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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 29 August 2014

The Real Reason Michael Jackson Was Killed.

King of Pop Michael Jackson..Murdered by legal prescription drugs. What state had this man got into to even be dependant on drugs - Millions of people are addicted to the pills instead o feeling their own feelings and listening to their intution...It is not OK for doctors to administer without responsibility.

Michael Jackon was about to tour with THIS IS IT.

The Jubilee Tour Message...returning this world back to the Lord...THEY DID NOT WANT THAT. They wanted to silence the truth and how those involved with Black Magic can influence people too.

Michael Jackson in his sensitivity and eccentricity was also inspired. He was reminding people to remember the Lord and the Return of the Lord...Michael was an example to show an anointed King.He was not perfect but there is nodoubt that he was being divinely guided to awaken humanity.

Then he did something else...that caught my attention.

He ordered furniture that was most significant.

The British Establishmetn did not want the Byzantine Eagle on this land...From my personal heritage. For this Imperial furniture to be brought to a house in Kent, that was going to be prevented by dark forces.

In Smyrna, now Izmir in Turkey, the travel card is the KentKard. There are people in our world, whether they are instructed by the Lord or connecting the dots, or studiying the Holy Scriptures and the truth is being revealed in this way - that is how I learned about the 7 Churches of Revealtion, Truth is Truth.

It is not known who bought the Byzantine Imperial furniture owned by Michael and yet Michael made a point by his death and the revealing of this, that the Byzantine Imperial bloodline is now recognised.

Those who try and rule over lands and people by deception - especially who assasinate the people who are serving God, will disover tere is a price to be paid. A life for a life..Is that not the price? 

Katerina of Russia, the actress played a part and declared, 'On Our Sacred Throne is a man who despises the Holy Church....".

My father's family married into Russian Aristocracy...nothing more is known. The Russian Orthodox Church is close to my heart and a sister Church to the Greek Orthodox Church. 

Prince Phillip claims to be related to the Imperial House of Russia and so his son and grandsons could staka a claim...perhaps. But I rely on hopefully a very serious man in position now Vladimir Putin and the Holy Orthodox Church that People remain protected Under Christ, especially now.

If I recall, it was September last year I closed my eyes to doze while at the computer, when suddenly I was shown an experience of standing somewhere looking at a sandstone colored menorah on the wall, It had energ lines coming from this and also a big X. Then the X disapeared. The bottom of the menorah was curved outwards instead ofa pointed spear. It was as if on a wall somewhere.

Deciding to sleep being exhusted already but expecially with these experiences, a few horus later I decided to see if there was any news about a \Menorah. The day before a Menorah Medallion had been found in the City of David with 36 gold coins, in a Byzantine Runin. The Coins had the Emperor Heracles - my Greek Grandfathers family name..- His uncle was called Heracles. (Hercules)

We know from this that the Temple, The Menorah, Byzantine Emperor and City of David are all connnected - as the Menorah is made, the flame that light te Menorah is the mystery.  .

The attempts to silence the truth will only make this go louder.

Michael died at 50 years..a Jubilee Reminder again. 

Michaels children were named inspired too, Prince Paris and Blanket...Prince has as much of a Royal right to his birthright if not moreso than baby George who is being heavily promoted. 

Paris the name of France and French connection. Blanket - having had a dream of a blanket where the Queen put up a small remnant in front of her face when asked what does she do if she want togo shopping -  it was as if a mask..they were all laughing..they her company. 

During his goodwill trip to Africa, Michael Jackson, the King of pop, rock and soul, is crowned "King Sani" by King Nana Amon N'Djafolk IV - King of Krindjabo, who rules more than a million Agni tribes people on the Côte d'Ivoire, during vast ceremonies held in the in the land of his ancestors.

As being recognised and crowned King, Michael could recognise his successor. 

The connection between Michael and I was not followed through I was being guided to contact him, in a time my aunt might have been living ove there..I did not contact Whitney either and yet, there was a spiritual connection that was discovered with her song Beleive...and prayers being heard and answered. Just that I was not in a position to help these people when battling for my survival in Engalnd.


In this video concentrate on what is being shown...

Appono Astos. “We Are Opposed To Cunning And Deceit”

Like Paris, she was born a child into a family under whatever circumstances, she cannot alter whatever it is that was designed for her life...Paris is also a reminder of the Crown of France. 

In 2012 there was a requst published in the Daily Mail and other papers that Angiers was demanding the Crown Jewells as compensation....So we learn from this that the Crown Jewels connected with France might be in the care of the holder of these...The Scepture is most important. 

Serpaent is a snake also the symbol of Tribe Dan -

Cunning and deciet to rule over lands and people...

King of Pop - michael-jackson Fan Art

This is why the Declaration of Independance has again been this time set in stone, with the expression when laws are set in stone they are unbreakable laws.

The Death of Michael was an attempt to silence the Jubillee |Laws, the anticipation of the return of Christ = Kanye West has had a few road' accidents' to destory that show awakening the poeple..

The remembering that is most important is Moses and the liberation of the Israelite slaves from Egypt and showin unto now land with God as the authority... This was another message that Michael delivvered and I had onlhy seen a couple of weeks ago....The gold is significant too - gold dust.

Go to Google and type 'bible gold dust' and see what is written.

Prince Michael can also be found in he Holy Bible too.

Michael is singing a song to the Queen of Egypt

On the phone til dawn and til 3am...

Reincarnation - Past life IN SPAIN. 

The warnings to humanity and promises God made that the meek will inherit the earth...lookat the destruction that takes place and then the great wind comes before it is returaned back again.

On Michaels breast he wears a pendant with 7 stones, in ancient times these have meant tribes so this could also be connected, especilly with the seven Churches. Michael conquering the world with song is exactly how it was meant to be...The THIS IS IT TOUR was set to lauche in the O2 Arena London.

O2 is the abreviation of oxygen that humanity needs to survive..In the video of Paris above, you will notice in onephotogrph she is wearing an gas maks...All it takes for a man orwoman to beKing is to be recognised..but Michael was already chosen - he was in a positon to reveal Godls plna.

Hope this brings a little more clarity that something does not just happen by accident - everything happens with a greater purpose and consequence..Michaels death served to waken us all. 

Michael's songs keep the most important memory alive and that is the mesages that he was inspired to share withthe world. ...Let the outpouring of the Holy Spirit happen and yet those who operte in darkness are not going to know what it is that God is trying to convey to us all - to be saved from slavery.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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