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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Book Thief - One To Watch (Providence)

One of the most profoundly moving films of this time.

As with all the movies, there is much symbolism and a glimpse of the situations people have faced in history. It is impossible for many of us to imagine people of a certain background or culture being persecuted and killed and yet, in real life, this is happening today. It is just cloaked differently.

In the movie this young girl was named Your Majesty by her new Father. Of course the reference is for a reason - to recognise and understand. The young girl had so much dedication in her learning to read and share understanding. It was Max, who taught her how to enhance her cognitive processing.

The movie showed destruction of war and deep bonds of love formed with people who are not immediate family. This movie also reminds us of the Power of the Written Word surviving..

There are people who know that the Word of God is given to all and not a selected few. This has been shared openly. God did not just communicate through His Prophets at one time. He certainly did not stop communicating with people 1600 years ago. Not everyone has spiritual understanding.

One day I was contemplating when realising Pope Benedict was chosen to be the person who would bring German people peacefully into Europe. This was the plan of God. This was revealed.

Not knowing any detail of my genealogy is exactly as was meant to be. If anything people have been told not to focus on this because as in ancient times. King David was chosen. He was not expected to be King of the United Kingdom of Israel - He was the 8th born son. If someone is chosen it is for God's Plan.

Jesus Christ is a descendant of King David.

Having been divinely guided - it is not so easy to write.  Never before in my life have I discussed my faith,or prayer openly because prayers are private and the tears cried are being healed, only to be replaced by tears for the suffering and terrible acts that are taking place in our world today. People can be so cruel.

The Book Thief reminded me of humility and trust...

The Book Thief revealed a bond with the Jews that could not be easily explained unless you see this film. When listening to native languages around our world - there are some that resonate with my soul - a unexplained connection. The Hebrew language is one of the mystery languages.

The Book Thief actor Sophie Nélisse is 14 years old. 

Sophie - Sophia means Wisdom.

Sophie is from Montreal -  MOUNT ROYAL.

Sophie Nélisse was born in Windsor, Ontario, but moved to Montréal, Québec,with her family when she was four. She is of French Canadian descent 

London has also been named in Canada - no coincidence! Queen Elizabeth is also Queen of Canada, of the House of Windsor - it is interesting these connections are revealed.

Sophie Nélisse was destined to play this role.

Last year I came across a paper with my French grandmothers name. Lucienne is a German name. Rachel, her middle name is Hebrew and Nerme - Kurdish. Just before this I was guided to discover a genealogy record name a lady named Marie Madelene whose maident name was Nerme.

The Holocaust - unimaginable and yet what is the reason?

It is known Salvation is with the Jews. Jesus is Jewish.

There are many tribes of torn apart.

There are people who have got involved with a dark and dangerous path to gain powers and even to communicate with spirit - not the Holy Spiit. History has shown people lust for power in the past as there is today...There are poeple wanting powers and yet these powers are for vanity.

If people have thought less about wanting power and focussed more on how we can be free - they might be led to discover what is being revealed to me. I am a very close learner indeed.

One of the lessons in my life is learning Patience. And when we are ready to learn from God and what He is revealing we have to master patience first. Everything happens with divine timing.

Creative works - even based on true stories, whether written or visiual, allow expansion of the conscous mind to consider greater perspectives of what is being presented. For instance, when reading Dan Brown's - The Lost Symbol, being able to sense the situations, the place and the people. 

In watching movies, as when we dream 'every element of the dream' has symbolism and meaning beyond what is presented to discover something else that brings relevant umderstanding. 

There are people who say the media is being used to send code messages to people around the world - and yet the Da Vinci Code was made to enable people to try and understand. The Torah Codes are being discovered and yet, if we look at each letter of the Hebrew Alphabet this has many meanings. 

If you become a conditioned mind, you can easily be trained obediant to anyone who is not evolved and this can be to your detriment.  The social programming of people includes children being taught to go to war in the name of Jesus....STOP THAT NOW! People have been killing Jesus's family.

Peace, love and best wishes 
Pauline Maria

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