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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Saturday, 9 August 2014

UK & USA IN Iraq: So is Gold Irak Here IN UK?

One of the supercars spotted driving around London is this gold Ferrari, which has been stopping by-passers in amazement

The Daily Mail report of the Arab invasion in UK - no mention of Irak though...If the report had not included this photograph, I may not have noticed....nothing is coincidence.

And while UK had already planned their illegal wars - of course this all makes sense why Jesus Christ would appear to children on land directlyconnected with the Monarch wearing His Crown.

The headline of the article in the Daily Mail reads:

King of bling: Gold Ferrari heads fleet of extravagant super cars taking over the streets in wealthy parts of London

It is also written: 'Many owned by Arabs who come to capital from likes of Saudi Arabia and UAE to escape hot Middle Eastern summer'

Do you ever get the feeling that much more is really happening than is actually being reported.

The people are not protected in this land of Illusion.

In London there is built the Emirates Stadium. Next to this Queensland Road. Fly Emirates has been heavily promoted recent years - Emirates and airline. Emir/Prince Emira is a Princess.

The Saudi Royals acknowledge their extensive family. 

The identfication of the owner of this car is Kick boxing world champion Riyadh Al-Azzawi. Being already filmed in  London earlier in the year - the news report gave much  focus to this car for a reason.

King of bling -Are we going to see a King removed?

Riyadh Al-Azzawi born in BaghdadIraq  is an Iraqi-British kickboxer,

Riyadh city is also named the capital city of Saudi Arabia.

Looking to discover Jihad Fi Irak is a page created on facebook. However the real meaning of the greatest Jihad is to conquer any negativity within...To become pure in mind and heart.

Having been mis guided to go to Iraq many years ago - I have seen the huge battle ships gather. Just a week after Bagdhad was bombed, I had travelled to Athens and was on my way to England 'by Train' My grandfather would not let me fly home. We were lucky to survive. Our carriage was disconnected and woke up miles from the station with an inch of ice on the windows.

 In the 1980's I met a lady socially who worked at the Pentagon in London,told me that the US government make more money in 24 hours from international conflict than they do in six months from the American people. This was told to me 'many years ago' 

Now this might not even be connected but  last night arguing my point to say there should be no wars - I said of all names ISIS to be chosen - Why?..The most terrible atrocities are being reported to be aking place have happened in the ancient times. There is something else I wanted to present.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant are identified in the news recently. The battles are political - the antichrist foretold. Agreements have been made in history to control trade and resources - How it is that trillions is spent on war and yet people are poor? 

The Levant today consists of the island ofCyprusIsraelJordanLebanonSyriaPalestine, and part of southern TurkeyThe Levant has been described as the "crossroads of western Asia, the eastern Mediterranean and northeast Africa",and the "northwest of the Arabian plate"

Today in England as internationally, many people  are orginally from  lands of conflict - conflict that endures  today. London is home to the super-rich and poor. A thought came to mind. Reports of The Bishops Avenue. The Saudi Royal family has owned a few homes on this road and sold them.. Perhaps this is to make way for something else.

Spandau Ballet comes to mind and are in the news recently. "Gold" is a 1983 single by the British New Wave band Spandau Ballet from their third album True.

"The band was called 'The Makers' in the early years,

The meaning of Spandau is a German machine gun!  Spandau is in West Berlin. (Not knowing my complicated genalogy - close friends of my Parents were German. Lucienne my French gramdmother's name is a German name...The French Connection is a brand name is vitally important with the crown.

With a recent movie 'The Book Thief' the young girl was referred to as 'Your Majesty'. Those who understand know what I am talking about. Those who do not, it is time to wake up.

Do not be a warmonger in this world...The boys willing to kill for profit are not gaining anything and can
 lose their soul in the process..There are many millionaire or billionaires now. Many people who are searching for Gold thinking value is in this golden earth...'to be rich'. Then they die.

I am just a poor woman as foretold in Holy Scripture. Injustice has been foretold in Holy Scripture. The wars and rumors of wars foretold in Holy Scripture. Jesus did say "Vengeance is mine!"  

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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