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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Train De-Rails Switzerland With 200 People

Sharing the link below...with photographs.

Trapped: A landslide triggered by heavy rain caused the narrow-gauge train to derail, leaving passengers trapped in carriages as they teetered over the abyss

The Daily Mail Writes 'Three train carriages were left hanging into a ravine in Switzerland today in a horrific Alpine rail accident which left 11 people injured.

A landslide triggered by heavy rain caused the narrow-gauge train to derail, with one carriage slipping off the tracks leaving passengers trapped in carriages as they teetered over the abyss, only stopped from falling by trees.

Some 11 travellers on the Rhaetische Bahn train from Chur to St. Moritz were injured, five of them seriously, and had to airlifted to local hospitals by helicopter as rescue workers struggled to reach those trapped in the car dangling in mid air'

The first thought that came to my mind was a friend living in Switzerland in seeing the headline. The second thought was being reminded of seeing part of a film shown on television yesterday 'Season of the Witches'

Landslide - is this God's Way to remind people who rules over this land? Or has some sorcery been done to harm someone/or people and a reaction to this being the landslide.

There is evil at work in this land in England. Wtchcraft is revealed. Officials say this land is ruled over by dark forces. And once evilt takes hold - pacts made for power, the battle that takes place is not always seen clearly.

Why would my friend come to mind.. not knowing if he was on board. He is a lawyer - someone who knows the legal system in England very well.  In Switerland there are  people do who have integrity...especially who know The Law. Dont look for titles - they can be illusory.

Switzerland is divided into Cantons. 

In Wales Canton Depot is named - remembering seeing this in a Railway documentary. With the Prince of Wales being connected with Wales....His connection to Switzerland is revealed accordingly too. The Prince of Wales is a title. It is not a person.

The carriages are being seen as being removed from the track...

Carriages being overturned - Horse drawn carriages have been shown in other articles..  It has been shown that  carriage ways- railways are connected with horses too...

Reluctantly I went to visit someone last night - wanted to stay at home and rest. A film came on
 Season of the Witch, The Witch was in the carriage..The men walked.. The carriage was with bars as if a prison...People were shown that she was possessed with demons...

Something else - plagues...Plagues are  happening now.

The woman was possessed by a demon in the end she was wearing Green, Imperial Green. The battle with the devil was also presented as being very real..

.The film settings were in Hungary and Austria...There is a castle on the mountain..There are peolple in our world who know the evil that has been going on and why.

How do people get possessed with demons? They might be involved in withcraft and black magic. This is evoking demons to harm and kill people too. 

The Imperial Crown is connected with the Empress.

Is this in any way having a connection to the train derailing in Switzerland. ONLY GOD KNOWS.
There are people in Switzerland who know the crown is stolen - forget the physical structure, the Crown wearer has the government on her shoulders!

The Crown wearer can decide war and peace.

A landslide derailing a train where miraculously only 11 passengers were injured..This is means to be reportedand to capture our attention...We are meant to see that lives can be saved the trees in this case. 

Last year oneday asking God to guide me to what He wanted me to know by using the Holy Bible. The page I opened and where my thumb was placed  in the Book of Esther. With theHoly Spirit bringing light to the message I was shown to see...was very clear to read. The message is that if anyone harms the Jews they will surely come to ruin.

One day talking with my lawyer friend - are you Jewish;? He said NO..We have all forgotten our ancient heritage. Our God Given Birthright are  denied by the crown wearer in UK.

Who is the crown wearer? There are many crowns.

Prince Charles, Camilla, William all have been given honorary law degrees,this allows law courts corporations to be established.  In America, the Bar associatons are named with'Prince William, (Prince Willlam County) Prince George (Prince George County)and the Duchess...with Duchess County in New York. The British royals enjoy holidays in Switzerland too. 

Former Queen Beatrix, now Princessof the Netherlands has obtained by serious study her degree - She knew her role of responsibility,Analysis of law carries reponsibility.

Making Laws for the People carries great reponsibility. 

Switzerland also known as Neutralland, - Neutral Land.

Even if man takes possession of the world 'as his own' it is not...There is always a far higher authority watching over all of us and people who belong to God are being protected...

Thank God the people were saved in this derailment.

Peace be with  you...
Pauline Maria

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