coems from God also is shared openly with everyone.  The people who rape this world with primitive conquest and enslaving people are eager to kill the prophets too.

This time God is working a miracle pouring His Spirt on the Earth.

The Primates of the Holy Orthodox Constantinope and Russia.

Observing the making of a crown in the 50th year. Jubilee Year. Notice the crown is predominantly diamonds ' clear thinking...pure intention. With pearls on each hemispheres, pearls are often symbolic of tears, and on each side tears are cried . While we see the design and the detail for quality and equisite beauty in this workmanship, this is a crown made with love. A new crown not stained in blood.


Trying to find a video of an opera that shows how easily the imperial crown can be lifted from one head to another....The crown is a physical crown that might appear to to be with diamonds and wealth, and yet it is the spiritual crown that is Priceless. Few people strive for this because they cannot see the value.

'On our Sacred Throne is a man who despises the Holy Church'

Divine Right of Kings - a mystery. If all Kings and Princes were obediant to God, there would be no wars, no injustice, no oppression, they would respect The Laws from the Lord; given to protect everyone! And all who are sincerely serving Christ in their heart discover we are spiritually connected.

Peace be wish you
Pauline Maria

No Copyright Infringement intended.,_Istanbul

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