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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

SUPREME GOVERNOR, Arabs & Family of Jesus

I have just found this badge...SUPREME GOVERNOR

Just looking to learn more about AHEPA to know

AHEPA is identified above with the SUPREME GOVERNOR badge and this stands for American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association

AHEPA Headquarters is in Washington District of Columbia

There is featured a golden eagle with a crown...

below there is a royal blue cross

There are also seen rays coming from what would be the earth

Just wrote heart then...ha..Actually Jesus has revealed himself to me wearing his crown and in this particular time standing at the open gateway, yellow gold light was radiating from his body

The Return of Jesus changes everything in our world...

He is the Supreme Governor of all...

Just sharing this with being guided to find it today.

My thoughts are remembering Prophet Muhammad being given the role of 'guardian over this earth' and preserving the earth for the Return of Jesus Chrirst.. Muslims wait eagerly for this..

My deaf friend who is German Scottish - as a young woman the image of Diana and so I am always reminded of Diana as she wants me to. I love how Jesus uses the most unlikely people to convey his truth. The innocent children did not even know. Askng one child who is Jesus, he replied 'the King' Asking howhe knows 'He was wearing a crown'...Bless the children in their innocence for truth.

My deaf friend told me of a dream she had around around Easter - so this would be the time of the Passover, The time of Passover is to new land under the authority of God. The passover of the ruling forces in this world to step aside for God to rule over this world. They corrupted so many laws.

In the dream she said Jesus was standing with a group of young boys with black hair an wearing long white tunic to the ground. (Arabs)  She said Jesus was holding a gold coloured up and drew a chalice for me to see the detail. He was pointing to his arms and saying the wine was his blood and gave this to the children. He then broke bread and gave this to the boys and told her 'this is my body'

Before Jesus was cruicified he passed around the wine and the bread to his Apostles..and he said, this is my blood and this is my body...and this was to be done to remember him..

The Apostles were the family of Jesus too....

The most important truth Jesus has been trying to communicate with people is that he is alive. Everyone can talk with him and especially now there is likely the comprehension of being able to talk over distances with someone using a mobile telephone. Not everyone has a direct line with God...

To be able to communicate with Jesus Spiritually over two thousand years, it would make sense to have a family connection...Hi does not exclude everyone because first of all families were married.

 As my parents married many nations with their union - so Joseph and Mary married bringing the Tribes of Isreal/Jacob under the wing of Jesus belonging to his Promise...Over years the tribes have intermarried and actually this already took place long ago...Jacob had a daughter who married a Prince. The family have become part of this inheritance that cannot be denied by any man - even though they try.

If we look backwards at the lessons and discover why we have been Given Christ as King; so that everyone has a focus point so they can Know God. With prayer focus over time souls can evolve too..

When Muslims say Jesus is a Muslim...actually being a Muslim has a meaning of being a family of beleivers... and it is from 'the Family' that Jesus has been born into this bloodline.

In the partaking of the communion with bread and wine - it is it belong to the body of Christ - to acknowlege you are his family.  In the Greek Orthodox church a special communion is given, perhaps without consuming grapes because of ancient tradition and laws given to the Levites...

Awareness of the reason why is being revealed in different ways.

Not everybody understands the profound meaning of being a Christian and seeing Jesus as King - who has overcome death so that we can all live (even if there are people who defy his laws and His Authority as in England - defying the Authority of God Almighty - that is arrogance at it's best exposed)

BUT officials are under the obediance of their superiors. I am sure there are good people who are working within a system that is not only breaking the law, it is causing destitution, homelessness and death. And so officials are going to have to pray for forgiveness, while God works His Miracle to help us all.

It is dangerous living in a society where people are not only subject to people who are the cause of so many violations to people...but when telling officials they are breaking The Law and they laugh, when I cry with tears in my eyes and say the wars are based on lies - they do not care - that is a concern.

The building of the True Church is not in competition, but to provide a light of Truth so that all can belong to Christ - instead of being taken away from him and turned against eachother.

IF Jesus had not revealed himself on 7th January 2013 wearing his crown, I would not be saying this..and if he had not shown himself in a dream inside the Patriarchate of Constantinople on 9th of May wearing black, standing on the floor talking to the Orthodox Priests - with the radiating goldlight from the heart centre of his chest that formed a large cross, I would not have documented this openly.

It was weeks later that I read The Turkish police reported an assassination plot against HH Bartholomew who has been chosen by Christ for His Purpose and to preserve and protect His Family.

The throne of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, HH Bartholomew is Archbishop of New Rome. Notice there is a seat behind and on the wall Christ is seen. This is a guarded throne under the watchful eyes of Christ - with 300 million Orthodox Christians under the authority of Christ, including me!

The people who serve the Lord in truth, do so under the most terrible and difficult conditions. With the destroying of the Greek Orthodox Church - Satan destroys the truth..But he cannot.

Muslims want the union of their divided family...

That division is not going to remain forever in conflict.

So many Muslims in England have the 'tired look' and endure in difficult times knowing that faith is being tested and knowing taht there is an evil influence....

What is sad is listening to Christians saying that Muslims are the antichrist...If only they talked.

Jesus Christ is not a religion and he cannot be owned by anyone.

God is not a religion and He cannot be owned by anyone.

Around the world people are praying outside now...

A long time ago, March 25th 2011, while in healing prayer meditation, Jesus showed himself on the cross and that was profoundly hit in my heart because he knew I was ready to see him. All my life I have had a profound aversion to blood and scalpels and also SCARS. Then an experience showed me something miraculous. There are some physical scars that can heal completely - God knows my truth!

In this time the 'Queen of Heaven' is as much not only hearing prayers but alsobeing an interecessor of prayer for people There are people who are spirtually connected to the Virgin Mary because they are physical relations - descending from her family bloodline..It is natural to be connected in this way.

In my experience praying for healing were three visions during this meditation' The first was Jesus on the Cross, the second a group of women were wearing pale blue and white - one was teaching...and the third I was looking down from heaven to a golden earth and people standing with their hands raised high...

The world cup has featured a golden world...

God has a plan for everyone. I do not know how long I will live but I do know that people will become again in faith and a true golden age can then return again....With pure spirituallity and love for Our God.

How anything is going to happen, time will reveal all.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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