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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 28 August 2014

URGENT Early Birthday Present 2013 & Message

BIRTHDAY PRESENT (5 Months Early) & Message Given

Do you know that when you are given unexpected gifts, even the smallest of gifts, they carry messages. This is what is being reveled to me...and so when you see that little something that even costs £1 in the store, follow your instincts and give with love because this will all make sense if not later on to someone..

I am going to revisit my experience to see what can be discovered.

In January 2013, I sensed danger around and just prayed to be protected. This was around the time Queen Beatrix announced her abdication and later her son would be inagurated as King of the Nethelands. 

Just moments after thinking one evening I was cold and wanted a blacket to wrap around my legs, The telephone rang. It was night and the lady was very apologetic. She asked if could she come around to drop off my birthday present. I laughed and said My birthiday is on June 1st and it is January now. She insisted to come there and then. 

Arriving a few minutes later she was going away the next morning 'and wanted to make sure I got it.  Left a big back with me and left. (Thinking about this I hope she was not in danger. She is also being guided by Christ) It was snowing outside,  and neighbours for the first time were talking together building a snowman. 

Opening the bag I could not beleive it - a slanket, Only half an hour earlier I thought I needed to get a cover for my legs but this is typical If I really need something ans ask....Inside the bag was also fruit and two large Mars bars- The slanket. Cream and Imperial Green colour...Cream is the colour worn by the Pope and Christ. 

The following morning I woke up with a sudden revelation - the fruits and mars bars carry a message to understand. I was guided go look for the bag and took a close look at what was presented. This is to memory.


One Pineapple
One Orange
6 Cox Apples
14 Huge Grapes
3 Bananas
To Large Mars Bars. 

The Pinapple has a crown on top...In Bolton, there is a pub named the Pineapple.  There is the Pineapple Courtyard inside the VaticanVatican City, Pineapple Town is named in MALAYSIA

Skyline of Sarikei泗里街

In the August Just finding this link with image of a buddha holding a pineapple.

Already after writing an article in October 2012 about the crown, and explaining that the crown is a symbol of spiritual enlightement - or at least should be. Not a decoration of wealth. The crown chakra is on top of the head..and the door went when my friend, the same lady pushed into my arms a gift and said 'I have to give this to you as a gift and made her excuses to go home....the timing was uncanny. The heart and belt yousee shining are actually mosaic mirror that shine in these two coloures. The crown has red gems, the skirt has red and blue gems symbolisng sapphires and rubies... 

THE ORANGE I thought of the House of Orange and Orange County. Orange is named in Francetoo. With Orange Juice I think of Florida and there are Valencia Oranges. Valencia Oranges are also grown in Israel. With learning. my father descended from the Counts of Requena - THIS IS IN Valencia, Spain.

One day I woke hearing 'The Jews are ruling from Valencia'.

Not knowing my genealogy - My Danish Dutch friend;s  name connects with Marie Madeleine and this might be the same bloodline with the Dutch Royal Family. (He could be related to Prince Phillip too) With being of a mixed heritage from my father's side Spanish French, Luxemberg and English our connection is somewhere. 


If I recall the apples were homegrown from Kent. (Learning later, with also once living in Biggin Hill in Kent, the KentKard is the name of the travel card used in Izmir Smyrna, mygramdmothers homeland) There is a crown connected with Imir - Smyrna, The Crown of Life - is not with going to war.

Cox's Orange Pippin is an apple cultivar first grown in 1830, at Colnbrook in Buckinghamshire, England, by the retired brewer and horticulturist Richard Cox.

Richard is my father's name...actually through what is happening in my life with this international legal mess that endures, my father's second wife scam artist, has decided to run a huge legal bill and go incognito so she is never found or prosecuted. The name she chose MIDDLETON ha!

Just finding 'Cox And Kings is travel company that traces its history to 1758, when Richard Cox was appointed regimental agent to the Foot Guards. Cox & Kings is now a privately owned tour company with offices in Australia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, India, the United States of America and Japan. Its global headquarters are in London'

Six Cox Apples - are there Six Kings?

14 Huge Dark Red Grapes -  Are there 14 bloodlines? That is what came to mind when looking at them again...being Huge they were signifcant. 

In learning since that the Levites were not eating grapes or grape products in the ancient times, this would be in allignment with Jesus saying he would not be drinking any wine  until he returns. However he did give the wine and break the bread for his apostles. Being given more understanding with this, the apostles are actually of has blooldine.. Arabs have also been shown to be in the family of Christ too.

THREE BANANAS...I put them down and thought 'three smiles' These are three smiles that are removed and given to me. The night before the children made a pointof telling me they put a banana on the snowman but it fell off the following day...actually his head was knocked off too by someone. (Beheaded!)

TWO LARGE MARS BARS - First thought Men are from Mars (women are from Venus) who are the two men in Mars and immately the thought was this is from The Father and the Son, - Jesus. It was a symbolic message.

Next I was hearing ;Look at the bag' realising there might be some writing on or something else to understand. I knew the bag had come from a chartiy shop but had not read the message..

The little ones had been telling me that they have seen Jesus and he has been speaking to them. The then four year old who told me Jesus is holding a baby in his hands, said he introduced 'Mary his wife; too and she was wearing a crown with a big flower on the front of her forehead. This same little one had told other children my name is Queen...hmmmmmm I discovered this after an 11 year old asked me.

There was never a doubt about the children seeing Jesus. Especially with wearing his crown on tis land becasue the Queen should have been handing this land back to Jesus Christ and it seems her family are not so keen to relinquish power over the people either. The sytem is abusing the people!

Back in the time I recieved these gifts became profoundly aware of danger. And it was the folloiwng day that the Santa Maria Fire at Kiss Nightclub in Brazil took place. Over 200 people were killed in this fire.

Prince Harry was recorded to say on film, equating flying a killer machine helicopter as playing a video game when he announced ;sometimes  youve got t take a life to save a life....I beleive those innocents were killed as a result of some sort of black magic reaction..either directly or indirectly. The highlighting of danger was profound...Knowing someone in Bolton who owned a nightclub called Kiss - this fire shook meup too.. Who is the evil?

These people walked through the streets with candles on 28the January in Santa Maria after the fire..ARe these people 'subjects of the British royals, The Queen, her heirs and successors too?;

Being aware of unexplained danger, the day after my gift, that is when I larned of the Santa Maria Fire - Saint Maria, my name - my Baptism name The follwing day, on the 28th s the same lady posted an angel picture through my door and said 'this is to protecct you...she was giving me a sign too say your angel is looking after you.

The reason why God's Kigdom came in history, the Jews and Romans together had broken the Laws of God and the commandment not ot kill anyone. In other recent articles, it has been shown that the police in England now know that Black Magic is being used to cause death - as I was warnd this is happening to me. Already I asked for protection from God and have alo said Please deal with this legal corruption that is taking place in the courts.

As soon as the Queen is recognised as appointed by God, then laws can be changed to protect people and so far this has been prevented from happening in England. If anything I was being guided to kow that 'they have done something and theire is no turning back from what they have done.'

Also I have heard it is better to remove one family to save the whole of humanity. Clarirty has some recently because of oaths of allegience and there is evil operating at a very high level in Engalnd. The peopel are in danger. The people are also not only oblibed to be subjects - but are subject to Godlelss man's laws The wars were based on lies.
Regarding the children seeing Christ. It would not make sense only shortly after seeing Christ wearing his crown' that he would destroy me or have me frightened for my life, or to push me down the stairs or, try and sever my leg, or bash me with some rod, or use some effigy to break my legs off....Then there are the freak car crashes and I forgot about the cut break pipes on my car = all four of them...and the loosened front tyre, on hit on the breaks I would be dead.

If anything Jesus wants me to bring the truth to people.

The then foru year olds said Jesus was holding ababy boy in his hands...a child who did not even know who Jesus was and who introduced himself...and still he did not know - Jesus said he knewme to the child. The messageof this baby is most important...The Sone of God and Sun of Man are seen in this...The child born to be King. 

The attacks on my life are not recent. I have known about them sinc being 11 years old, when pushed into a busy road outside Princes Plain School where I went...only to be flungin the air like a rag doll and taken ot hospital. Since the day I was born my grandmother feared something would happen to me here in England. 

Being the Hand of God - whether we know it or not...our destiny, even yours is already written. My mother was guided to come to England and study to be a healer for people - She was destined tostay because, I learned later that laws had been made to prevent anyone having the Crown from Greece, even though God had already decided this. To ensure we were under the Power andProtection of  God she took myself and my brother to Greece to be Baptised..

 Of the most important messagtes the children shared with me,  messages that could apply to me too. To oneof the children he said 'no one will ever bully you ever again. To another child he said 'you will be my messenger and remember, no matter what you go through, I also suffered too'

Jesus has said 'Vengeance is Mine.'

Jesus has also said 'You are my secret weapon'

Regarding the Birthday gift...Birth Day - FIRST DAY..

On Prince Charles 64th Birthday he  went to Government House in New Zealand - NEW SEA LAND with 64 guests celebrated his birthday...64:64   (10:10) - THE BIRTH DAY OF THE NEW GOVERNMENT.

Because I am not privy to what happens behind closed doors, I know even if this was set up to go against God in his divine plan, in the biggerpicture it will work in the favour of God..if that makes sense.

With Charles being Duke of Cornwall, in August 2012, a 7 year old, the image of the young girl who went missing ;April Jones from wales - came to tell me her dream while she was on holiday in Cornwall. She had gone to the exact place I had visited a couple of years before and said, she saw Jesus in her dream.  She said he had a house in Cornwall and there were poor people outside, some were disabled waiting for him to comeout. When he came out he went to each of them.......Out of the mouth of Babes, they di not realise the significance of their message.

Then some children were brought to Him so that He might lay His hands on them and pray; and the disciples rebuked them. But Jesus said, "Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."After laying His hands on them, He departed from there. Matthew 19:13-15

If mankind is ready to recieve Christ, they would be blessed by him.

Why the urgency for the birthday present...I do wonder...

Before Jesus Christ was crucified and killed, he was recognised by authorities as being the King of the Jews and as I understand this world belonging to God, even Muslims wait eagerly for Jesus Christ to return and rule with Justice and Righteousness, where there will be no more war, poverty or oppression of people. I so wish this too.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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